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  Box 16 [folder]  Prayer and Temperament Writings.  
      "Prayer and Temperament: Different Prayer Forms for Different  
      Personality Types."  Chester P. Michael and Marie C. Norrisey.  1984.  
    [office folder]  Pain.  
      [folder]  Pain.  
      Memorandum from Bill Henderson to Bill Burns regarding  
      Aspirin / Attitude toward pain.  June 22, 1995.  
    [office folder]  Pastoral Care.  
      "The Power of the Spirit in Pastoral Care."  John Wimber.   
      Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.  Wednesday, July 17, 1991.  
      "Pastoral Abuse."  
      "Perspective on Pastoral Counseling."   
      "New Testament Models for Pastoral Care."  Todd Hunter.   
      VCF - Anaheim.  Pastoral Training Day.  January 31, 1989.  
      Theology of Pastoral Care: PM501X.  Dr. Peter A. Hintzoglou.   
      Selected Bibliography.  
      "The Biblical Basis for Pastoral Ministry."   
    [office folder]  Peace.  
      "Peace-keeping at All Costs?"  John Noble.  Compass.  Vol. 2,  
      No. 3.  p. 6-7.  
    [office folder]  Pentecostals.  
      "Pentecostalism and the Future of Christianity."  Harvey Cox.   
      Tikkun.  Vol. 9, No. 6.  p. 43-45.  [to John Wimber from Josh Horner, S.F. Vineyard.]  
      "Global Statistics of the Pentecostal/Charismatic Renewal."  David  
      B. Barrett.  Ministries Today.  1991 Church Resource Directory.   
      Memorandum to the North American Renewal Service Steering  
      Committee from Vinson Synan, Chairman, regarding January meeting.  October 23, 1987.   
      "America's Pentecostals: Who They Are, What They Believe, and  
      Where Are They Going."  Grant Wacker, Charles Farah, Harold B. Smith. -and- "Jim Bakker Made Me Do It."  Philip Yancey.  Christianity Today.  Vol. 31, No. 15.  October 16, 1987.  p. 16-30 -and- p. 64.  
    [office folder]  Persecution.  
      [folder]  Persecution.  
      "A Call To Endure Persecution."  John Wimber.  Facing the  
      '90s - A Prophetic Word For the Church Today.  1990.  
    [office folder]  Personality.  
      [folder]  20 Factors.  
      Personality - Its 20 Factors and How You can Develop Them.  
    [office folder]  Phenomena.  
      "Physical and Spiritual Phenomena."  Chapter 5.  [author and title  
      not given].  
    [office folder]  Phenomena - Spiritual.  
      Excerpt from a letter by John Wimber regarding phenomena.  
      "Encounter in Christian Witness."  Charles H. Kraft.  School of  
      World Mission, Fuller Theological Seminary.  January 1991.  
      [exerpt]  "Revivals in Ireland."  part II.  John Snow.  London.   
      1859.  p. 63.  
      [folder]  Quaker Phenomena.  
      The Shaking of the Church (The Quaking People).  John  
      Wimber.  January 30, 1994.  
      "Incidents Concerning the Society of Friends."  Barney Shaffer.  
      p 32-35.  
      [folder]  Shaking, etc. Testimonies.  
      Letter from Audun to John Wimber.  
    [office folder]  Planned Parenthood.  
      [folder]  Planned Parenthood.  
      "How Planned Parenthood Duped America."  Focus on the  
      Family Citizen.  Vol. 6, No. 1.  January 20, 1992.  
    [office folder]  Planning.  
      [folder]  Plans for '78.  
      [folder]  JRW Notes.  
      [folder]  Planning (copies).  
      [folder]  Long-range Planning & Double in a Decade.  
    [office folder]  Miracles.  
      "Miracles: Do They Really Happen?"  Nick Cavnar.  
      "Demonstration of the Spirit and of Power."   
      "Her Hunch-back Disappeared."  Revival Report.  Vol. 10, No. 8.   
      September 1980.  
      "Where Growth Flows from Prayer Mountain."  C. Peter Wagner.   
      Global Church Growth Bulletin.  August/September 1981.  
      "Healing Has Become Our Normal Experience."  Gary and Barbara  
      Morgan.  "There Was No Pain In My Legs."  Dom DeSa.  "God's Healing Came in Ways We Did Not Expect."  Jim and Rosemary Kaelin.  New Covenant.  October 1979.   
