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  Box 6 [folder]  Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
    Practice of Baptism. [notes]
    The Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  [notes]
    Baptism With the Holy Spirit.  [notes]
    "Baptism in the Holy Spirit."  P.H. Davids.  June 10, 1988. 
    "On Baptism."  Kevin Springer.  June 11, 1976. 
    "An Introduction to Spiritual Gifts: The Spirit's Gracelets."  Program 8,
      Part 3.
    Practice of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  [notes]
    [folder] Baptism (Practice of)
    [folder]  Beliefs:  Basic Christian.
    [folder]  Bible: How to Study.
    [folder]  "Hearing God"  August 22-23, 1995.
    [folder]  Leadership Seminars.
      [folder]  To Do Planners.
      [folder]  Materials & Info.
      Evaluation Results.
    [folder]  Alcohol.
    [folder]  Ambassador for Christ.
    [folder]  Anger.
    [folder]  Anointing.
    [folder]  Apartheid.
    [folder]  Atonement.
    [folder]  Miscellaneous / VMI
      [folder]  Artwork
      [folder]  Asian Pastors' Conference.  Oct. 15, 1994.
      [folder]  Asian Pastors' Luncheon.
      [folder]  Conferences: Past
      [folder]  Bookstore
      [folder]  CYMRC
    [folder]  Abortion Issues
    [folder]  AIDS
    [folder]  AIDS
    JRW Topical Notes
    [folder]  Cancer
    [folder]  Catholic Church.
      "She Believed What God Told Her."  John Wimber.  Our Sunday
      Visitor.  June 1988
      "Vatican Fights Parish Rebels on Moral Code."  Saskia Sissions.  The
      European.  July 21-27, 1995.
      Chariscenter USA Newsletter.  Vol. 12, No. 3.
      "Miracle at Medjugorje."  March 1987.  [5 copies]
      "Miracle at Medjugorje."  April 1987.
      New Covenant.  Feb. 1988
      "An Interview With Ralph Martin;" "When We are Not Healed" John
      Bertolucci; "God's Boundless Love"  Alan Schreck; Life from Death."  George Martin.  New Covenant.  Oct. 1987.
      "Behind all the Questions: Why the Church?"  David O'Brien. [n.d.]
      "America's Catholics."  Christianity Today.  November 7, 1986.
    [folder]  Cessationism
    [folder]  Change
    [folder]  Channelling
    Stack of medium sized envelopes
    Christianity Today.
      Sept. 5, 1986.
      Sept. 19, 1986.
      Feb. 6, 1987.
      Feb. 20, 1987.
      July 10, 1987.
      Sept. 18, 1987
      Oct. 20, 1989.
    Charisma.  Feb. 1989
    Church Growth Ideas.  April 1991.
    Word & Spirit.  Winter 1995/1996, Vol. 3.
    "Ministry of the Laity."  Theology, News and Notes.  June 1990.
    "Jesus in the Book of Revelation."  Signs of the Times.  [n.d.]
    Compass.  Vol. 1, No. 1.
    Compass.  Vol. 1, No. 2.
    [remnants of a magazine]  Charisma.  Feb. 1989
  Box 7 [binder]  "Freedom in Christ Conference."  Jan. 1995.  Opening Session
      by John Wimber
    [folder]  "The Kingdom of God."
    "Power Evangelism: Signs and Wonders and Church Growth, Part 1."
      Lecture notes.
    [folder]  Miscellaneous papers on ministry.
      Paper on personal background.  John Wimber.  [24 pages] [no title]
      "Leading Someone to Christ."
      "Dealing With Fallen Christians."
      "Empowering or Infilling of the Spirit."
      "Ministering Forgiveness."  [re-titled: "Breaking Spiritual Bondage."]
      "Eight Predictable Patterns of Failure."
      "Developing Leaders."
      "An Individual is a Leader to the Degree that..."
      "Christian Demonology."
      "A Passion for Fullness."  Jack Hayford
      "Reasons to Pray for the Sick."
      "Jesus' Ministry of Healing."
      Paper on discipleship.  [no title]
      "Billy Graham on Volunteerism."  Billy Graham interview for the
      Saturday Evening Post.  April 1982.
      "What is the Spirit Saying to the Church?"
