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Box 1: [conference binder] HOLINESS unto the Lord
        Ottawa, Canada; Sept. 30 - Oct. 3, 1991
        Sydney, Australia; Oct 22 - 25, 1991
        Wellington, New Zealand; Oct. 29 - Nov. 1, 1991
  [binder] Victorious Church / Facing the '90s at Wales & Edinburgh
  [folder] Articles about John Wimber, International (About JRW) 2 of 2
        "John Wimber and the Vineyard Ministries" by F.V. Scott.  [n.d.]
        "Pentecostalism goes middle class" The Times Monday 15, 1985
        "Who is John Wimber?" by Dot Mitchell
        "Of Wimber & Wonders" Grant Wacker The Reformed Journal
    Volume 37, Issue 4  April 1987
        "Signs and Wonders in New Orleans."  by Julia Duin. Christianity
    Today.  Nov. 21, 1986.
        "Revival - Why It Really Tarries" Chris Brain and Robert Warren
    Renewal March 1991 (UK)
        "Hodder Fodder" [book review] Christian Herald Nov. 1988
        "Wimber Defends Revival Prophecy"
        "John Wimber When Cancer Strikes the Healer" Christianity
    Nov. 1996
        "Signs and Wonders" The Covenant Companion.  Paul E. Larsen
    Oct. 1987.
        "An Evangelical Pastor Discovers the Healing Ministry: An Interview
    with John Wimber" [p. 97, 108-110] and "Signs, Wonders, and Wimber." [98, 110]  From the Editor.  Pastoral Renewal.  Feb. 1985, Vol. 9, No. 7
        "John Wimber Founder of the Vineyard Movement Dies" Kairos
    Vol. 1, No. 28, Nov. 1997.
        "'Wimber on Healing' by Henry Dixon."  Paper by Peter Davids
    [review of a review] [4 pages]
        "Let God Be God" John Wimber Conference '88 Equipping the
        "Ian, here is a sample of some of the comments that have come in -
    these 3 issues particularly came up a lot.
    Lynette, I have replied to each of these people."  [4 letters]
        "A Report on John Wimber's Power Healing Conference in
    Melbourne From Geoff Holland, Editor of the Victorian Baptist Witness Newspaper."    Geoff Holland.  [n.d.] [8 pages]
        [correspondence] John Lindell & Associates Northwood
    Distributing  to John Wimber.  [n.d.]
        "Praise Without Reservation" Renewal.  Jan. 1993
        "Tasting the Vineyard's New Wine: A Tough, But Gentle Assessment
    of 'Signs and Wonders.'"  Dr. Philip Collins.  April 1987.
  [binder]  What the Holy Spirit is Saying to the Church (at Perth, 1990)
         - And -- TBN God's Call for the '90s.
  "Healing: Models and Methodology" Vol. 4.  Pastor John Wimber,
        Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Seminar Series.  Vineyard Christian Fellowship.
  [binder]  Church Growth w/: - Victorious Church, - Facing the '90s w/
        overheads (in color).
  [binder]  What the Holy Spirit is Saying.../ Facing the '90s / Church in the '
        90s Syllabus
  [folder]  Contracts, various Wimber books.
  Signs and Wonders and Church Growth."  John Wimber.  Vineyard
        Ministries International  Placentia, CA U.S.A.  1984.
