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Speed-reading is a great way to improve your productivity and enhance your studies. This online learning module will help you learn basic speed-reading skills that you can practice with many of your reading assignments and other reading materials you encounter each day. Follow the link below to get started.

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This is a self-paced learning module. It contains a self-assessment, practical exercises, and audio and video content. It is recommended that you finish the module in one sitting.

time needed

Estimated time to complete this module: 60 minutes.


You will address:

  • What is speed-reading?
  • Speedreading hindrances
  • The "Sweep Method"
  • The "Hop Method"
  • Increasing your reading speed
  • Increasing comprehension
The key to effective speed-reading is viewing the process as a competition with oneself, much as in the case of learning to play a sport well.

Steve Moidel, Speed Reading