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  CONTAINER LIST                
Container Contents              
  Box 11 [folder]  Wimber  
      [folder]  Leadership Overheads.  
      [folder]  Newsletter Models [empty]  
      [folder]  Church Growth Pastor.  
      Flash cards for a lesson  
    "The Pastor Plans for Change."  Fuller Evangelistic Association Department  
      of Church Growth.  
    [folder] Self-Improvement.  
    "A Study on the Doctrine of Baptism."  A Report Submitted to Asuza  
      Pacific College.  John Wimber.  1973.  
    Indexed Files - Alphabetical [rubber-banded together]  
      [folder]  Criticism  
      "The Knack of Constructive Criticism."  Ken Allen.  1977.  
      1st Corinthians.  
      [envelope]  The Change Agent Process.  
      Education folder [blank].  
      Death and Dying.  
      [folder]  Healing.  
      [folder]  Insurance.  
      [folder]  Kinship Registration [empty]  
      "Leadership Material For Kinship Group Leaders."  [2 copies].  
      [folder]  Kinship System  
      [folder]  Parish Paper  
      [folder]  Master Plans  
      Staff and Leadership Evaluation of Our Church.  
      [folder]  Tours [empty].  
    Envelope [unmarked]  
      [folder]  "Church Growth Today."  Vol. 2, No. 3.  
      [folder]  Gifts.  
      Spiritual Gifts Worksheets.  
      [folder]  Spiritual Gifts Seminar.  
    [box]  Spiritual Gifts.  
      Enclosed is a new...  
      Section 1 with Scripture.  
      Section 7 without Greek.  
      Section 8.  
      Section 9 (Conclusion).  
      There are 4 copies of the 13 programs - One copy has been given to TBN with Scriptures highlighted.  
      Your original copy of S.G.  
    [binder]  "Church Planting and the Kingdom of God."  Southern California  
      Regional Planting Conference.  
    [envelope]  Church growth materials:  papers, overheads, etc.  
    [envelope]  Church growth materials:  papers, overheads, etc.  
  Box 12 [binder]  YLFC  
    [binder]  YLFC  
    [binder]  YLFC  
    [binder]  YLFC  
    [folder]  Healing.  
    Alphabetical Index.  
      Assembly of God.  
      Bible Doctrine.  
      B.G.C. Communication.  
      Consultants Process.  
      Campus Crusade.  
      Change Agent.  
      Consultation: Exp. - to be billed.  
      Memo to Rev. Benjamin Crandall.  
      Development - Gideons.  
      Development - Materials Seminar.  
      Evangelical Church - North America.  
      Genesis notes  
      Galations outline  
      Institute of American Church Growth.  
      Kinship Groups.  
      Lay Ministers Manual  
      Nora Lam  
      Marriage - Wedding Ceremonies  
      M!M Music Ministries.  
      M!M - Western Europe.  
      Mariners Church.  
      Maranatha Music.  
        "Building a Godly Ministry."
        Building a Godly Marriage."
        "Building a Godly Man."
        "Maranatha Music Ministry Retreat.  1978
        Communication Notes
      MM Staff  
      Maranatha Music Ministry.  
      Maranatha Missionary Develoment.  
      New England Nazarene  
      North Carolina Nazarene  
      Nazarene Southern Ohio  
      Managing Your Time: a Workbook.  MARC.  World Vision  
        International.  1978.
      T.U. Praise the Lord.  
      [folder] Vineyard Life  
      Women Working.  
    [letter]  Daniel Sanchez to John Wimber.  Baptist Convention of New   York.  November 1, 1978
    Growth Spiral chart.
    Receptivity-Rating Scale.  W. Charles Arn.
    Productive Prospect Search Form.  
    Seasonal Fluctuation in Church Attendance (1956-1977) graph.  
    Scitullers Training Center  
      Note to John Wimber with materials sent to Don Wilkerson attached.  
      Synopsis (Proposed Book for the Lay Ministry) "The Dynamic, Growing  
      Church." (working title).  
      Study, Evaluation and Discovery of Needs.  
      Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda bulletin.  July 17, 1977.  
    Southern Baptist.  N. 4.  Daniel Sanchez.  