      "Problem Teachings and Problem Texts Concerning Healing."
      "An Introduction to Healing."
      "Overcoming the Obstacles to Healing."
    [folder]  Miscellaneous papers, brochures, pamphlets.
      Precor USA 815e Electronic Bicycle Ergometer Owner's Manual.
      Desert Stream Ministries Newsletter.  Spring 1989.
      "Communauté Catholique du 'Lion de Juda et de l'Agneau Immolé.'"
      "The Voice of the Martyrs."  Christian Missions to the Communist
      World, Inc.  May 1989.
      Fulness Leadership Communiqué.  Vol. 2, No. 4.  April 1, 1989.
      Vinesong Newsletter.  May 1989.
      NewLife2000.  March 1988.
      "All Things are Possible: The Healing and Charismatic Revivals in Modern America."  David Edwin Harrell, Jr.  [booklet with note from Kim Kollins attached]
      "Potential Church Birthing and Vineyard Orientation Procedure." 
      Second Draft.
      Advertisement for Km.
      "Love Never Fails."  Terran Theophilus Steinhart.  1988.
      Heart to Heart.  A Pastoral Letter from Tom and Nancy Rozof.
      Dec. 6, 1988.
      Time Well Spent.  Vol. I, No. 1.  June/July.
      Windsong Ministries.  Vol. 2, No. 4.  August 1989.
      Lifeline.  July, 1989.
      Streams of Life.  July-September 1989.
      Action Line.  Volume VII, Issue 7.  July/August 1989.
      Rescue NewsBrief.  August 1989.
      The Kingdome Church at Cincinnati presents...Ruling & Reigning in
      the '90s.  Vol. 1, No. 1.  1990s.
      Heart Attacks: What One Million Victims Never Got a Chance to
      Learn.  Sam Biser.  1987.
    [folder]  John's Notes.  40 five minute TV shows.  Doin' the Stuff - TV
      Shows.  Scriptures.
    [folder]  Equipping the Saints.
      First Quarter, 1995.  [2 copies]
      Second Quarter, 1995.
      Third Quarter, 1995
    [folder]  Equipping the Saints magazine business memos.
    Christianity Today.
      January 13, 1989.
      March 3, 1989.
      March 17, 1989.
      April 8, 1991.
    [binder]  Kingdom Warfare with John Wimber.
    [folder]  Ministry in Small Prayer Teams.
    [folder]  Good News, Etc.  Newspaper. 
      Vol. 1, No. 5.  February 1985.
      Vol. 1, No. 7.  April 1985.  [2 copies]
    [folder]  Photographs.  [untitled]
    [folder]  Operation Love.
    [folder]  Interns.
    [folder]  Rating Forms.
    [folder]  Worship Analysis.
    [folder]  New Building / VMI Heltzer Park.
    [folder]  Consultation on the Work of the Holy Spirit and Evangelism. 
      March 29, 1985.
    [folder]  Christian Research Institute.  Correspondence regarding The
    [folder]  Inter-ministry Review Committee.  Regarding John Lynch.
    [folder]  Conference Ministry Manual.  Revised Nov. 1985
    [folder]  Charismatic Leaders Conference 1985.
  Box 8 Remnants of Christianity Today magazines.
    Christianity Today.  March 19, 1990.
    Christianity Today.  July 16, 1990.
    [folder]  Miscellaneous papers.
      Typed and handwritten Scripture citations and notes.
      Evidences for Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch.
      Trials of Abraham.
      Asuza Pacific College.  Division of Philosophy and Religion.  Course
      Instruction Plan.  John E. Hartley.  Pentateuch.
      References consulted.
      Healing: I.  "An Introduction."  Preface.  John Wimber.
      Healing: I.  "An Introduction."  Reasons Why People Don Not Pray
      for the Sick.  John Wimber.
      Healing: I.  "An Introduction."  What are some Healing Turning
      Points?  John Wimber.
      Healing: I.  "An Introduction."  Reason to Pray for the Sick.  John
      Healing: I.  "An Introduction."  Jesus' Ministry of Healing Foretold
      and Fulfilled.  John Wimber.
      Healing: I.  "An Introduction."  Problem Teachings and Problem
      Texts.  John Wimber.
