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John D. Ashcroft, J.D.

Distinguished Professor
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Former Attorney General of the United States



Calling him a "man of great integrity, a man of great judgment and a man who knows the law," President George W. Bush announced his decision to nominate John Ashcroft to serve as U.S. Attorney General on December 22, 2000. When Ashcroft left office four years later, violent crime was at a record low, gun crime was at an all-time low, a successful corporate crime crackdown had been launched, and more terrorist attacks on the U.S. had been prevented. One of the most high-profile and experienced Attorneys General in the nation's history, Ashcroft led the U.S. law enforcement community through the challenging and transformational period following the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001. His tenure was highlighted by forceful public advocacy of President Bush's strong anti-terrorism strategy. His quiet government influence was rated highest inside the Bush Administration by The National Journal. Raised in Springfield, Missouri,  Ashcroft attended public schools until enrolling at Yale University, where he graduated with honors in 1964. He received his Juris Doctor from the University of Chicago in 1967. Prior to entering public service, Ashcroft taught business law at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield. He authored a book honoring his father, Lessons from a Father to His Son, and co-authored multiple editions of two college law textbooks with his wife, Janet. His career of public service began in 1973 as Missouri Auditor. He was later elected to two terms as the state's Attorney General. His colleagues in the non-partisan National Association of Attorney's General elected him as their President. Ashcroft served as Governor of Missouri from 1985 through 1993 where he balanced eight consecutive budgets. Fortune magazine rated him one of the top ten education governors, while Financial World and City and State magazines credited him with making Missouri one of the best financially managed states. In 1991, the non-partisan National Governor's Association voted him Chairman. Ashcroft was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1994, and worked to reduce crime and safeguard the rights of crime victims. He co-sponsored a bill which designated 911 as the universal emergency number and was a leader in passing legislation directly responsible for allowing U.S. companies to utilize more aggressive encryption technology. During his entire career as senator, Ashcroft served on the Commerce Committee where he advocated for updated U.S. banking laws, the protection of consumer privacy, and increased personal responsibility on the part of consumers. As U.S. Attorney General, Ashcroft reorganized the Justice Department to focus on its number one priority: to prevent another terrorist attack. Leveraging every legal tool available to law enforcement, including the critical tools provided in the USA PATRIOT Act, the Justice Department initiated a tough antiterrorism campaign that has assisted in disrupting over 150 terrorist plots worldwide, dismantling terrorist cells in cities across America, and convicting 191 individuals in terrorism-related investigations to date. At the direction of President Bush, the Department established the Corporate Fraud Task Force to restore integrity to the marketplace by cracking down on companies and corporate executives who abused the trust of their employees and investors. Violent crime was driven to a 30-year low as the Department employed tough tools and tough penalties against criminals who victimized the innocent. The Department implemented President Bush's Project Safe Neighborhoods initiative, increasing federal gun prosecutions by 76% and driving crimes with guns to a record low. Today, Ashcroft serves as the Chairman of The Ashcroft Group, LLC which provides confidential strategic consulting and crisis counseling to major international corporations. In 2005, Ashcroft was named a Distinguished Professor in the schools of Law and Government at Regent University.


Representative Honors and Awards:

Impact America Award, Point Loma Nazarene University, 1998

Robert C. Goshorn Award, 1993

Layman of the Year Award, National Association of Evangelicals, 1991

Freedom Fighter Award, California Republican Assembly, 1991

The General Superintendent's Medal of Honor, Assemblies of God, 1989

Distinguished Service Award as Education Commission of the States Chairman, 1988

"OTHERS" Award, Salvation Army, 1987

The Wyman Award, National Association of Attorneys' General, 1983


Books and Pamphlets:

Ashcroft, John. Antitrust Enforcement in Missouri. Missouri Attorney General's Office, undated.

Ashcroft, John. "For the People", A Compliance Guide to the Missouri Open Meetings Act. Missouri Attorney General's Office, undated.

Ashcroft, John D. Never Again, Securing America and Restoring Justice. New York: Hachette Book Group USA, 2006.

Ashcroft, John D., with Gary Thomas. Lessons from a Father to His Son. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1998.

Ashcroft, John D., and Janet E. Ashcroft. Law for Business. 16th ed. Mason, Ohio: Thomson South-Western, 2008.

Ashcroft, John D., and Janet E. Ashcroft. Law for Business. 14th and 15th ed. Cincinnati and Mason, Ohio: West Legal Studies in Business, 2002 to 2005.

Ashcroft, John D., and Janet E. Ashcroft. Law for Business. 13th ed. Mason, Ohio: West Educational Publishing Co., 1999.

Ashcroft, John D., and Janet E. Ashcroft. Law for Business (formerly College Law for Business). 11th and 12th ed. Cincinnati: South-Western Publishing Co., 1992 to 1996.

Ashcroft, John D., and Janet E. Ashcroft. College Law for Business. 8th, 9th and 10th ed. Cincinnati: South-Western Publishing Co., 1976 to 1987.

Ashcroft, John D., and A. Aldo Charles. College Law for Business. 7th ed. Cincinnati: South-Western Publishing Co., 1971.

Ashcroft, John D., and Janet E. Ashcroft. It's the Law. 1st, 2nd and 3rd ed. Cincinnati: South-Western Publishing Co., 1979 to 1991.