  Box 13 [envelope]  
      [article]  "Why Must Christians Suffer?"  John Wimber.  Equipping  
      the  Saints.  Winter 1988.  p. 2-15.  
      [article]  John Wimber and the Vineyard Ministries.  F.V. Scott.     
      Passport Magazine.  p. 18-22.  
      [article]  Outstanding Church of America.  13th in a Series.  "The  
      Vineyard: A Church Where Relationships Grow."  Steven Lawson.  
      [article]  "Applying the Gifts to Everyday Life."  Kevin Springer.   
      Charisma.  September 1985. p 26-34.  
      Vineyard Reflections.  
      April/May 1993.  
      June/July 1993.  
      August/September 1993.  
      October/November/December 1993.  
      January/February 1994.  
      March/April 1994.  
      May/June 1994.  
      July/August 1994.  
      September/October 1994.  
      March/April 1994. [2 copies]  
      "A Conversation With John Wimber."  Conducted by Kevin Springer.  
      "Spiritual Warfare - Part II: Can Christians Be Casualties?"  John  
      "Gifts in the Night."  Kathryn Lindskoog.  
      "Releasing Gifts In Us."  John Wimber.  Equipping the Saints.  Fall  
      "Wisdom & Knowledge."  Wayne Grudem.  Equipping the Saints  
      Fall 1993.  
      "Signs and Wonders Still Occur."  Gary Metz.  First Fruits. [n.d.]  
      "Ezekiel's Wife: A Modern Day Parallel."  Gary Wiens.  First Fruits.  [n.d.]  
      "Signs and Wonders Today."  Winn Griffin.   
      "Third Wave? Part I."  An interview with C. Peter Wagner. [n.d.]  
      "Third Wave? Part II."  An interview with C. Peter Wagner. [n.d.]  
      "MC510: A Look Inside. Part I"  John White.  First Fruits.  July/August  
      1985.  p. 7-10.  
      "Signs and Wonders: Canadian Style."  George Malone.  First Fruits.   
      July/August 1985.  p.  11-13.  
      "MC510: A Look Inside. Part II"  John White.  First Fruits  
      September/October 1985.  p. 23-26.  
      "Signs and Wonders and Social Concern."  Kevin Springer.  Equipping  
      the Saints.  May/June 1987.  p. 2-3.  
      "Sign and Wonders in Egypt."  John Weed [as told to Ruth Gordon].   
      Equipping the Saints.  Winter 1992.  p. 26-28.  
      "The Cross."  John Wimber.  Equipping the Saints. Spring 1988.  p. 2-7.  
      Vineyard Reflections.  
      April/May 1993.  
      September/October 1994.  
      July 1995 - February 1996.  
      July 1996.  
    Calvary Chapel.  John Wimber.  Prophecy cassettes.  
      [folder]  Condolences.  
      [folder]  Condolences - Email.  
      [folder]  Condolences - Faxes.  
      [folder]  Newspaper - Obits.  
    [binder]  Vineyard Music Group.  
    [envelope]  Card - Thank You's for Carol to write.  
    [binder]  "Discipleship Ephesians Leadership"  John Wimber.  United  
      Kingdom.  July/August, 1995.   
    [binder]  "Leadership: Church Leadership and the Kingdom of God,  
      Leadership Values and Principles."  John Wimber.  Looking at Leadership Seminar.  May 30-31, 1995.  
    [folder]  Books to write.  
    [folder]  Basic Priorities - Vineyard Christian Fellowship.  
    [folder]  Sympathy  
      [correspondence]  Geoff Shearn of Kingsway Publications Limited to  
      John Wimber.  June 24, 1985.  
      [correspondence]  John Wimber to Geoff Shearn of Kingsway  
      Publications Limited.  February 14, 1986.  
      "The Kingdom of God"  With John Wimber.  A Vineyard Bible  
      Institute Correspondence Course.  1995 Vineyard Bible Course.  
    [folder]  Church Planting Seminar  
      "The Church" Seminars.  
      Church Nature.  
      Survey of Church Seminars, Vol. 1-6.  
  Box 14 "MC 511: Healing Ministry and Church Growth Reader."  Gibbs and  
    "Songs of the Vineyard"  Worship Set Notebook.  
    [office folder]  Healing  
      "Is Healing for Today?  Arguments for Healing."  John Wimber. 