  Equipping the Saints
    Volume  1, Number 2, March/April 1987 [2 copies]
    Volume  1, Number 3, May/June 1987 [2 copies]
    Volume  1, Number 4, July/August 1987 [2 copies]
    Volume  1, Number 5, September/October 1987 [2 copies]
    Volume  2, Number 1, Winter 1988 [2 copies]
    Volume  2, Number 3, Summer 1988 [2 copies]
    Volume  2, Number 4, Fall 1988 [1 copy]
    Volume  3, Number 1, Winter 1989 [1 copy]
Volume  3, Number 4, Fall 1989 [1 copy]
Volume  4, Number 3, Summer 1990 [2 copies]
Volume  4, Number 4, Fall 1990 [1 copy]
Volume  5, Number 1, Winter 1991 [2 copies]
Volume  5, Number 2, Spring 1991 [3 copies]
    Volume  5, Number 3, Summer 1991 [2 copies]
Volume  6, Number 1, Winter 1992 [3 copies]
Volume  6, Number 2, Spring 1992 [1 copy]
Volume  6, Number 3, Summer 1992 [1 copy]
Volume  6, Number 4, Fall 1992 [1 copy]
Volume  7, Number 2, Spring 1993 [1 copy]
    Volume  7, Number 3, Summer 1993 [1 copy]
Volume  7, Number 4, Fall 1993 [2 copies]
First Quarter 1994 [2 copies]
Second Quarter 1994 [1 copy]
Fall 1994 [1 copy]
Volume  8, Number 1, Winter 1994 [2 copies]
    Fourth Quarter 1994 [1 copy]
First Quarter 1995 [1 copy]
Second Quarter 1995 [1 copy]
Third Quarter 1995[1 copy]
Second Quarter 1996 [1 copy]
Third Quarter 1996 [1 copy]
  Equipping the Saints  "Kinships" by John Wimber and Sam Thompson
  nfimagazine / The New Frontiers International Magazine
    Issue No. 1, Winter 1998
  Renewing Australia June 1987, Number 6 "John Wimber Edition"
  Frontline International March/April 1993
  On Being February 1988
  On Being February 1989
  First Fruits Vineyard Ministries International  Sept.-Dec. 1986
Box 2: [box of cereal, joke]  Kellogg's Vineyard Grapenuts.
  New Vision for Today's Christian Vol. XII, No. 5, John Wimber
    "Discovering New Power for Evangelism" p. 3-6.
  SA Vernuwing SA Renewal Vol. 9, No. 1, John Wimber
    "Jesus and the Kingdom of God" p. 10-14.
  SA Vernuwing SA Renewal Vol. 9, No. 6, Nov./Dec. 1986, John
    Wimber.  "Push Forward the Kingdom" p. 8-9
  SA Renewal SA Vernuwing Vol. 10, No. 1, Jan./Feb. 1987, John
    Wimber.  "Faith and Deeds: A Match Made in Heaven" p. 6-8.
  SA Renewal, Nov./Dec. 1986, stapled to First Fruits, July 1985 "Push
    Forward the Kingdom"
  Hechos Volumen 11, Numero 6, Septembre/Octobre 1987, "Despegue
    Hasta Los Tres Mil En Cinco Anos" por John Wimber, p. 2-5; 18-23.
  Hechos Volumen 11, Numero 7, Noviembre/Diciembre 1987, "El
    Siguiente Paso" p. 18-21.
  Equipped/eQ. Volume 1, Issue 1
  Equipped/eQ. Volume 1, Issue 2.  October 1998.
  VOV / Voice of the Vineyard.  Winter 1998.
  "Reflections on the Ministry of John Wimber and His Team in New
    Zealand August 1986; a discussion paper."  Humphrey Babbage, General Secretary.
  Eternity.  July/August 1987, Vol. 38, No. 7/8.  "Powerfully Misleading,"
    commentary by Walt Chanty
  "Let the River Flow."  [conference] Syllabus and General Information.
    1996.  Vineyard Ministries International.
  The Reformed Journal.  Vol. 37, No. 6,  June 1987.  "Rallying Around
    Wimber" on cover, "Wimber and Wacker" inside.
  Reaching a New Generation; Strategies for Tomorrow's Church.  Alan
    J. Roxburgh.  InterVarsity Press, "The Vineyard Movement," p. 117-121.
  Aufatmen. Nr. 1/97.  "Zeichen, Wunder & Krebs."  Von John Wimber,
    p. 50-52.
  Gemeinde-Wachstum.  Heft 3/1987, p. 20.
  C-Magazin.  No. 1, 30 September 1987.  John Wimber. 
