The International Journal of Leadership Studies (IJLS) is a refereed scholarly journal that exists to provide a forum for leadership scholars within the U.S. and around the world. 

Representing the multidisciplinary field of leadership, the IJLS publishes theoretically grounded research that enhances knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon of leadership at all levels within a variety of industries and organizations and seeks contributions that present leadership from different perspectives unique to different cultures, settings, and religions around the world. 

To stimulate scholarly debate and a free flow of ideas, the IJLS is published in electronic format and provides access to all issues free of charge.

The International Journal of Leadership Studies (IJLS) is a refereed journal inviting research studies covering such topics as: 

  • Alternative leadership approaches, styles, or models
  • Cross-cultural studies of  leadership
  • Follower perceptions and attributions
  • Implicit leadership models in different cultures
  • Comparative studies of leaders across organizations and cultures
  • Alternative formulations of follower-leader relationships
  • Measurement of key dimensions of leadership and follower-ship
  • Impact of faith and/or spirituality in leadership
  • Motivational models applied to leaders and followers
  • Social learning and leadership
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Leadership of diverse groups and in diverse settings
  • Leadership of change

Manuscripts will be screened by the editor for appropriateness and then sent to at least two reviewers for detailed assessment.  Empirical studies using all types of qualitative and quantitative methods are welcome.  The primary criteria will be soundness of methodological approach and grounding in leadership theories.  Non-traditional analytic approaches are welcome with appropriate explanation.  Conceptual contributions that extend existing concepts and theories of leadership and empirical studies that refine understanding of leadership antecedents, outcomes, and processes are particularly welcome. Each issue will contain one unusual and potentially controversial article drawn from those submitted.

IJLS Book Review Guidelines

Book reviews
Suggestions and books for review should be sent to the journal’s book reviews editor:

Doris Gomez, Ph.D.
Regent University
Email: dorigom@regent.edu
Phone: 757 352 4686
Fax: 757 282 7791


  • Context: provide the context in which the book is written.
  • Author: give the background of the author.
  • Audience: what is the intended audience, who would find this book useful, and does the book address that audience?
  • Content overview: do not abstract the book, but be sure to indicate the range and nature of its contents. What are the contents? Summarize the main themes of the text. For a collection of papers it is important to say something about each paper, preferably pulling together groups of papers with similar topics. Highlight dominant themes with reference to specific chapters as appropriate and implications of the book for research, policy, practice, or theory.
  • Comparison: provide a comparative review by placing the book in the perspective of related literature and by comparing it with other books on similar topics.
  • Appraisal of ideas: present a summary of the most important concepts which the book introduces. Are these innovative and novel? How do they fit into current research?
  • Production: are there any particular problems with the form of the book? Are there substantial numbers of typos or errors in the material? Are contents, index, glossary, and bibliography adequate?
  • Conclusion: provide constructive comments about the strength and weaknesses of the book. What is your overall assessment of the book? What are its best and worst features? What are the main ideas and major objectives of the book and how effectively are these accomplished?

A full book review may concern only one book, monograph, or several works. Its length should be about 750-1500 words and should provide readers with an engaging, informative, and critical discussion of the work. The review should follow IJLS’ APA style guidelines. The header of your review should include:

  • Author(s) or editor(s) first and last name(s) (please indicate if it is an edited book)
  • Title of book
  • Year of publication
  • Place of publication
  • Publisher
  • Number of pages
  • ISBN

At the end of your review, please include:

  • Your first and last name
  • Institution affiliation
  • A brief biographical note

Submit your review as an e-mail attachment to Dr. Doris Gomez at dorigom@regent.edu. If your book review is accepted, we will forward you an electronic copy of the issue of IJLS which contains your book review. A copy of your book review will also be sent to the publishers of the book.



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