      September 10, 1997.  
      "Is Healing for Today?  Commonly Held Arguments Against."  John 
      Wimber.  September 2, 1997.  
      "Healing and Warfare."
      "Faith and the Act of Healing."  John Wimber.  Fuller Theological
      Seminary.  December, 1991.   
      "Signs and Wonders and Church Growth."  Workshop.  Inner Healing. 
      Sam Thompson.  
      "Signs and Wonders and Church Growth."  Workshop.  Ministering to
      the Chronically Ill.  Mike Flynn.  
      "Signs and Wonders and Church Growth."  Workshop.  Demonization. 
      Ed Piorek & Becky Cook.  
      "Signs and Wonders and Church Growth."  Workshop.  Physical  
      Healing.  Blaine Cook.  
      "Laying On of Hands In Christian Healing."  Aileen McNamara.  March
      12, 1992.  
      "Christian Healing: Is it Real?  A Catalog of Viewpoints"  Linda
      Coleman.  SCP Journal.  August 1978.  p. 42-51.  
      "Foundations for a Healing Ministry."  Tom Marshall. 
      [correspondence]  John Wimber to Chris Mungeam of Sovereign World
      Limited.  January 25, 1988.  
      "Jesus and Healing."  Colin Brown.  The Reformed Journal.  November
      1987.  p. 29-30.  
      "You Can Teach Your Church to Heal."  Robert Wise.  Ministries
      Today.  September/October 1988.  p. 45-48.  
      To John Wimber.  Bartimaeus' Prayer.
      "Wholeness and the Healing Ministry."  Richard J. Foster.
      "Balance in the Doctrine of Healing."  Dick King.  SA Vernuwing
      January/February 1987.  
      "A Scriptural Perspective on Healing Today."  Peter Keven Vaughn. 
      November 18, 1987.  
      "Learning to Minister Like Jesus."  Ministry of Healing presented by Ted
      Lawler.  Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Temecula Valley.  
      "The Compassionate Kingdom: An Evangelical Theology of Healing." 
      Ken Blue.  
    "Touching the Father's Heart: Hear Our Cry, Psalm 102 Songbook."  
    "Touching the Father's Heart: Fire of God Songbook."  
    "Worship Songs of the Vineyard."  Words only.  
    "Worship Songs of the Vineyard."  Volume 2.  
    Graham Kendrick & John Wimber present "Worship: Let the flame burn  
      brighter and Refiner's fire."  A Songs of Fellowship Worship Resource.  Words edition combined Vols. 1 & 2.  
    Graham Kendrick & John Wimber present "Worship: Let the flame burn  
      brighter."  A Songs of Fellowship Worship Resource.  Words edition  [2 copies].  
    Graham Kendrick & John Wimber present "Worship: Let the flame burn  
      brighter."  A Songs of Fellowship Worship Resource.  [2 copies]  
    "Holiness Unto the Lord Conference."  October 22-25, 1991.  Sydney,  
      Australia.  Conference Handbook and Songbook.  
    "New Songs."  The 1990/1991 Music Book.  A Songs of Fellowship  
      Worship Resource.  
    "Praise for All Nations."  The Euro Songbook.  1990  
    "Piesni Chwaly.  Lublin 1991.  
    "Touching the Father's Heart: Live Worship.  Spirit of the Sovereign Lord  
    [binder]  "Emerging 5 Year Plan."  John Wimber.  
    [binder]  "Leadership."  John Wimber.  
  Box 15 "Kingdom Come."  John Wimber.  [2 copies]  
    "Kingdom Evangelism."  John Wimber.  [2 copies]  
    Kingdom Living."  John Wimber.  
    "Kingdom Mercy."  John Wimber.  [2 copies]  
    "Kingdom Suffering."  John Wimber.  
    "Kingdom Come."  John Wimber.  [foreign languauge]  
    "Kingdom Evangelism."  John Wimber.  [foreign language]  
    "Kingdom Mercy."  John Wimber.  [foreign language]  
    [office folder]  
      [folder]  Planning High Visibility Event.
      [folder]  "The Church" Seminar Series: Survey and Outcome.
      [folder]  Demographics.
      [folder]  Church Growth Pastor.
      [folder]  Home Groups Fellowship.