      Healing: I.  "An Introduction."   John Wimber.  [extra pages]
    Spiritual Gifts,  Others' Writings and Assessment sheets.  "The Holy Spirit
      and His Gifts."  Kenneth Hagin.  [n.d.]
    Legal pad with handwritten notes.
    [binder]  "Spiritual Warfare Conference Reader."  January 1993.
    [binder]  "Kingdom Warfare."  Teaching Notes.  1993.
    [folder]  John Wimber.
      "Deliverance."  John Wimber.
      "Deliverance: Can a Christian be Demonized?"  John Wimber.
      "Demonization - Session One."  "Kingdom's at War."  TBN Series. 
    [folder]  "Healing in the '90s."  John Wimber.
    "Theological Foundation: The Kingdom of God."  Section 2. 
    Spiritual Warfare Series #2.  Mark 1:9-15.  Jan. 10, 1993.
    Spiritual Warfare Series #7.  "Dispelling the Powers of Darkness."  Acts
      19:8-22.  Feb. 14, 1993.
    "An Overview of Spiritual Warfare."  Sydney, Australia #1.  John 
      Wimber.  [14 pages]
    [folder]  Spiritual Warfare '93.  Anaheim.  JRW Conference Talks.
      "Kingdoms in Conflict: Spiritual Warfare and the Spirit of the Age." 
      Talk #2.
      "The Weapons of Our Warfare: The Sword of the Spirit, the Word
      of God."  Talk #3.
      "Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare: John Wimber Responds."  Talk
      #4.  [2 copies]
    "Worship: Intimacy with God."  Worship Update.  Jan. 1996.
    "Spiritual Warfare."  John Wimber  1988.
    "Healing '92: An Advanced Course in Healing with John Wimber."
      Conference Handbook and Workshop Notes.  Jan. 28-31, 1992; Feb. 4-7, 1992.  Anaheim California.
    [folder]  Spiritual Warfare Series.  JRW.
      Sermon Series.  Warfare.  #1.  Jan. 3, 1993.  1 John 3:8.
      Spiritual Warfare Series #2.  Mark 1:9-15.  January 10, 1993.
      Spiritual Warfare Series #3.  "Our Warfare Prayer."  Matthew 6:9-
      15.  January 17, 1993.
      Spiritual Warfare Series #4.  "Interaction Between the Two
      Kingdoms."  Matthew 13:24-30 & Matthew 13:36-43.  January 24, 1993.
      Spiritual Warfare Series #5.  "Attack/Counterattack."  Nehemiah 1-
      6.  January 31, 1993.
      Spiritual Warfare Series #7.  "Dispelling the Powers of Darkness." 
      Acts 19:8-22.  February 14, 1993.
      Spiritual Warfare Series #8.  "Overview of Ephesians (Ch. 1-6)" 
      February 21, 1993.
      Warfare Series #9.  Ephesians 6:10-17.  February 28, 1993.
      Spiritual Warfare Series #10.  "Warfare and Worship."  Ezekiel
      28:11-19.  March 21, 1993.
      Spiritual Warfare Series #11.  "Worship Breaks Down Satanic
      Strongholds."  II Chronicles 20:20-26.  March 28, 1993.
    Sundoulos: A Fellow Servant.  Summer 1994
    Spread the Fire.  Vol. 1, Issue 1.  January/February 1995.
    Spread the Fire.  Vol. 1, Issue 5.  October 1995.
    Theology, News and Notes.  Fuller Theological Seminary.  June 1991.
    Theology, News and Notes.  Fuller Theological Seminary.  March 1994.
    Theology, News and Notes.  Fuller Theological Seminary.  October
  Box 9 [office folder]  Charismatic Movement.  
      Study Paper Relating to the Charismatic Movement.  [11 pages]  
      "A Baptist Pastor Looks at the Charismatics."  Jess Moody.   
      Charisma.  August 1987.  p. 38-41.  
      "Bringing the Charismatic Renewal to Maturity: An Interview with Dr.  
      Vinson Synan."  New Covenant.  October 1986.  p. 14-16.  
      "Leaders Unite in New Orleans."  Steven Lawson.  Charisma  
      December 1986.  p. 58-59.  
      [folder]  "The New Charismatics: A Concerned Voice Responds to  
      Dangerous New Trends."  Michael G. Moriarty.  
