As a technical-refereed publication, the JPC publishes only the highest caliber articles relevant to the needs of consulting practitioners.  Articles submitted for review should be of such importance that they fuel the exchange of practical ideas, identification of problems and discussion of relevant issues. Therefore, submissions should be of immediate, practical value to consultants in the field; must contribute to a broader understanding and enrichment of consulting practice and must be original manuscripts that have not been published and are not under review at any other journal or magazine.

JPC articles are written in a popular press style with a minimum of technical jargon.  Articles may address the effects of consulting theory and practice on business, socialization, leadership, human resource development and education. Additional topics that would be considered for publication include: 

  • Contracting
  • Interpersonal processes
  • Organizational and political processes
  • Techniques of problem diagnosis
  • Client management
  • Diagnosing readiness for change
  • Implementation
  • Ethical behavior
  • Consulting styles
  • Application of innovative consultation methods/strategies
  • New and innovative aspects of consulting practice
  • Emerging trends in organizational consulting
  • Change methodologies that have been implemented with significant results
  • Consulting in an international or cross-cultural setting
  • Application of consulting practice to other arenas
  • Practical reports of the impact of leadership behavior on consulting practice
  • Psychosocial aspects of consulting behaviors

In addition, the JPC welcomes submissions on subjects beyond these that

  • Seek to improve the practice of consulting;
  • Offer practitioners specific recommendations based on experience;
  • Document both what did and what did not work, and explores the reasons why;
  • Present concrete suggestions for future strategies;
  • Encourage multidisciplinary dialogue and share lessons from other areas of consulting activity.

All submissions must conform to the journal's submission guidelines

Your submission should include the following: Permission to Publish Agreement [PDF] and a brief author's bio for each author noting name, position title, organization, and e-mail address.


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