The Journal of Practical Consulting (JPC) is a technical-refereed publication designed to provide an online forum for dialogue, dissemination, exploration, and examination of innovative insights, practical applications, and emerging trends, tools, and techniques in the world of consulting. The multidisciplinary nature of the JPC empowers consulting practitioners, leaders, educators, and other professionals to network across disciplines and gain a well-rounded perspective that promotes success in the consulting environments of today and of the future.

Editorial Staff
Dr. Diane M. Wiater
Regent University
Mrs. Julia L. Mattera
Managing and Production Editor
Regent University
Editorial Review Board Members
Melanie Bedogne, MBA
Independent Consultant

Dr. Kay M. Bower

Dr. Irene C. Briggs
Lone Star College-Tomball
Dr. Lena Maslennikova
Regent University
Dr. Alphronzo "Al" Moseley
College of Leadership and Corporate Operations (FDIC)
Dr. Shauna E. Tonkin
Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor
Dr. Shawn Wolf
Wright Manufacturing, Inc.
Production Staff
Mrs. Julia L. Mattera
Writing and Communications Specialist
Regent University
Mrs. Sarah B. Stanfield
Website Design and Production
Regent University





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