      "The Purpose of Miracles."  Dr. Colin Brown.  
      "The Mysterious Morton Smith and His Mess of Magic."  David  
      [syllabus]  Miracles.  Fuller Theological Seminary.  TH562.  Dr. Colin  
      Brown.  Summer School 1981.  
      "Miracles" [outline]  
      "It's Truly a Miracle."  David Snelling.  October 23, 1987.  
      "The Question of Miracles."  Charles H. Kraft.  Fuller Seminary,  
      School of Mission.   
      [correspondence]  Paul Gismondi of Darton Longman & Todd Ltd.  
      to John Wimber regarding proof copy of "Healing Miracles" by Dr. Rex Gardner.  October 8, 1986.  
      Index.  [?]  
      Book about miracles.  [no title, no author]  
    [office folder]  Missions.  
      Twenty-first Century Missions.  Bob Fulton.  
      Missionary Training.  [checklist]  
      Vineyard Missions.  
      Mission Wheel.  
      Association of Vineyard Churches International.  Purpose Statement.  
      Twenty-first Century Mission.  
      Crisis in Missions Today  
      [folder]  Missions  
      [correspondence]  John Wimber to Roy and Linda McLeod  
      regarding Cambodia.  May 15, 1992.  
      AVC Missions [flowchart].  
      [correspondence]  Rick Tansey, Regional Director of Latin  
      America Mission, to Bob Fulton.  September 19, 1991.  
      Memo from John Wimber to Carl, Bill, and John S. regarding  
      attached letter from Bob Fulton.  November 13, 1991.  
      [correspondence]  Mike Hudgins to John Wimber regarding  
      Cambodia.  June 12, 1991.  
      The qualifications are as follows:  
      AVC Report December 1991.  
      Memorandum from Bob Fulton to Bill Henderson regarding  
      ETS article.  March 20, 1992.  
      Letter to the Association of Vineyard Churches from the Task  
      Force on World Missions.  August 1991.  
      Establishing a Missions Program.  
      Following Christ into His Harvest.  John Wimber.  
      "The New Breed of Missionary."  David DeVoss.  Los Angeles  
      Times Magazine.  January 25, 1987.  p. 14-35.  
      [correspondence]  John Wimber to Chris R. De Wet regarding larger  
      world mission commitment.  August 20, 1986.   
      "Here We Are, Lord.  Send Us Home!"  Rusty Rustenbach.   
      Discipleship Journal.  Issue 38.  1987.  p. 8-10.  
      "Signs and Wonders and Church Growth with a Missions  
      Perspective."  Believers Bible College.  MCG 101.  Syllabus, Fall Quarter 1987.  Lee Oxford.  
      "Taming the Amazon."  Cheryl Smith.  Christian Mission  
      March/April 1989.  p. 7-9.  
      Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Anaheim World Mission Statement  
      Quarterly Report from the Philippines.  ICM Ministries.  Asia.   
      Winter 1993.   
      Missions Link.  Vol. 6, No. 2.  April/May 1993.  
      Letter from Jim Millard of Sunrise International Ministries.   
      November/December 1992.  
      Send!  Vol. 13, No. 2.  March/April 1993.  
    [office folder]  Ministry.  
      "The Urgency of the Equipping Ministry."  Paul Benjamin.   
      Christianity Today.  [n.d.]  
      "The Growing Congregation."  Paul Benjamin.  Chapter 3.  p. 24-32.  
      Ministering in Small Prayer Teams: Session One.  
      "Releasing Ministry."  Sam Thompson.  Southern California Regional  
      Pastors' Conference.  June 4-5, 1985.  
      "The Challenge and Opportunity of Student Ministry.  Rob Yule.   
      Equipping the Saints Conference.  Christchurch, New Zealand.  April 13-16, 1994.  
      Contemporary Strategies: The Challenge and Opportunity of  
      Student Ministry.   
      [folder]  Ministry.  
      "Myths of 'The Ministry.'"  Clay Sterrett.  
      [folder]  Philosophy of the Ministry Diagram - Transparency.  
    [office folder]  Leadership.  
      Leadership Collection.  Todd Hunter.  Copy 2.  
      Leadership Collection.  Todd Hunter.  Copy 3.  
    [office folder]  Hearing God.  
      [folder]  Hearing God.  
      Holiness and Discernment.  John Wimber.  Hearing God  
      Seminar.  August 22-23, 1995.   