    [office folder]  Charismatics: Mennonite Brethren.  
    [office folder]  Children  
      "Today's Child: Ministry Now!"  Theology, News and Notes.  March,  
      "Life in the Spirit for your Kids."  Ken Wilson and David Mangan.   
      Servant Publications.  July 1990.  
    [office folder]  Christology  
    [office folder]  Church.  
      [folder]  Church: Christ-centered  
      "Where the Church is Going in the 21st Century."  Overview  
      Summary - October 4 1995.  [3 copies]  
      [folder] Church.  
      "The Church that Jesus is Praying For."  
      [folder]  Church - '90s.  
      "The Modern Church Grows Irrelevant."  Cal Thomas.  Los  
      Angeles Times.  March 8, 1991.  
      "What is the Holy Spirit Saying to the Church Today?"  John  
      Wimber.  [3 copies]  
      "Preparing the Church for the '90s."  John Wimber.  
      "Facing the '90s."  John Wimber.  
    [office folder]  Church -  "God is Shaking the Church."  
      [article] "God is Shaking His Church."  Jamie Buckingham. Charisma  
      June, 1987.  p. 20-23.  
    [office folder]  Church Challenges.  
      [article]  "Six Crucial Challenges for the Church in the 1990s."  C.  
      Peter Wagner.  Ministries Today. July/August 1987.  p.  26-33.  
      AVC Memo.  March 3, 1997.  To: John Wimber; From: Jim  
      Fredericks.  Re: Fax of your requested message (overview plus 6 pages of the sermon).  
    [office folder]  Church & Communism.  
    [office folder]  Church Construction.  
    [office folder]  Church in Times of Disaster.  
    [office folder]  Church Planting [empty].  
    [office folder] Church - Reform  
      "Reformed and Reforming."  John Wimber.  August 8, 1991.  [2 copies  
      and 1 front page].  
    [office folder]  Co     7  
      "The 'Coffee House:' A Method of Ministry."  Compiled by Helen  
      Cumulative Record Folder.  Christian Lay Academy for Study and  
    [office folder]  Commitment  
      "Leading 'Committed' People, Leaders & Churches."  John Wimber.  
      "Commitment/Resistance."  June 26, 1994.  
    [office folder]  Communication  
    [office folder]  Communion [empty]  
    [office folder]  Community  
    [office folder]  Conflict.  
    [office folder]  Counseling.  
      "Listening Pitfalls."  Craig Lockwood.  Basics in Counseling.  May  
      1993.  Copyright Anaheim Vineyard 1993.  
      [folder]  The Establishment and Operation of a Church Related  
      Counseling Center.  prepared by Judson Swihart.  
    [office folder]  Criticism.
      "Why I Respond to Criticism."  John Wimber.  Vineyard Position
      Paper #1.  May 1992.  [3 copies]
      The Biblical Data Regarding the Treatment of Opponents. [2 copies]
      "Biblical Response to Criticism."  AVC Pastors' Conference. 
      Denver.  August 1991.  [4 copies]
    [office folder] 
      "Why I Respond to Criticism."  John Wimber. 
      Paper #1.  May 1992.
      [folder] Church Discipline.
      [folder]  Leaders - Fallen.
      [folder]  Duplicates.
      [folder]  Newspaper articles.
    [office folder]  Cults and Cult Watching.
      [folder] Articles.
      "Does the Church Need Heresy Hunters?"  J. Lee Grady. 
Charisma.  May 1995.
      "Have Children of God Cleaned Up their Act?"  Christianity
Today.  Joe Maxwell.  News.  December 14, 1992.  p. 42.
      "Footprints in the Sand."  Jerry Yamamoto.
      [folder]  Fuller Class Notes.
    [office folder]  Creation.
    [office folder]  D.
      [folder] Development
    [office folder]  Dance: Sacred Dance and the Bible.
    [office folder]  Dating.
    [office folder]  Decision-Making.
      Decision-Making Process.
      Four Lessons from the Lives of Successful Managers.
      Seven Predictable Patterns of Failure.
      Change & Decision-Making.  [handwritten]
      "Leadership and Guidance of the Same in the New Testament."   John
      Wimber and Carl Tuttle.  Looking at Leadership.  May 30-31, 1995.  [5 pages]
      "Decision-Making Process."  John Wimber.  Leadership.  Hearing
      God Seminar.  August 22-23, 1995.