    "Beeindruckende Ehrlichkeit." p. 36.
  Worship Together.  Issue 10, 4th Quarter, 1994.  "The Musician in
    Revival" [interview with John Wimber by Stuart Townsend]
  Health & Healing.  Easter May 6, 1987.  No. 15.  "Healing is
    Wholeness; Impact of John Wimber."
  Hlutverk.  5 Arg. mai 1987.  "Bodun i Krafti Heilags anda." p. 3-
  Goodnews.  No. 115, Jan./Feb. 1995.  "Revival and the 'Toronto'
    Blessing." p. 11-14.
  Renewing Australia.  Dec. 1987, No. 8.  "John Wimber Down Under; I
    Just Loved It."  p. 4-7.
  Forward Edge Magazine.  Mar./Apr. 1986.  "An Interview With John
    Wimber."  p. 3-7.
  New Creation.  Vol. 3, No. 9.  "John Wimber's Healing Message."
    p. 19-20
  On Being.  March 1987.  "Miracles."  p. 10-12
  On Being.  May 1989.  "Provoking Faith" [interview].  "John Wimber
    Talks About Repentance, New Age Healing, and Waiting for God's Promises to Come True."
  Doing the Stuff / DTS.  Vineyard catalog.
  Spirit Life.  No. 10, April 1989.
  [article] Eternity.  September 1987.  "Is He Misinformed?"  [letter to the
    editor] p. 62.
  [article] Renewal.  Issue 261, Feb. 1998.  "John Wimber Remembers"
    p. ?
  Healing Seminar Volume 1.  by John Wimber.  Vineyard Ministries
    International.  1985.
  Life Live.  NR. 1/98, Feb. 1998.  "A Tribute to John Wimber."
  Charisma & Christian Life. March 1996. "Sons of the Fathers"
      p. 44-48.
  Freedom in Christ; Setting the Captives Free; an Equipping
    Conference: Conference Handbook & Workshop Notes.  Jan. 24-27, 1995. Anaheim, California.
  Healing in the '90s; an Advanced Course.  with John Wimber.  p. 159
  Impetus.  Vol. 11, No. 5, Sept./Oct. 1988.  John Wimber.  "The Prayer
    That is Intimacy With God."  p. 11-12.
  Renewal.  No. 190, March 1992.  John Wimber. "Fallen Leaders in the
    Vineyard; How Should We Treat Them?"  p. 20-23.
  Jesus Lifestyle.  No. 10, Fourth Quarter 1989.  John Wimber.  "The True
    Call to the Church is to the Cross."  p. 9.
  Alpha.  August 1995.  John Wimber.  "For the Sake of the Lost." p. 4-7.
  Christianity.  November 1996.  John Wimber.  "When Cancer Strikes
    the Healer."  p. 38-40.
  Charisma.  Sept. 1985.  Springer, Kevin N.  "Applying the Gifts to
    Everyday Life."  p. 26-34.
  "Vineyard: Where Spiritual Gifts Blossom." p. 39.
  [folder, 3 publications]
        Aglow.  July/Aug. 1988.  John Wimber.  "Power Healing - It's for
    Today."  p. 6+.
        Christian Conquest.  July/Aug. 1987.  John Wimber with Kevin
    Springer.  "Power Healing."  p. 9-11.
        New Covenant News.  May/June 1988.  John Wimber.  "Why Must
    Christians Suffer?"  p. 2-4.
  [article]  Criswell Theological Review.   p. 463-467; [2 book reviews]
    Power Evangelism. by R. Alan Street.  -and-  Power Healing by Chad Owen Brand.
  [article drafts]  Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements.
    "John Wimber" and "Vineyard Christian Fellowship" by C. Peter Wagner.
  [article]  Catholic Gazette.  July 1984. [Book reviews] Power
    Evangelism, Power Healing by Joan Duckworth.
  [article] Christian Retailing.  Jan. 15, 1990.  "Today's Charismatics."
    p. 39.