    [office folder]  Training School: Welty Study.  
    [office folder]  Worship Songs.  [empty]  
    [office folder]  Program Elements Check List.  John Wimber.  
    [office folder]  Evangelistic Association / New England Seminar.  
    [office folder]  Family Enrichment.  
    [office folder]  Ministry Gifts.  
    [office folder]  MC 510.  
    [office folder]  Problem Solving Matrex  
    [office folder]  Course Information.  
      [folder] Life Correspondence.
      [folder]  Course Evaluation Sheets.
      [folder]  Healing Log.
      Fuller Theological Seminary Memo from Peter Wagner to Jack Sims. 
      February 24, 1982.  
      Fuller Theological Seminary Memo from Peter Wagner to John Wimber. 
      April 7, 1982.  
      1982 Winter Session Class List.
      Class Chart. [n.d.]
      [folder]  Course Information.
      correspondence from Jack Sims to Chris DeWet.  September 16,  
      Suggested Topics for Research Papers [overhead]  
      Note from C. Peter Wagner to Paul (Pierson?).  
      MC510: Signs, Wonders, and Church Growth.  Course Outline  
      and Class Schedule.
      MC510: Signs, Wonders, and Church Growth.  Wagner and  
      Wimber.  Winter Quarter.  October 1981.
      Fuller Theological Seminary memo from Doris Wagner to John  
      Wimber and Jack Sims.  October 2, 1981.
      Note from Paul E Pierson to John Wimber.  September 29, 1981.  
      Correspondence from John Wimber to Paul Pierson.  September  
      5, 1981.  [3 copies]
      Fuller Theological Seminary memo from Peter Wagner to John  
      Wimber.  February 18, 1982.  Chinese Healing Book.
      Correspondence from C. Peter Wagner to John Wimber.   
      September 21, 1981.
      Correspondence from C. Peter Wagner, Fuller Theological  
      Seminary, to John Wimber.  September 21, 1981.
      Project Proposal.  From David Wang to C. Peter Wagner, John  
      Wimber, and Jack Sims.  January 10, 1982.
      Correspondence from C. Peter Wagner, Fuller Theological  
      Seminary, to John Wimber.  September 25, 1981.
      MC510 - Signs, Wonders, and Church Growth.  Wagner and  
      Wimber.  Winter Quarter.
      "Two Basic Assumptions."  [4 copies]
      Healing.  Address list.  [4 copies]
      MC510 Signs, Wonders, and Church Growth.  Course Outline and Class
      Schedule.  Fuller Theological Seminary.  
      Thank You letters for support of MC510.  From John Wimber.
      to Samuel Southard.  
      to Colin Brown.  
      to Morton T. Kelsey.  
      to Glenn W. Barker.  
      to Mel Robeck.  
      to Arthur Glaser.  
      to C. Peter Wagner.  
      to Russell P. Spittler.  
      to Paul G. Hiebert.  
      to Charles H. Kraft.  
      to Donald A. McGavran.  
      to Paul E. Pierson.  
    [office folder]  Healing.  [Notes]  
    [office folder]  Healing in Atonement.  [empty]  
    [office folder]  Healing Book - Basic.  [notes]  
    [office folder]  Healing: Basic.  [notes]  
    [office folder]  Prayer.  
      "School for Intercessors."  John Wimber and Mike Bickle.
      "Prayer 2: Scripture Life."  [2 copies]
      "The Holy Art of Prayer."  Olin K. Hallesby.  November 22, 1985.
      Major Paper.  "A Case Study of Fuller Praise and Prayer Fellowship." 
      The Ministry of Healing in World Evangelism.  Victoria L. Long and Steven W. Long.  
      "The Hardest and Holiest Work of All."  Larry Lea.  Christian
      Conquest.  September/October 1987.  p. 10-13.  
      "When God Seems to Have Failed You."  Stanley C. Baldwin. 
      Discipleship Journal.  Issue 38, 1987.  p. 35-37.  [2 copies]  
      Understanding Apostolic Prayer.
      "When the Glory Goes."  Larry Lea.  Charisma & Christian Life
      October 1987.  p. 8.  
      "Serious Prayer Gets Serious Results."  Larry Lea.  Charisma.  June
      1987.  p. 40-41.  