      Hearing God's Word.  John Wimber.  Hearing God Seminar.  
      August 22-23, 1995.   
      Understanding God's Voice.  Carl Tuttle.  Hearing God Seminar.  
      August 22-23, 1995.   
      Hearing God's Word.  Conference Notes.  John Wimber.   
      Switzerland '91 - Steps to Revival.  
      Help for the Hard of Hearing: Alternate Means of Listening to  
      God. [not JRW]  
      What's Required for a Secret Life with God.  Talk #8.   
      Hearing God.  TBN '90s #8.  July 27, 1989.  
    [office folder]  "Hedge."  
    [office folder]  Hell.  
      [folder]  Hell.  
      "Hell in the 1990s."  David Pawson.  Idea.  June/August 1992.   
      p. 13-14.  
      [Sermon]  What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?  November  
      29, 1992.  
      "Why Preach on Hell?"  David Pawson.  [2 copies]  
    [office folder]  Holiness.  
      [folder]  Holiness - The Way of...  
      [folder]  Holiness - Freed to Be...  
      [folder]  Holiness - Perfection  
      [folder]  Holiness - Evangelism  
      [folder]  Holiness - Power  
      [folder]  Holiness - Grace/Faith  
      [folder]  Holiness - Discernment  
      [folder]  Holiness - Perfection  
      [folder]  Holiness - Call To...  
      [folder]  Holiness - How to Get Holy.  
      [folder]  Holiness - Pure Hearts.  
      Personal Holiness: Session 1.  Holiness Unto the Lord.  John White.  
      "Get Ready!"  John Wimber.  
      "Holiness and Suffering."  Warsaw, Poland.  September 9-13, 1991.  
    [office folder]  Holiness.  
      Holiness and Discernment.  John Wimber.  Hearing God Seminar.   
      August 22-23, 1995.  
      "Holiness."  Andrew Murray.  
      "Heart Holiness."  Thomas Cook.  
      Repentance: The Doorway to Holiness.  John White.  December 8,  
      "Rejecting Holiness."  Ralph C. Martin.  December 8, 1989.  
      "Studies in the Sermon on the Mount."  D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.   
      Chapter 30.  p. 310-320.  
      "Outlines of Theology."  A.A. Hodge.  Chapter 35.  p. 520-541.  
      "Holiness Unto the Lord."  Bert Waggoner.  Fellowship: Church in  
      the City.  Vol. III, No. 3.  March 1990.  

  Box 17 [binder]  Church Growth I.  Fuller Theological Seminary.  February 1979.  
    [binder]  Evidence.  Josh McDowell.  miscellaneous Mike Warnke.  
    Revival Fire.  [case of cassettes]  
    [binder]  Communion in Marriage: Commitment, Growth, Renewal.  Sam  
      Thompson notes and tapes.  Carol Wimber.  
    [binder]  Communion in Marriage: Commitment, Growth, Renewal.  Sam  
      Thompson notes and tapes.  John Wimber.  
  Box 18 [folder]  Church Growth Leadership and The Kingdom of God in the  
      '90s.  John White and Don Williams.  [2 copies]  
    [folder]  The Kingdom of God.  John Wimber.  
    [binder]  Way of Life: Evangelism and Discipleship Training Introductory  
      Course.  Volume 1 of 2.   
    [binder]  Way of Life: Evangelism and Discipleship Training Introductory  
      Course.  Volume 2 of 2.   
    [binder]  Lausanne Consultation on the Homogeneous Unit Principle.  
    [binder]  Church Growth II.  Fuller Theological Seminary.  July 1990.  
    [binder]  Counseling Manual.  Calvary Chapel.  Placentia - Yorba Linda.   
    Pastoral Renewal.  Volume 9.  July 1984 - June 1985.  
    [binder]  Vineyard Anaheim Survey.  
  Box 19 [binder]  Church Planting: God's Heart for Expansion.  John Wimber and  
      Bob Fulton.  
    [binder]  Calvary 5 Year Plan.  
    [binder]  High Intensity Seminar: Overheads.  C.P. Wagner.  2 of 2.  
    [binder]  Church Planning: The 1st Five Years.  John Wimber.  
    [binder]  Theology of Church Growth.  Fuller Theological Seminary.   
      EV711.  Van Engen and Gibbs.  
    [binder]  Spiritual Issues in Church Growth.  Fuller Theological Seminary.   
      EV712.  C.P. Wagner and others.  July 20-31, 1992.  