  Alliance Life.  Vol. 124, No. 4, Feb. 15, 1989.  "Your Letters" [letter to
    the editor].  p. 27
  [Book review]  Journal of Christian Healing.  Vol. 10, No. 2, Fall
    1988.  "Healing - Sign of the Spirit's Power."  Power Healing.  Reviewed by Francis J. Sizer.  p. 46
  [Correspondence]  Aglow.  March 26, 1988.  Letter to John Wimber
    [request to review pre-published article].  Draft of article attached: "Power Healing - It's for Today."  11 leaves.
  [Correspondence and accompanying article] Steven Lawson, News editor. 
    Charisma Ministries, Strang Communications Company.  July 31, 1985 [letter to John regarding pre-published article].  [article]  "John Wimber Calls It Power Evangelism."  p. 35-38, 39
  [article] Equipping the Saints.  Spring 1991.  "Guided by the Spirit." by
    John Wimber.  p. 23-25.
  "Wimber: Man of Worship," by Clive Price; "Wimber on Worship," by
    John Wimber.  n.d., no publication information.
  Spiritual Gifts Seminar.  Vol. 1, by John Wimber, 1985
  Spiritual Gifts Seminar.  Vol. 2, by John Wimber, 1985
  Establishing the Kingdom of God.  with John Wimber.  Auckland, New
    Zealand.  Feb. 22-25, 1989.
  [Article] Renewal Magazine.  "Releasing the Oppressed: An Interview
    with John Wimber."  John Mills.  n.d.
  Why I Respond to Criticism.  John Wimber.  Vineyard Position Paper
    #1.  May 1992.
    "Discipling."  John Wimber.  June 27, 1994. [teaching outline]
  "Values of the Vineyard, Priorities of the Vineyard, Leadership Philosophy
      of the Vineyard"  John Wimber.  [n.d.]
  "Perspectives of the Vineyard, Who are We?  Where are We Going?" 
      [teaching outline with accompanying overheads and notes] Nov. 11, 1992
  Vineyard Reflections.  John Wimber's Leadership Letter April/May 1993.
  [outline draft] "Section 4, The Expression of God's Power: Spiritual Gifts."
  "Power Prayer, The Pursuit of an Intimate Relationship With God."  John
      Wimber, with Kevin Springer.  Dec. 3, 1986.  [book outline draft]
  [Article] Christianity Today.  Oct. 7, 1996.  "Signs, Wonders, Cancer." 
      p. 49-51.
  [Book outline draft] "The Life of a Leader." [1 page]; attached to "Select
      Bibliography on Spiritual Formation by Contemporary Authors."
  Vineyard Reflections.  John Wimber's Leadership Letter June/July 1993.
  [Notes] "The Vineyard Man / Mandate; Who are We / Where are We
      Going."  n.d.
  [folder]  "The Theology of Worship."  Worship: Program #1-13
      with accompanying overheads. [not complete]
  "John Richard Wimber, 25 February 1934 - 17 November 1997;"
      "John 'Equipper of the Saints.'" [3 copies].
  "Power Evangelism."  Lecture Notes.  Mercy Publishing.  1988
  [folder] [correspondence]  GLINT/Gospel Literature International
  [folder] [correspondence] various publishers: Regal, Servant Publications,
      Strang, Geistliche Gemeinde-Emeuerung in der Evangelischen Kirche.
  "John Wimber Responds to Phenomena."  [an excerpt taken from a letter
      by John Wimber].  n.d.  Attached to Board Report/Association of Vineyard Churches, Sept./Oct. 1994.  "Summary Report on the Current Renewal and the Phenomena Surrounding It."  [4 pages]
  nfimagazine.  The New Frontiers International Magazine.  Issue No. 1,
      Winter 1998.  [various articles about John Wimber]
  Pioneren.  Nr. 2 - Mars/April - 1983.  [Norwegian].
  New Vision for Today's Christian.  Vol. XII, No. 6.  "Signs and
      Wonders in Church Growth." by Chris de Wet.
