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  JOHN WIMBER TIMELINE                
Date Event  
February 25, 1934 Born in Peoria, Illinois.
  1949 Play first professional music gig at the Dixie Castle in Orange, California.
  1953 Wins Lighthouse International Jazz Festival.  
  1955 Marries Carol.  
    Wins Lighthouse International Jazz Festival.  Plays the Las Vegas circuit for the next five years.  
  1957 Birth of Chris  
  1962 Signs contract with the Righteous Brothers.  
  November 1962 Gets reacquainted with Dick and Lynn Heying who introduce them to Gunner Payne.  
  April 1963 John and Carol begin attending Gunner Payne's Bible study.  
  May 1963 John and Carol accept Christ.  
  1963 Prays for healing for Sean - first experience with the Holy Spirit  
  1963 - 1974 Period of intense personal evangelism: leads hundreds to Christ.  
  1970 Leading 11 Bible studies a week with over 500 people in attendance at Yorba Linda Friends Church.  
  1971 Joins staff at Yorba Linda Friends Church.
  1974 Leaves staff at Yorba Linda Friends Church to become Founding Director of the Department of Church Growth at the Fuller Institute of Evangelism and Church Growth.  Directs Institute until 1978.  
  May 8, 1977 John Wimber and 40 members of the Bible Study asked to leave Yorba Linda Friends Church.  They incorporate as the Calvary Chapel of Yorba Linda.
  1977 Preaches about healing for nine months.  
  Mother's Day 1980 Lonnie Frissbie says, "Come Holy Spirit" at CCYL.
  1981 First ministry trip to England and South Africa.
  1981 Publication of first two albums.  
  November 19, 1981 Birth of first grandchild, Christian Wimber.  
  1982 - 1986 Teaches MC510 Class at Fuller Seminary.
  Mother's Day 1982 Joins fledgling Vineyard movement.  Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Anaheim incorporated.  
  May 8, 1982 Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Anaheim first public meeting.  
  1984 First Fruits, the Vineyard magazine, begins publication.  
  1984 Starts Vineyard Ministries International.
  1985 Incorporates the Association of Vineyard Churches.  
  1986 Power Evangelism published
  June 1986 Has heart attack.
  Summer 1988 Writes "Why I Don't Respond to Criticism." in the Vineyard's Equipping the Saints newsletter.  
  1991 Moves to new facility on La Palma.  
  1993 Diagnosed with cancer.
  January 1995 Has stroke.  
  November 17, 1997 Passed away from massive brain hemorrhage.