Imagery of Regent people and campus

Quick-Glance Instructions
for Outside Group Events


For special event areas on the campus, complete the Facility Use Application and submit to Administrative Services for consideration for room rental. For weddings in the Regent chapel, contact Ann Smith at The Founders Inn at (757) 366.5814.

Receive approval email.

Contact the Regent Ordinary, 757.352.4924 or Founders Inn 757.366.5814 for catering.

For special event areas on campus, work with Administrative Services for details of your event.

Consult your event coordinator for information on various policies and procedures pertaining to your event.

For special event areas on campus, complete event itinerary/schedule; forward to Administrative Services.

Email campus map to all guests; instruct them to enter through the Centerville entrance and park in Parking Lot L, which is approved visitor parking.

For library atrium or Robertson Hall lobby events, do two-week advance walk-through with Administrative Services; finalize set-up.

Check out keys for rooms/kitchens/atrium lighting from Administrative Services.

Decorate event area/complete the set-up.

After event, clean-up/take out trash. Follow instructions given by Regent contact.

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