  "Theological Foundation: The Kingdom of God"  SWCG.  [16 pages].
  "Session 2 - Kingdom of God"  from "Signless & Wonderless Evangelism"
      [outline and full-text] [n.d.].
  "The Kingdom of God and the Last Days"  Lecture Notes, p. 7-13.
      Mercy Publishing, 1988.
  "The Kingdom of God and the Last Days"  Lecture Notes, p. 25-34.
      "The Kingdom of God and Economics."  Mercy Publishing, 1988.
  Sermon 1.  Introduction to Guidance.  [5 pages] [n.d.]
  VOV/Voice of the Vineyard.  Winter 1998.  "A Tribute to John
      Wimber."  p. 15-21.
  Renewal.  No. 184, Sept. 1991.  "Revival Fire."  p. 26-29.
  Today Magazine.  Oct. 1984.  "Signs and Wonders" by David Hall.
      p. 19-21.
  Fullness.  May/June 1987.  "The Kingdom of God: Unceasing Prayer."
      John Wimber; accompanying letter from the editor of Fullness.
  First Fruits.  Vineyard Ministries International, July/August 1986.
  First Fruits.  Vineyard Ministries International, Sept./Dec. 1986.
  [Envelope of articles]
      "Many charismatics on the trash heap, says US pastor." by Graham
      Downe.  Canberra Times.  Nov. 12, 1987.
      Frontline.  April 1988.  "Why Must Christians Suffer?"  John
      Bone Injury is 'Healed By Prayer.'"  Wellington Evening Post.
      Nov. 24, 1987.
      "John Wimber, Founder of the Vineyard Movement Dies."  Kairos.
      Vol. 1, No. 28.  Nov. 1997.
      "Seaside Hosts 4,000 at Prayer"  Evening Argus.  Oct. 30, 1986.
      "Pentecostalism Goes Middle Class"  The Times.  April 15, 1985.
      "John Wimber."  Daily Telegraph.  Nov. 26, 1997.
      "John Wimber's 'Power Evangelism'"  New Life.  July 30, 1987.
      by Pastor Donald Prout.
      "Vineyard Fellowship Finds Groundswell of Followers"  Los
      Angeles Times.  Oct. 5, 1990.
      [correspondence] Emma Bicknell, Frontline International magazine,
      with Steve Zarit and Shari Richardson.  Nov. 16, 23, 1994.
      [correspondence] Charles Kraft with John Wimber.  Oct. 22, 1987,
      and Eric J. Daley.  Sept. 6, 1987.
      "John Wimber Team in 'Last Major Visit' Here This Autumn."
      CWN Series.  Aug. 15, 1986.
      "More Churches Forging Paths of Their Own."  Kenneth A. Briggs.
      The New York Times.  May 10, 1981.
      The Banner.  Vol. 1, No. 5, June/July 1989 "Leaders With a Limp." 
      John Wimber.
      "A Week With Wimber"  HTB in Focus, No. 41, Holy Trinity
      Brompton's Newspaper.  July 9, 1995.
      "Learning to Wait; It's an Art."  John Wimber.  Grape Press.
      Vol. 16, No. 1, Jan./Feb. 1987.
      [book review] Renewal News. Jan./Feb. 1988.  Power Healing
      Brick Bradford, Reviewer.
      "Everyday Miracles Urged By Wimber."  ?  National Christian
      Newspaper.  Vol. 45, Issue 44, Nov. 13, 19??
      [book review] "Other Signs and Wonders."  Power Evangelism
      [reviewed by] Herbert M. Carson, Evangelical Times, Oct. 1985.
      "Miracles: Visions Raise Issues of Faith, Fact."  Los Angeles Times.
      Aug. 7, 1983.
    Renewal Journal.  No.5 (1995:1) [2 copies]
    "Christian Living in the Home"  by Jay E. Adams, 1972. [personal
      copy of John Wimber].
    Study Guide, Power Healing.  John Wimber and Kevin Springer.