      "Meditation."  David Tickerhoof.  New Covenant.  June 1987. 
      p. 13-16.  
      "A Woman of Prayer."  Dick Mishler.  New Covenant.  p. 23.  [n.d.]
      "Prayer in the Name of Jesus." 
      Letter from Lewis K. Glanville to John Wimber.  October 2, 1985. 
      "Prayer as Spiritual Warfare: A Model in Act 4." attached.   
      Petitionary Prayer.  Helen Oppenheimer.  Theology: A Monthly Review
      Vol. 73, No. 596.  February 1970.  p. 54-64.  
      "Can Intercessory Prayer Work?"  Dr. Michael R. Austin.  The
      Expository Times.  Vol. 98, October 1977 - September 1978.  p. 335-339.  
      "The Holy Spirit's Intercessory Ministry."  Curtis C. Mitchell. 
      Bibliotheca Sacra.  Vol. 139, No. 553.  January-March 1982.  p. 230-241.   
      "Intercessory Prayer: A Ministerial Task."  Eugene Bradford.  The
      Westminster Theological Journal.  Volume 22, November 1959 to May 1960.  p 13-48.  
      "Mary: Intercessor."  Neville Ward.  The Ecumenical Society of the
      Blessed Virgin Mary.  One in Christ: A Catholic Ecumenical Review.  p. 282-290.  
      "Intercessory Prayer and Communion in God and Within the Church." 
      Max Thurian.  The Ecumenical Review.  Volume 30, 1978.  
      "Intercession in the Qur'an and the Jewish Tradition."  J.W. Bowker. 
      Journal of Semitic Studies.  James Barr, editor.  Vol. 11, January to December 1966.  
      "Prayer and America's Great Revival."  Armin R. Gesswein. 
      Christianity Today.  Vol. 2, No. 11.  March 3, 1958.  p. 16-18.  
      "Ye Shall Pray For...The Intercession."  Kenneth Stevenson.  Liturgy
      Reshaped.  Chapter 3.  p. 32-47.  
      "The Language of Prayer."  Daniel B. Stevick.  Worship.  Vol. 52,
      January 1978 - November 1978.  p. 542-560.  
      "The Celebration of Meditative Prayer."  Richard J. Foster. 
      Christianity Today.  October 7, 1983.  p. 22-25.  
      "Secret of Power: Revive the Prayer Meeting.  Alan Redpath. 
      Christianity Today.  Vol. 1, No. 23, September 2, 1957.  p. 3-5.  
      "Signs and Wonders and Church Growth Workshop:  Intercessory  
      Prayer."  John McClure.  1987.  
      "A Phenomenology of Prayer." [Source:  "A History of Christian
      Spirituality."  Urban T. Holmes.  p. 4-5.]  
      [folder]  Prayer - Intercessor. 
      "Teach Us to Pray."  John Wimber.  
      "The Book of Common Prayer."  [excerpted]
      "Prayer and Satan."  Ed Piorek.  [from "Managing Your Church Toward
      500."  Southern California Pastors Reg. Conference.  
      "Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer."  C.S. Lewis.  [photocopied]
      "A Message From the President."  C. Peter Wagner.  Prayer Track
      News.  Volume 5, No. 1.  January - March 1996.  
      Managing Your Church Toward 500 Workshop: "Effective Prayer." 
      Bill Dwyer.  
    [office folder]  Pro-life.  
      [folder]  "How Pro-Life is the Bible?"  Francis J. Beckwith, Ph.D. 
      Focus on the Family Citizen.  March 16, 1992.  p. 10-12.  
    [office folder]  Promise Keepers (Mens)  
    [office folder]  Prosperity  
    [office folder]  Proxy  
      AVC Memo.  To: Julie Scala, from: John Wimber.  August 25, 1997. 
      Re: Your question re "standing in proxy was a form of witchcraft."  
      [correspondence]  To John Wimber from Julie Scala.  Re: proxy as a
      form of witchcraft.  August 28, 1997.  
      [folder] [correspondence]  To John Wimber from Julie Scala.  Re: proxy
      as a form of witchcraft.  August 28, 1997.  
    [office folder]  Reconstructionists Dominion Theology  
      "Towards an Evangelical Perspective on the Middle East.  Biblical
      Justice: Its Impact on Two Peoples."  Jonathon Kuttab.  Transformation.  October - December 1985.  
