Thank you for your interest in the International Journal of Leadership Studies. Regent University is suspending production of this publication until further notice. Therefore, we are not accepting article submissions at this time. The submission guidelines below are provided for reference purposes only. We wish you all the best in your endeavors.



The International Journal of Leadership Studies (IJLS) is a blind peer-reviewed journal inviting research studies covering such topics as: 
  • Alternative leadership approaches, styles, or models
  • Cross-cultural studies of  leadership
  • Follower perceptions and attributions
  • Implicit leadership models in different cultures
  • Comparative studies of leaders across organizations and cultures
  • Alternative formulations of follower-leader relationships
  • Measurement of key dimensions of leadership and follower-ship
  • Impact of faith and/or spirituality in leadership
  • Motivational models applied to leaders and followers
  • Social learning and leadership
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Leadership of diverse groups and in diverse settings
  • Leadership of change

Manuscripts will be screened by the editor for appropriateness and then sent through a blind peer review process for detailed assessment.  Empirical studies using all types of qualitative and quantitative methods are welcome.  The primary criteria will be soundness of methodological approach and grounding in leadership theories.  Non-traditional analytic approaches are welcome with appropriate explanation.  Conceptual contributions that extend existing concepts and theories of leadership and empirical studies that refine understanding of leadership antecedents, outcomes, and processes are particularly welcome. Each issue will contain one unusual and potentially controversial article drawn from those submitted.

Manuscripts should be submitted in word.doc format through the IJLS manuscript system accessed here. Please register in the system and submit your manuscript per the instructions provided. Click here to register

  • Include correct author identifying information on the title page only and remove the author's information in the "tools-options-user information" section.  If there are multiple authors, please identify the contact author. 
  • Place the title of the manuscript at the top of the abstract page.
  • The submission should contain all tables, figures and references in a single file. 
  • Please also include your assurances that the manuscript is original and is not under review at any other journal.
  • Please include in your e-mail three or four keywords that will help us assign the manuscript to appropriate reviewers. 
  • Your submission will be acknowledged by return e-mail when assigned to reviewers (usually within one week of receipt).
Please make sure that:
  • Your submission (including references) conforms to APA format as outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th edition).
  • All text, including references, is double-spaced in Arial or Times New Roman font with one-inch margins.
  • Your title page includes complete contact information for all authors, including mailing addresses, email addresses, phone and fax numbers.
  • Your abstract is 200 words or less.
  • Your submission contains only necessary endnotes.
  • There is nothing in your manuscript file other than the title page that identifies the authors.  Be sure to erase manuscript "properties" (under FILE in Microsoft Word) prior to submission.
  • The text of your submission, including abstract, body of the paper, and references (but not including title page, tables, and figures), is no longer than 40 pages total.
  • Any prior publication of data featured in the manuscript is explicitly acknowledged either in the manuscript or in the transmittal letter to the editor.  Any forthcoming or "in press" articles which use the data should be forwarded to the editor with the submission.  Please provide proof of copyright clearance for any previously published materials used in the article such as: photographs, tables, charts, graphics, etc.
  • Your submission includes the following: Permission to Publish form [PDF] and a brief author's bio for each author noting name, position title, organization, and e-mail address.
Any questions concerning electronic submission should be directed to the editor at IJLS@regent.edu .

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