Dr. Kathie Erwin is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. Her professional experience includes private practice, developing group programs for older adults and Alzheimer's patients in assisted living facilities, clinical supervision, working as an education specialist providing testing for Christian schools, as well as writing and presenting continuing education courses for mental health professionals.

Along with the joy of teaching and learning, her next passion is writing. She is the author of six non-fiction books: How to Start and Manage a Counseling Business, Group Techniques for Aging Adults, Lifeline to Care with Dignity, Maintaining Family Bonds When Care Needs Change; and Foundations of Gerontology. Her latest academic book, Group Techniques for Aging Adults, 2nd edition, was published in 2013. Research support and credits in this book go to her STAR (Student Associates in Research) Team, which includes Regent online master's students.

The experience of Erwin's own health being restored prompted her to transition her psychotherapy practice to health coaching for the purpose of sharing with others how to "nurture our bodies like the temple God designed it to be." As a Certified Health Coach and avid writer, Erwin has been drawn to the simple elegance of therapeutic writing for weight loss, pain reduction and stress management.


Outstanding Leadership and Vision Award – Eckerd College Alumni Association, Honorable Mention in Writer's Digest National Screenplay Contest, Woman of the Year – American Business Women's Association, Adjunct Faculty Award of Appreciation for counseling in Polk Community College's Displaced Homemaker's Program, Addy Award for Public Service Campaign: "Plant a Tree for Energy," National Association of Mental Health Information Officers, First Place for radio production of Multi-Media Campaign: "The Key"


Books as Author:
Group Techniques for Aging Adults, 2nd Edition, Routledge, 2013.
Taylor Kendall: Evil Inc., Par Press, 2010
Foundations of Gerontology, Rue Educational, 2006
Maintaining Family Bonds When Care Needs Change, ERCO, 1998
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Group Techniques for Aging Adults, Taylor & Francis, 1996
Improving Your Forms: Professional Workbook, ProStar CE, 1994
How to Start and Manage a Counseling Practice, Thomas Nelson-Word, 1993

Contributions in Book or Journal:
Erwin, K. (2015-16). "Color the music." In Group work experts share their favorite activities, volume 2, K. Fineran, Ed. Association for Specialists in Group Work, 153-156
Erwin, K. (Spring 2014). "Teaching group work in Iceland." Age in Action, 29 (2).
Erwin, K. (October, 2013). "Grief support for older adults in the aftermath of disasters." Grief, Crisis & Disaster Network, 1 (3), 3-4

Gerontology & Aging. (September 2013). AACC/Light University. Developed and coordinated 24 hours of video training and work texts by seventeen specialists for American Association of Christian Counselors.
Erwin, K.T. & Bain, D. "Introduction to Aging and Gerontology"
Erwin, K.T. "Behavior Changes and Personality Changes with Alzheimer's and Dementia"
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"Multicultural Counseling & Special Populations." Chapter in The World at Our Doorstep, Waterbrook Press, 2002


American Counseling Association – Division 38 Health Psychology, Southern Gerontological Association, American Mental Health Counselors Association, Florida Mental Health Counselors Association Suncoast Mental Health Counselors, American Association of Christian Counselors

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