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RJIL Cite Checking

Suggested Cite-Checking Procedures

  1. Skim the footnotes of the assigned article. Make note of any unfamiliar abbreviations, foreign materials, nonlegal sources, etc.
  2. Consult Bieber’s Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations to decipher unfamiliar citations.
  3. Use the Regent University Online Catalog to find out if the resources you need are a part of the collections of either the Law Library or the University Library. If you need assistance with the catalog, consult the Law Review Handbook provided during the orientation session or contact your Library Liaison.
  4. Make note of sources that are in the Collection, but not readily available. Your Liaison can offer assistance with materials in Microforms or Special Collections.
  5. If the source is not available in print, consider whether a PDF version is available through a subscription database or via the Internet.
  6. Once you determine that a source is not available in a Regent University collection, consult WorldCat (for books) or ArticleFirst (for articles) to determine if any Tidewater Consortium library holds the title you need.
  7. Items held locally cannot be retrieved via Interlibrary Loan. Consult with your Articles Editor for advice on coordinating retrieval of needed materials with other cite-check teams. Note: It is recommended that all editorial staff members secure a Tidewater Consortium Card before the first-round of cite-checks. Contact Access Services at ext. 4450 for complete details.
  8. If the item is not held locally, print both the "Detailed Record" page and the "Libraries that Own Item" page. Be sure that you are requesting the correct edition! Also, if you are looking for a specific article, it is critical that you provide both the title of the periodical as well as the title of the article for ILL purposes.
  9. Turn in all ILL support materials to your Editor as directed. Inaccurate or incomplete requests can cause unnecessary delay.
  10. Remember, your Liaison is available to offer advice or assistance!
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