      Harper & Row.  1987.
    Healing Seminar.  Vol. 2.  JohnWimber.  1985.
    [empty cassette case, joke]  Power Fitness.  John Wimber.  New
      Vineyard Teaching Series.  [n.d.].
    First Fruits.  A monthly publication from Vineyard Ministries International.
      May 1984
      June 1984
      July 1984
      August 1984
      September 1984
      October 1984
      November 1984
      December 1984
      February 1985
      March 1985
      April 1985
      May/June 1985
      July 1985
      September/October 1985
      November/December 1985
      March/April 1986
  Christian Conquest.  July/August 1988.  [Charles Simpson Ministries]
      "How Then Can We Live?" by John Wimber.  p. 15-17
  [article]  Renewal.  No. 127, Dec. 1986.  "Power Healing and a Vision
      of God's Compassion." p. 9-12.  "A Time to Die."  p. 13.
  Frontline International.  March/April 1993.  "God Only Uses Adults...
      Not!"  John Wimber.
  [correspondence] Manna Ministries Trust, Rev. Douglas McBain to John
      Wimber.  Sept. 7, 1982.
  Life Live.  Feb. 1998.  "A Tribute to John Wimber." [German]
  Worship Songs of the Vineyard.  Words only.  Updated Sept. 1992.
      Anaheim, CA.  1991.
  Worship Songs of the Vineyard, Volume 3.  vocals, guitar & piano.
      Anaheim, CA.  1991.
  Old Fashioned Quaker Oats.  [a joke, John had them in his office.].
  Box 3 [article]  "An Appraisal of the Signs and Wonders Movement."  Ken L. 
      Sarles.  Bibliotheca sacra.  145.577.  Jan./Mar. 1988.  p. 57-82.
    [folder] [correspondence, miscellaneous]
      Letter to John Wimber from Pastor Comrasamy Amacy.
      "Celebration."  Lyrics to songs.
      [flyer]  Invisible Church.  Oct. 18, 1981.  [3 copies]
      [brochure]  RHEMA Ministries.  South Africa
      Maranatha Agency to the Wimbers.
      The Vineyard to Calvary Chapel, Yorbelinda.
      Teal Record Company Limited on behalf of Graham Williams.
      American Express Card statement:  John Wimber.
      Visa card slip:  John Wimber.
      Maranatha Agency: hotel payment.
      Letter to John and Carol Wimber from Rudi Frohling.
      Rowland Ward receipt.
      Visa card slip:  John Wimber.
      Letter to John Wimber from Graham Williams.
      Visa card slip:  John Wimber.
      New Mandeville Hotel bill.
      Kingsway press release
      Exchanged letters between Vineyard Ministries and Kingsway.
      Apr. 3, 1987 and May 1, 1987.
      Exchanged letters between Vineyard Ministries and Kingsway
      regarding songs.  Feb. 17, 1986 and March 4, 1986.
      Kingsway Publications Limited to John Wimber.  Feb. 19, 1986.
      Letter to Geoff Shearn of Kingsway.  Feb. 6, 1986.
      Letter: Geoff Shearn to John Wimber re Hodder & Stoughton
      copyrights.  Feb. 12, 1986.
      Letter: John Wimber to Christopher Catherwood re Leanne Payne.
      Mar. 10, 1988.
      Letter: Geoff Booker, Kingsway, to John Wimber.  Jan 26, 1987.
      Letter: Kingsway to John Wimber.  Artists update.  Dec. 11, 1987.
      Letter: Geoff Booker, Kingsway, to John Wimber.  May 15, 1987.
      Letters: Geoff Booker and John Wimber re interview transcript.
      Mar. 18, 1987.
      Letter: Geoff Booker, Kingsway, to John Wimber re 10th Birthday
      Celebrations in Blackpool.  Mar. 17, 1987.
      Letters: Geoff Booker and John Wimber re book by Terry Virgo.
      June 13, 1986 and July 7, 1986.