    [binder]  Your Church Can Grow... Training Manual.  Fuller Evangelical  
      Association of Church Growth.  John Wimber's Trainers Manual.  
  Box 20 Videocassette.  [unmarked].  
    [office folder]  Healing.  
      Signs and Wonders and Church Growth.  Workshop.  Spiritual  
      Warfare and Healing.  John McClure.  
      Power Healing.  John Wimber.  Poland 1993.  
      The Healing Ministry of Jesus.   
      The Healing Ministry of Others.  
      Healing in the New Testament.  
      Not Everyone is Healed.  John Wimber.  At Franciscan University  
      of Steubenville.  June 1995.  
      Healing Issues: Life-Death.  
      Arguments Against Healing: Session I.  Jack Deere.  Large Ministry  
      Team Training.  January 1989.  
      Faith & the Act of Healing.  John Wimber.  Fuller Theological  
      Seminary.  December 1991.  
      [folder]  Healing - Miscellaneous.  
      Healing.  [3 copies]  
      [folder]  Miracles & Healing - Deere.  
      Miracles & Healing.  Jack Deere.  The Supernatural in the Church Today.  March 1991.  
      [folder]  Healing - '90s.  [empty]  
      [folder]  Healing - Five Steps.  
      Five Steps in the Healing Procedure.  
      [folder]  Healing - Problem Texts.  
      Problem Teachings and Problem Texts.  
      [folder]  Healing - New Testament.  [empty]  
    [office folder]  Guidance.  
      [folder]  Guidance.  
      Holiness and Discernment.  John Wimber.  Hearing God Seminar.   
      August 22-23, 1995.  
      Guidance.  John Wimber.  
      [folder]  Sermon: Intro to Guidance, the Bible and Guidance.  
      Hearing the Voice of God: Syllabus.  Dale Temple.   
      Book review.  "Guidance."  Oliver Barclay.  
      Book review.  "This is the Way."  Donald Gee.  
      Book review.  "Divine Guidance: A Pastor's Perspective."  Milton  
      Blaine Smith.  
      Book review.  "How to Know God's Will."  Charles Shepson.  
      [folder]  Sermon 2: Guidance - Dreams.  
      [correspondence]  Kathryn Lindskoog to John Wimber.  August  
      25, 1987.  
      "God, Dreams, and Revelation."  Morton Kelsey.  p. 17-101.  
      "God, Dreams, and Revelation."  Morton Kelsey.  p. 165-189.  
      "God, Dreams, and Revelation."  Morton Kelsey.  p. 4-7.  
      [folder]  Sermon 3: Guidance, Biblical Models, Visions.  
      Guidance - Visions.  
      [folder]  Sermon 4: Guidance, Angelic Appearances.  
      Guidance - Angels.  
      [folder]  Sermon 5: Guidance - Prophets as Seers.  
    [office folder]   
      [folder]  Sermon 6: Guidance - Prophets as Spokesmen.  
      Guidance - Prophets as God's Spokesmen.  
      "Prophecy in Early Christianity and the Ancient Mediterranean  
      World."  David E. Aune.  p. 81-231.  
      [folder]  Sermon 7: Guidance - The Inner Voice of God.  
      Sermon - The Inner Voice of God.  
      [folder]  Sermon 8: Guidance - The Wisdom & Judgment of Man.  
      Sermon - Man's Wisdom & Judgment.  
      [folder]  Sermon 9: Guidance - The Counsel of Men.  
      Sermon - Counsel of Men.  
      [folder]  Sermon 10: Guidance - Summary: The Importance of  
      Sermon - Summary/Guidance Principles.  
    [office folder]  Fellowship.  
      "A New Look at Church Growth."  Floyd G. Bartel.  p. 38-51.  
      "Growth Through Groups."  W. Clemmons and H. Hester.  p. 102-  
      "People on the Grow."  D.P. Foemmel.  p. 86-178.  
      "New Life From Inside."  David Watson.  Renewal  
      August/September 1974.  p. 10-17.  
      Pastoral Renewal.  Vol. 3, No. 7.  January 1979.  
      "Early Christian Hospitality: A Factor in the Gospel Transmission."   
      Donald Wayne Riddle.  Journal of Biblical Literature.  Vol. 57, No. 2.  p. 141-154.  [2 copies]  
      "Hospitality Begins at Home."  Jeanne Holland.  FOCUS.  Spring  
      "The Neglected Gift of Hospitality."  Neta Jackson.  New Covenant  
      October 1981.  