      "Leadership and Decision-Making."  John Wimber.  Leadership. 
      Hearing God Seminar.  August 22-23, 1995.
      "Synopsis of Decision-Making in the Life of God's Friend, Abraham. 
      John Wimber.  Leadership.  Hearing God Seminar.  August 22-23, 1995.
      Guidance.  Peter H. Davids.  [16 pages]
    [office folder]  Denominations.
      [folder]  "Materials Towards a History of the Baptists."  Volume 1. 
      Morgan Edwards.
      "The Vineyard Movement: Steering a Course Between Chaos and
      Traditional Denominationalism."  John Wimber.  JRW on Denominationalism.  Vineyard Reflections.  December 13, 1993.  [22 pages]
      "The New Denominations."  Les Parrott III and Robin D. Perrin. 
      Christianity Today.  March 11, 1991.  p. 29-33.
      "Starting New Denominations."  C. Peter Wagner.  Ministries Today. 
      July/August 1989.  p. 39.
      "Restoration in the Church."  Terry Virgo.  Kingsway.  1985.  Chapter
      13; A New Denomination?  p. 142-148.
    [office folder]  Demonization
      "Some Thoughts on Deliverance."  Peter H. Lawrence.  Summer
      [folder]  Demonization
      Memo: from Don Williams, To: John Wimber, Concerning:
        Demonization and the Christian.
      "Observations on the Position Paper Demonization and the
        Christian by Jim Fredericks with Peter Davids."  Dr. Sam Storms.  Metro Vineyard Fellowship.  [3 pages]
      "Demonization and the Christian."  Copy for Peter Davids.
      "Demonization and the Christian."  Copy for Jim Fredericks.
    [office folder]  Discipline - Church
    Christianity Today.
      August 7, 1987.
      June 16, 1989.
      November 5, 1990.
      November 23, 1992.
    GEO: The Earth Diary.  Volume 3.  June 1981.
  Box 10 [folder]  Healing - Intro to (original transcript).  [empty]  
    [folder]  Letter from John Otto and various articles and papers by A. B.  
      Simpson and others.  
    Paper diagramming church differences [handwritten]  
    "Why People are Poor."  Tom Hanks.  Sojourners.  January, 1981.  
    "Studies in the Life of Samuel."  James Ryle.  
    [folder]  Spiritual Gifts: Articles.  
    [folder]  Spiritual Gifts - Introduction.  
    "Signs and Wonders: And Church Growth.  Part II.  Lecture Notes.  John  
    [folder]  Equipping the Saints...  
      "The Devil's Pathways into Us."  
      "A Look at James Kallas on Miracles and Their Relationship to Evil."   
      Steve Bogan.  Summer 1981.  
      "Principalities and Powers in Perspective." [2 copies]  
    [folder]  Demonology: Session #4  
    [folder]  Demonology: Session #5 - Occult / Witchcraft  
    [folder]  Demonology #6: Psychological Demonization.  
    [folder]  Demonology #7: Inner Healing.  
    [folder]  Demonology: Table of Contents - Books from Fuller Library.  
    [folder]  Demonology: Miscellaneous.  
    [folder]  Demonology: Hand-written Notes - JW  
    [folder]  Demonology #10: Spiritual Warfare Summary.  
    [folder]  TBN: Demonization.  
    [folder]  Demonology: Bibliography.  
    [folder]  Demonology: Course Contents.  
    Hand-written notes  
    [folder]  Demonology #1: Introduction / Overview - Satan in the OT, Part 1.  
    [folder]  Demonology #2:  Satan in the OT, Part 2.  Demons.  Satan in the  
      Inter-testament Period.  
    [folder]  Demonology #3: Satan in the NT, Kingdom of God.  
    [folder]  Demonology - Session #8  
    [folder]  Demonology #9:  Spiritual Warfare.  
    [binder]  Pro-Life: Articles 1990.  
    Christianity Today.  
      February 5, 1990.  
      April 29, 1991.  
    Stoneleigh '95 Report.  
    Frontline International.  
      May/June 1994.  
      September 1995.  
      June 1986.