Carissa Dwiwardani, Ph.D.

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After obtaining her undergraduate degree in psychology from Biola University, Dr. Carissa Dwiwardani continued her graduate training, allowing continued mentorship by Biola faculty members, whom she credits as tremendously impacting her thinking and professional development. Her current research interests revolve around the construct of humility, posttraumatic growth and their cross-cultural applications. Additionally, her interests are in studying the development of multicultural competence among service providers in training, particularly in relation to the service providers' ability to reflect on their own culture, worldviews and values.

Clinically, Dwiwardani's training and experiences focus on the delivery of culturally sensitive services to those who suffer from severe mental illnesses through community mental health services. Inherent in the different components of her work is the belief that all truth is God's truth. Research, clinical work, teaching and mentorship all provide opportunities of encountering God and his truth, and Dwiwardani asserts that this is what ultimately makes her work rewarding.

What excites her the most about psychology is that as a relatively young field, there is still much to be learned and gleaned in the study of the human psyche. With much of the territory left unchartered, the heartbeat of Dwiwardani's work in psychology is in being aware of and evaluating cultural assumptions that inevitably color the claims we make as a field.




Dean’s Scholarship, Rosemead School of Psychology International Leadership Grant,

Biola University Rosemead Scholarships International Student Aid Grant,

Biola University Dean’s List,

Biola University The National Dean’s Lists International Leadership Grant,

Biola University Who’s Who among American Colleges and Universities Distinguished Student in Psychology, Biola University



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Association for Psychology Training Clinics, Member American Psychological Association, Member Division 36: Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality Division 39: Psychoanalysis Division 45: Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race Psi Chi, The National Honor Society in Psychology

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