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Reserving a Carrel

The Law Library has 128 individual study carrels that may be reserved by law students on a per-semester basis, with first right of refusal in subsequent semesters. The carrel-reservation fee is $10 per semester (Fall and Spring). Fees are not required to reserve a carrel during the Summer term.

Unreserved carrels become available to law students on a first-come, first-served basis, by class, at the beginning of each fall semester.

Students who did not reserve a carrel may request to be placed on a waiting list. Carrels, as they become available during the year, will be offered to these students in the order in which their names were entered on the waiting list.

Carrel Use Policies

Carrel reservation is a license for the use of a unit of University property housed within a public space, on a semester-by-semester basis. Students are expected to keep their carrels neat. Items attached to a carrel may be affixed only with removable adhesive putty, and only on the inside surfaces of the carrel.

All Law Library materials found at carrels or tables will be reshelved UNLESS a pink check-out slip is visible, indicating that it has been checked-out from Access Services. Check-out slips may be obtained at Access Services.

Bound periodicals, journals, non-circulating books and reference materials may not be checked-out or left on carrels for any extended period.

The Law Library reserves the right to reclaim a carrel for any violation of Law Library policy


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