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Media Services Forms

To request a service, please submit the appropriate form:

Equipment Request Form
To request any equipment we provide or technical service and support including video records and streamed events

Duplication Request Form
To create copies of DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes or other media

View the list of available media formats, the duplication price list or the copyright checklist.

Streaming Request Form
To change media format to a digital source and/or sync video with PowerPoint. (i.e., turn a VHS into a DVD, an audio tape to CD, or a DVD to streamed media)

Report Equipment Problem
To report an issue with a piece of equipment

Production Studio Reservations

To reserve a time block at one of our studios, please log in using Internet Explorer to view the available time slots via the two calendar links below. Following viewing, please email with the desired time slot, date, and details:

View Studio A Calendar (Formerly known as the Focus Group Room)
This studio that our technicians use for a variety of both video and audio recordings. The room is also utilized for Focus Groups.

View Studio B Calendar
This studio is our most recent studio. It's primary use is for recording video for academic lectures and other University video needs.