Pay it Forward 2016

Prepare to be blessed as you join Regent alumni, students and friends in bringing joy, hope and encouragement to others through special acts of kindness during Regent's 2016 Pay It Forward event. It's as easy as 1-2-3.


COMMIT TO KINDNESS - Pledge to acts of kindness during the month of December. Buy a cup of coffee for a stranger, volunteer to serve at a local soup kitchen, or help bring Christmas to a family in need. The opportunities are endless!


GIVE HONOR - If you benefited from the generosity of others to complete your education, whether it be through scholarship or time spent with others who helped you to succeed, consider paying it forward to equip the next generation with a gift to the Regent World Changer Scholarship Fund.


SHARE YOUR STORY - Encourage others by sharing your Pay It Forward stories and the inspiration behind them by filling out the form on the right or on social media using #RegentPayItForward.


Professor Donates Kidney

Dr. Caramine White

Dr. Caramine White has a long list of achievements. She has been a valedictorian, has run 14 marathons, completed an Ironman triathlon, written four books, and has published hundreds of articles. She's also lived a life of adventure, having skydived, and taught overseas after receiving a Fulbright scholarship. Furthermore, she always takes the time to help others who are less fortunate, such as the homeless or abused and neglected animals. Despite her long list of thrilling adventures and applaudable achievements, she says her latest feat, donating a kidney, is the best experience she has ever had.

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Defending the Poor and Needy

Center for Global Justice

Since its founding nearly six years ago, the Center for Global Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law (CGJ) has been committed to fulfilling the biblical mandate to "defend the rights of the poor and needy" found in Proverbs 31:9 (NIV). One of the most impactful and inspiring ways they do that is through their annual summer internship program.

This year, 17 interns from the School of Law served in five countries with 13 nonprofits and government organizations. "These internships change our students' lives," says Ernie Walton, CGJ's academic and administrative director.

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World Changer Shahnaz Askins

Dr. Caramine White

Shahnaz Askins '15 (College of Arts & Sciences) is a retired Navy Legalman who spent 17 years in the military. Her service included four deployments and nine duty stations. But Askins' second deployment contributed to her developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a condition that has given her a new compassion for others and passion for the field of psychology.

"My deployment in 2004 to Fallujah, Iraq is where I developed PTSD due to multiple exposures of horrific events as a result of combat," Askins explains. "At the time, I didn't know what PTSD was, so the condition only festered. My 2007 deployment to Kuwait was like putting salt on an open wound. I didn't receive treatment for the condition until 2009."

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Give Honor By Paying It Forward
Share Your Story of Kindness Below.

Use the space below to tell us how you were inspired to pay it forward and/or what kindness you're choosing to show this month as part of Regent's Pay it Forward event.

Leave a Story:
Rev. Carolyn G. Wade,
2/8 11:40 AM
Just sharing my blessings!
Kevin P. Smith,
1/3 5:21 PM
I am thankful for my own Regent scholarship/aid.
Dr. Edward M. Givner,
12/30 10:10 AM
When I studied at CBN University (now Regent University), I had a 75% grant. I didn't know how I was going to come up with 25% plus book monies. Someone provided gifts (financial) for me at the University business office. I never found out who, but I always remember the gifts that helped me through my three years of study.
Linda Jennings,
12/30 10:02 AM
I was blessed to receive 2 scholarships for the School of Theology ('93). I simply want to see that scholarships are provided for others - and of my thankful heart, my time at Regent were some of the best years of my life.
Marlene Thrower,
12/20 9:41 PM
Regent made a difference in my life. I believe everyone should experience that type of excellence.
April Jones,
12/20 12:11 PM
I was blessed to receive an education in the arts from Regent University and kind donors. I love to volunteer at my locao church with my art. God Bless - Pay it Forward!
Martha Smith,
12/16 9:55 AM
I was the first in my family to attend college. I know what it is like to know your parents cannot send you to college. But God can show you a way if you trust Him. He uses Regent to show many students a way to prepare to serve Him through scholarships like this one.
Sue M. Fletcher,
12/13 3:33 PM
Regent has been such a blessing for me as I was working toward my MDiv that I want others to have the same opportunity for blessing.
David Silek,
12/7 3:21 PM
In thanksgiving for my 1L professors: Duane, Brauch, Stern, Hernandez, Tucker & Hensler.
Estelito Villarta,
12/7 12:08 PM
Helping others to fulfill their dreams and aspirations is a real joy and blessing for the called and beloved of God. As he said in his word in Acts 20:35 ... It is more blessed to give than to receive.
Jared O'Flaherty,
12/7 9:33 AM
My wife and I have made it a life mission to take advantage of every opportunity to help others. This Christmas we have placed 4 Toys for Tots boxes on Regent campus, partnered with a local women and children's shelter, and tithe into the faith fund on a regular basis to give back. The other day I bought the groceries for the family behind me in line because I wanted to teach my son that giving back and paying it forward are some of the most honorable things a person can do.
Carolyn Stephenson,
12/6 10:12 AM
I was inspired to pay it forward as I was raised by my mother, who I observed pay it forward daily through her acts of kindness. Life is about being vulnerable to the world and the people you come in contact with daily. It really doesn't have to be a grand act, just an act generated out of kindness for mankind. Everyone should live life paying it forward. It's a circle of life we should embrace. I've tried to instill this in my daughter as well.
Patricia Torres,
12/4 4:43 PM
One of the things I enjoy the most is feeding the homeless. I don't just do it during Christmas I have done it for 8 years 2 times a month and feed about 350 people. It is not just me it a ministry and this is not about us at all its about them and that God allows us to help them. We are nothing but vessels. We feed them, clothes them and a message is given. I love the homeless and they know me and my husband well. I pray we can continue to feed them and it grows as we lead them to Christ.
ann leblanc,
12/2 2:44 PM
I'm looking forward to providing meals for the homeless during the Christmas season by volunteering with groups that will be providing care and feeding of homeless in Dallas. My children will be with me and we have so many things to be thankful for, it is a privilege to share our time and work to provide something for those with so little. May we share the joy of salvation with them as we are the hands and feet of Christ.
Shirley Auguste,
12/1 11:03 PM
Every year I make sure my kids and I donate or give to shelters because over 16 years ago when I got divorce, I couldn't buy or do much for my children because of lack of money. It is family, church, and support groups that helped me and made Christmas a special time for my kids. I will be forever grateful that there were people that cared enough to give to us. For these reasons, I am always willing to give back and pray my children will too.
victor merlin alvarez telmoso,
12/1 9:19 PM
my life has been impacted greatly because of my grandpa
Christi Hamrick,
11/30 11:53 PM
My life has been impacted greatly because of my grandpa. One of the many memories I have is from when I was growing up - spending many evenings with him at our kitchen table while he lovingly and painstakingly tutored me through my math homework. I am so grateful for him, and it is through his love, unconditional support, patience and example of hard work and integrity that I am inspired to pay it forward to others.
J.A. Jones,
11/30 3:09 PM
I received scholarship money while working on my Masters degree at Regent. I am paying it forward in thanksgiving for the work being done at Regent.