      "Unity."  Rev. William Bliese.  Lutheran Charismatic Renewal  
      Vol. 6, No. 3.  March 1980.  
      Pastoral Renewal.  Vol. 3, No. 2.  August 1978.   
      Pastoral Renewal.  Vol. 2, No. 1.  July 1977.   
      Pastoral Renewal.  Vol. 3, No. 3.  September 1978.   
      Pastoral Renewal.  Vol. 6, No. 7.  August 1982.   
      "Small Groups: A Select and Annotated Bibliography."  Gordon M.  
      Klenck.  Research project.  Fuller Theological Seminary.  
    [office folder]  Fasting.  
      [correspondence]  Dallas Willard to John Wimber regarding fasting.   
      September 22, 1987.   
      The Kingdom Fast: Main Outline.  
      [The Kingdom Fast.]  Chapter One. "Failing at Fasting."  
      [The Kingdom Fast.]  Chapter Two: Outline.  "Historical Overview."  
      The Kingdom Fast.  Chapter Three.  "Why Fast?  The Classic  
      Christian Approach."  
      The Kingdom Fast.  Chapter Four.  "A Fresh Approach."  
      The Kingdom Fast.  Chapter Five.  "Fasting Redefined."  
      The Kingdom Fast.  Chapter Six.  "Jesus and the New Fast."  
      The Kingdom Fast.  Chapter Seven.  "Jesus Talks About Fasting."  
      The Kingdom Fast.  Chapter Eight.  "After Jesus - New Testament  
      The Kingdom Fast.  Chapter Nine.  "You and the New Fast."  
      The Kingdom Fast.  Chapter Eleven.  "Preparing for the Kingdom  
      The Kingdom Fast.  Chapter Twelve.  "The Call to the Kingdom  
    [office folder]  Fatherhood.  
      Fathering.  Father's Day 1997.  Columbus VCF.  
      [pamphlet]  "The Father Heart of God."  John Dawson.  
      A Call to Fatherhood.  John Wimber.  
      [folder]  Fatherhood.  [empty]  
      [folder]  Fatherhood - Father Heart.  
      Talking from a Father's Heart.  John Wimber.  Baltimore #3.  
      [2 copies]  
    [office folder]  Fear of the Lord.  
      [correspondence]  From James [?] to John Wimber.  
    [office folder]  Faith.  
      Faith Through Difficult Circumstances.  John Wimber.  
      The Ecstasy and Agony of Faith.  John McClure.  
      Faith is a State of Mind.  John Wimber.  
    [office folder]  Faithfulness.  
      Faithfulness During Trials.  John Wimber.  
      Living in Uncertainty.  
      [correspondence]  From Peter Davids to John Wimber.  
      [folder]  Faithfulness.  [empty]  
    [office folder]  Evangelism.  
      Growing in the Spiritual Life I.  Richard Foster.  Evangelism in the  
      Power of the Spirit: Spiritual Maturity.  
      Evangelism Today.  John Wimber.  August 21, 1996.  
      Power Evangelism.  Expanding the Hingdon Conference.  January  
      21, 1997.  [2 copies]  
      Inroads to the Heart.  John Wimber.  Personal Evangelism.   
      Evangelism Training Center.  December 8-9, 1995.  
      10 Questions on Evangelism.  Jim Fredericks.  August 26, 1995.  
    [office folder]  Eschatology.  
      [correspondence]  From Judith Pool to Hal Lindsey, Cliff Ford,  
      James Robinson, (cc. John Wimber) regarding corrections to a paper.  August 26, 1993.  
      [correspondence]  Cornelius Buhler to John Wimber.  February 20,  
      [correspondence]  From John Noe to John Wimber soliciting comment  
      for Noe's book The Apocalypse Conspiracy: Why the World May Not End as Soon as You Think and What You Should Be Doing in the Meantime.  January 29, 1992.  
      "Jesus At the Doors.  W.R. Turner  
      [folder]  Eschatology - Pre-Trib/Post-Trib.  
      "Is a Post-Tribulational Rapture Revealed in Matthew 24?"  John  
      F. Walvoord.  Grace Theological Journal.  Vol. 6, No. 2.  1985.  p. 257-266.  
      "Post-Tribulationism Today: Part I"  John F. Walvoord.   
      Bibliotheca Sacra.  January - March 1975.  