      "The Institutes of Biblical Law."  John M. Frame.  Westminster
      Theological Journal.  Volume 38, 1976.  p. 195-217.  
      "Democracy as Heresy."  Rodney Clapp.  Christianity Today
      February 20, 1987.  p. 17-23.  [2 copies]  
      "Dominion Theology: Taking Heaven By Force?"  Eric Pement and
      Jon Trott.  Cornerstone.  Volume 16, Issue 83.   
      Correspondence from Gary North of the Institute for Christian
      Economics re upcoming book releases.  
      Messianic Judaism Today.  Summer 1987 (5747).
    [office folder]  Inner Healing.
      [correspondence]  Barbara Kolbe, Servant Publications, to John
      Wimber re endorsement for "Healed by Holiness: The Role of Inner Healing in the Christian Life" by Martin and Sally Lynch.  November 4, 1987.  [manuscript attached]  
      "Healing in the '90s: An Advanced Course."  John Wimber.
      "Kingdom Ministry One: An Introduction to Doing the Kingdom Works
      of Jesus."  Gary Best and Peter Davids.   
      "Kingdom Ministry Two: Doing the Kingdom Works of Jesus." 
      Gary Best and Peter Davids.   
      "Flying Free: A Practical Guide to Inner Healing."  Anita Lewis and
      Marti Chappell.  
    [office folder]  Programs - Gift Based.  
      Church Growth and Leadership and The Kingdom of God in the '90s. 
      "Church Growth Planning and Administration."  John Wimber.  1986.  
      Program Elements Check List.  JohnWimber.  [4 copies]
    [office folder]  Reflections on John Wimber's Ministry.  
      "The Theology and Practice of Signs and Wonders in the Church: A
      Reflection on the Issues Raised for the Church of England by 'Power Evangelism' by John Wimber."  Derek Frank.  Post-Ordination Project.  February 27, 1988.  
      [folder] Reflections on JRW's Ministry.
      Conference evaluations.  
      "Wimber and Wallis."  Graham Cray.  Anglicans for Renewal.  Vol 46. 
    [office folder]  Regeneration Union with Christ.  [manuscript]   
    [office folder]  Relationships.  
      [folder]  Relationships.
      "Repairing Relationships."  Peter Williamson.  
      Pastoral Renewal.  Volume 1, July 1976 - June 1977.
    [office folder]  Repentance.  
      [folder]  "Repentence."  Stockholm '91 - Revival, Prophecy, Holiness. 
      John White.  1990.  
    [office folder]  Replacement Theology.  
      [folder]  "Is the Church the 'New Israel?'"  Keith Parker.  p. 51-58.
    [office folder]  Respect.  
      "How to Earn the Respect of Others."  Todd Hunter.  June 1997.
    [office folder]  Response to Equipping the Saints.  
      [folder]  Response to Equipping the Saints.
      [correspondence]  From Pastor Rennie Campos of VCF Lompoc  
      CA to the Editor of Equipping the Saints [envelope addressed to John Wimber].  November 1, 1990.
      [correspondence]  From Mike Brown to John Wimber regarding  
      Equipping the Saints.  December 12, 1989.
      [correspondence]  From Bill Click of Celebration Ministries to  
      Kevin Springer.  [n.d.]
    [office folder]   
      [folder]  Renewal
      [memorandum]  To Sam Thompson from John Wimber regarding  
      a prophetic letter by Rod Lensch.  January 27, 1988.
    [office folder]  Restoration.  
      "The Restoration Movement."  Garry D. Nation.  Christianity Today
      Vol. 36, No. 6.  May 18, 1992.  p. 27-31.  
    [office folder]  Resurrection.  
      [folder]  Resurrection.
      "Benefits of Christ's Death on the Cross."  
      "The Resurrection and Ascension of Christ."  Chapter 46.  p. 267.  
      [author and title not given][n.d.]
    [office folder]  Book of Revelation.  
      [folder]  Book of Revelation.
      "The Real Meaning of the Book of Revelation."  [author not given]  
      [27 pages]
    Good News: A Magazine for United Methodist Renewal.  
      July/August 1998.
      September/October 1998.
      November/December 1998.