      Letter: John Wimber to Geaff Booker.  Rainbow Co. catalogue
      attached.  May 16, 1986.
      Letter: Tony Collins, Kingsway, to John Wimber re copy of THE
      HOT LINE by Peter Lawrence.  Sept. 20, 1990.
      Letter: Nigel Coltman, Kingsway, to John Wimber.  May 31, 1990.
      Fax: Nigel Coltman, Kingsway, to Steve Zarit, Vineyard Ministries.
      Nov. 11, 1988.
      Letter: Richard Herkes, Kingsway, to John Wimber re Leanne
      Payne's book.  Apr. 7, 1988.
      Letter: Tony Collins, Kingsway, to John Wimber re complimentary
      copy of Leanne Payne's book.  May 3, 1988.
      Kingsway, best sellers list. June 1987.
      Letters: Christopher Catherwood and John Wimber re book
      endorsement for Leanne Payne.
    [folder] First Ministry Trip Team.  South Africa 1981.
    [binder] Signs and Wonders and Church Growth.  Parts I & II. John
    [binder] Power Evangelism: Signs and Wonders and Church Growth.
      Part I.  John Wimber.  Prophecy Conference 1988.
    [book] "Heilung in der Kraft des Geistes"  John Wimber and Kevin
      Springer.  [German] [2 copies]
    [book] "Power Evangelism"  John Wimber and Kevin Springer. [Chinese]
    [book] "Vollmachtige Evangelisation"  John Wimber and Kevin Springer.
      [German] [2 copies]
    [book] "Who's Afraid of Postmodernism" James K. A. Smith.
    [book]  "Power Healing"  John Wimber and Kevin Springer.  [Chinese]
    [binder]  The Kingdom of God and the Last Days.  With John Wimber.
    [binder] Power Healing: Signs and Wonders and Church Growth. Part II.
      John Wimber.  Feb./Mar. 1989.
    [folder]  A Diary of the South African Mission October 1980.  Margie
      "Refreshing, Renewal, and Revival."  Vineyard Reflections
      July/August 1994.
      "Were We Healed at the Cross?"  John Wimber.  Charisma.
      May 1991.
      "The Divine Appointment."  John Wimber and Kevin Springer. 
      Charisma.  April 1986.
      Discipleship Journal.  Issue 91, Jan./Feb. 1996.
      [excerpt] "Power Evangelism: An Encounter of People by God."
      John Wimber.  First Fruits. p. 4
      [folder]  Church Growth.  [overheads].
      Biographical chart of John Wimber.
      "The Church that Jesus is Praying For."
      "Signs and Wonders" by David Hall.  Today.  Oct. 1984.
      "Holiness and Perfection."  John Wimber.  Holiness Unto the Lord
      Conference.  Talk #1.  Feb. 6-9 & 13-16, 1990.
      "Not Everyone is Healed"  John Wimber with Jim Fredericks.
      [letters & envelope]  To Carol, Original Letters of Release from
      Friends Church.
      [letters & envelope]  Copies of Original Letters of Release from
      Yorba Linda Friends Church.
      "Does 'Vineyard' Grow Miracles?"  Roberta Green.  The Register.
      June 4, 1984.
      "Evangelical Protestants Get the 'Spirit' of Pentecostalism."
      John Dart.  Los Angeles Times.  Apr. 2, 1983.
      [letter] To the Association of Vineyard Churches re split with the
      Toronto church (TAV).  Dec. 13, 1995
      "Unity and the Withdrawal of the Endorsement from the Toronto
      Blessing.  John Wimber.  Vinyeard Reflections.  July 1996.
      "John Wimber Responds to Phenomena" [n.d.]
      "Wimber Breaks Silence to Answer Vineyard Critics."  & "Kansas
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  Box 4 [folder]  Harper & Row Publishers and Harper San Francisco
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    [folder]  Inter-Varsity Press correspondence.
    [folder]  Projection J.
      [correspondence]  Fax from Kim Kollins, Project J, to John Wimber.