      "Post-Tribulationism Today: Part II"  John F. Walvoord.   
      Bibliotheca Sacra.  April 1975.  
      "Post-Tribulationism Today: Part III"  John F. Walvoord.   
      Bibliotheca Sacra.  July 1975.  
      "Post-Tribulationism Today: Part IV"  John F. Walvoord.   
      Bibliotheca Sacra.  October 1975.  
      "Post-Tribulationism Today: Part V"  John F. Walvoord.   
      Bibliotheca Sacra.  January 1976.  
      "Post-Tribulationism Today: Part VI"  John F. Walvoord.   
      Bibliotheca Sacra.  April 1976.  
      "Post-Tribulationism Today: Part VII"  John F. Walvoord.   
      Bibliotheca Sacra.  July - September 1976.  
      "Post-Tribulationism Today: Part VIII"  John F. Walvoord.   
      Bibliotheca Sacra.  October - December 1976.  
      "Post-Tribulationism Today: Part IX"  John F. Walvoord.   
      Bibliotheca Sacra.  January - March 1977.  
      "Post-Tribulationism Today: Part X"  John F. Walvoord.   
      Bibliotheca Sacra.  April - June 1977.  
      "Post-Tribulationism Today: Part XI"  John F. Walvoord.   
      Bibliotheca Sacra.  July - September 1977.  
      "Post-Tribulationism Today: Part XII"  John F. Walvoord.   
      Bibliotheca Sacra.  October - December 1977.  
      "Post-Tribulationism Today: Part XIII"  John F. Walvoord.   
      Bibliotheca Sacra.  January - March 1978.  
      [folder]  Eschatology - General Articles.  
      Lamplighter.  Vol. XVIII, No. 2.  February, 1997.   
      [correspondence]  Keith Walters to John Wimber.  
      "The Kingdom Gospel Messenger."  Vol. 8, No. 1.  January,  
      "Hermeneutics or Zeitgeist as the Determining Factor in the  
      History of Eschatologies.  Stanley N. Gundry.  Journal of Evangelical Theological Society.  March 1977.  
      "How Does the Church's View of Millenialism Affect Missions?"   
      Christianity Today.  May 18, 1984.  
      "Eschatology in the Gospel of Mark."  G.R. Beasley-Murray.   
      Southwestern Journal of Theology.  Fall 1978.  
      "Some Observations on Political Origins of Israel's Eschatology."   
      The Reformed Theological Review.  Vol. 36, No. 2.  May - August, 1977.  
      "Last Things Last."  Sojourners.  June - July, 1984.  
      "The Mission of the Church in Light of the Kingdom of God."  C.  
      Rene Padilla.  Transformation.  April - June, 1984.  
      "Post-millenialism Revisited."  G. Aiken Taylor.  The Presbyterian  
      Journal.  September 6, 1978.  
      "Bringing Down the Final Curtain."  Tom Sine.  Sojourners.  June -  
      July, 1981.   
      "The Eschatologies of the Peace Movement."  Robert W. Wall.   
      Biblical Theology Bulletin.  January, 1985.  
    [office folder]  Evangelicals.  
      How to Lead someone to Christ.  John Wimber.  
      Telling Your Story, Telling His Story.  John Wimber.   
      Evangelism and the Social Web.  John Wimber.  
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      [folder]  Signless and Wonderless Evangelism.  
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    [office folder]  Discipleship.  
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      Introduction to Discipleship.  John Wimber.  
      Characteristics of a Disciple in the Gospels.  
      Nine Critical Issues in Discipleship.  
      Discipleship Scriptures.  
      Characteristics of a Disciple in the Gospels.  Fredericks.   
      December 7, 1994.  
      [overhead]  Paul's Blueprint for Church Planting.  
      [overhead]  Discipleship - More Characteristics.  
      [overhead]  Discipleship: How Did Paul Disciple?  
      [overhead]  Discipleship - Some Pitfalls.  
      [overhead]  Discipleship.  
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      [folder]  Characteristics of a Disciple.  
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      Characteristics of a Disciple in the Gospels.  Jim Fredericks.   
      December 7, 1994.  [rough draft]  
      Nine Critical Issues Discipleship.  
      Men Ministering Into the 21st Century - Seven Critical Issues.  Jim  
      Teaching Notes: Recruit, Train, Deploy, Monitor Nurture: The  
      Example of Jesus.  John Wimber