      June 28, 1989.
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      10, 1989.
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    [folder] Monarch Publications correspondence.
    [folder]  Marshall Pickering correspondence.
    [folder]  Herman Forlag Publisher correspondence.
    [folder]  Frontier Publishing International correspondence.
    [folder]  Zondervan correspondence.
    [folder]  Thomas Nelson Publisher correspondence.
    [folder]  Shield of Faith Affiliated Churches.
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    [folder]  Langley Vineyard School for Equippers.
    [folder]  Spiritual Gifts Notebooks.
    [folder]  Printing-Originals: Gifts.
    [folder]  Teaching materials.  Urban Church Growth.  .  Signs & Wonders Course
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      Baltimore.  Jan 1990. 
      Perth, Australia.
      Sydney, Australia.
      Clericalism.  France.
      Holiness & Perfection.
      Power Healing
      Spiritual Warfare Lecture Notes
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  Box 5 Conference Handbook.  Power Healing: A Conference to Equip
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    [folder] Completed Conferences, Speaking Engagements.
      [correspondence]  Sheila Drake, Aglow, to John Wimber.  Oct. 1,
      [correspondence] International Lutheran Renewal Center to John
      Wimber. Oct. 18, 1985.  [receipt attached]
      [correspondence]  Kevin Springer, Commonlife, to John Wimber and
      Blaine Cook re The Ministry of the Kingdom of God.  June 7, 1985. [pamphlet attached]
      Donald Bellman and Barbara Byron, Joint Planning Committee, to
      John Wimber.  July 27, 1985.
      [correspondence] Chuck Davis, Del Aire Baptist Church to John
      Wimber.  July 18, 1985.
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      Tomczak, People of Destiny Publications.  July 18, 1985; July 22, 1985; August 5, 1985.  "A Conference on Healing." John Wimber [brochure attached].
    [folder]  Prayer
      [flyer] Prayer: "Intimate Communication."  Pastor John Wimber.
      Vineyard Christian Fellowship Sermon Series.
      [booklet] Prayer: "Intimate Communication."  Pastor John Wimber.
      Vineyard Christian Fellowship Sermon Series.
      Sermons and Notes.
    [folder] CBS Interview: Notes Original
      "Is Cable Radio Commercially Feasable [sic] in Southern California:
      A Look at a possible Working Modle [sic]."  Guilford, Le Roy J.  P & C.  1980.
      [folder] CBS Interview: Notes Original.
      [folder]  Management forms.
      [folder]  Management forms.
    [folder]  Planting New Churches
    [folder] Vineyard Philosophy and Market Magazine Interview.
    [folder]  Printing - Original:  Israel Trip.
    [folder]  Calender charts.
    [folder]  Prophecy
      [booklet] "The Gift of Prophecy: God Speaks to and Through the
      Church."  John Wimber Sermon Series.
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      June 1981.  p. 10-11.
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      Church."  John Wimber Sermon Series.  Vineyard Christian Fellowship.
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      Proposal: New Life Inc. Ministries for San Fransisco, Bay Area.
      Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda - Placentia.  Counseling Seminar.  June
      1, 1980
      Strategy for Church Planting.  [5 copies].
    [folder] 1981 Spiritual Gifts.  [empty]
      Book Two.  Spiritual Gifts Seminar materials.
    [folder]  Christian Life Magazine.
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      [folder] "An Introduction to Healing."  John Wimber. 
      [folder]  "Knowing Scripture."  R.C. Sproul.
      [folder]  "Studies in Scripture and its Authority."  Herman Ridderbos.
      [folder]  "Biblical Authority."  Jack Rogers, Editor.
      [folder]  Declined Conferences, Speaking Engagements.
    [folder]  Church Planting Strategies.
      Strategy for Church Planting.
      Model for Church Growth - Plan Bruno.  Juan Carlos Miranda.
      "Notes on 'The Church.'"  Tygerberg Training Centre.  Compiled
      by Derek Morphew.