Representative Articles:

Ashcroft, John. "A Simple Way Back to Power." The Washington Post, November 17, 1992, A-17.

Ashcroft, John. "The Tenth Amendment: Dual Sovereignty to Dead Letter." Area Development Sites and Facility Planning, May, 1992, 80-82.

Ashcroft, John. Foreword to Quicken Your Pace, by John B. Aker. Wheaton, Ill.: Slavic Gospel Press, 1992.

Ashcroft, John. "I'm Listening." Moody Monthly, May, 1991, 32.

Ashcroft, John. "Redefining the Possible." In Governors on Governing, ed. Robert D. Behn, 66-67, Washington, D.C.: National Governors' Association, 1991.

Ashcroft, John. Editorial on earthquake preparedness for publication by Missouri's major daily newspapers, September, 1990.

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Ashcroft, John. "Governor Ashcroft Chooses Veterans Day to Announce Proposed Veterans Memorial." Missouri Legionnaire, November, 1987, 1 & 2.

Ashcroft, John. "A Message From Our Governor." The Assembly Messenger, July-August, 1987, 2.

Ashcroft, John. "Student Assessment: A Measurement of Achievement." AACJC Journal, June/July, 1987, 5.

Ashcroft, John. "Low Literacy Levels: A Major Barrier to Productive Work." Governors' Weekly Bulletin, February 6, 1987, 1-2.

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Ashcroft, John. "Job Development Remains Top Priority." The Labor Tribune, August 28, 1986, 14, 43.

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Ashcroft, John. "Possible Alternatives to Forced Busing." In A Blueprint for Judicial Reform, ed. Patrick B. McGuigan and Randall R. Rader, 209-215. Washington, D.C.: The Free Congress Research and Education Foundation, Inc., 1981.

Ashcroft, John. "A Renewed Commitment to State Antitrust Enforcement and a State Policy of Competition: The Missouri Experience." Missouri Law Review, 46 (Summer, 1981), 469-516.

Ashcroft, John. "The Attorney General on 'Crime Prevention." Retail Lines July, 1980, 4-5. Ashcroft, John. "The Wisdom of Solomon." Interscholastic Athletic Administration, Spring, 1980, 5-6.

Ashcroft, John, and Daniel P. Card III. "Quo Warranto." The St. Louis Bar Journal, 24 (Winter, 1978), 22-30.

Selected Reports Issued:

(Generated during chairmanship of reporting organization)

Families First. Report of the President's National Commission on America's Urban Families, January, 1993.

Redefining the Possible: Achieving the National Education Goals. Report of the National Governors' Association, August, 1992.

The Preservation of Excellence in American Higher Education: The Essential Role of Private Colleges and Universities. Report of the Education Commission of the States Task Force on State Policy and Independent Higher Education, 1990.

Drawing in the Family, Family Involvement in the Schools. Report of the Education Commission of the States, 1988.

"Task Force on Adult Literacy." In Making America Work: Productive People Productive Policies, Bringing Down the Barriers. Report of the National Governors' Association Task Force on Adult Literacy, August, 1987.

Annual State Publications:

Executive Budget FY 86 to 93. January, 1985 to January, 1992.

Budget in Brief and Related Policy Proposals:

Foundations for the Future: Facing Tomorrow--Educational Foundations for the Future, January, 1992.

Foundations for the Future: Health Care Agenda--Access, January, 1992.

Foundations for the Future: Restoring Expectations for Family Responsibility, January, 1991.

Medicaid: Meeting the Challenge of Rising Costs, January,1991.

Challenge and Opportunity, January, 1991.

Direction for Excellence: Missouri's Education Reforms, January, 1990

Direction for Welfare Reform: Missouri's Learn fare Initiatives, January, 1990.

Direction for the Decade, January, 1990.

Missouri Tobacco Excise Taxes, January, 1989.

The Kansas City Missouri School District: A Special Review, January, 1989.

Commitment to Progress, January, 1989.

Progress for Missouri's Excellence in Education, January, 1989.

Time on Task in Missouri's Public Schools, January, 1988.

Progress for Missouri, January, 1988.

Learn fare and Welfare to Work, January, 1988.

Building Missouri Opportunity, January, 1987.

Time on Task in Missouri's Higher Education, December, 1987.

Implementing Excellence, January, 1986.

Legislative and Budget Program, January, 1985.

End of Legislative Reports:

Facing Tomorrow: Foundation for the Future, May, 1992.

Challenge and Opportunity, May, 1991.

Direction for the Decade, May, 1990.

Commitment to Progress, May, 1989.

Progress for Missouri, April, 1988.

Building Missouri Opportunities, June, 1987.

Implementing Excellence, April, 1986.

A Foundation for the Future, June, 1985.

Other Selected State Reports:

Measuring Missouri's Student Achievement: Assessment of Key Skills and Care Competencies, October, 1991.

Stronger Families for a Strong Missouri: A New Vision for Children's Services, October, 1991.

Governor Ashcroft's Drug Control Strategy, Part Three: Making the Right Decisions, December, 1989.

Governor Ashcroft's Drug Control Strategy, Part Two: Drug Users Create Drug Pushers, November, 1989.

Governor Ashcroft's Drug Control Strategy, Part One: Help and Hope for Those Who Are Addicted to Drugs, November, 1989.

Summary Responses to the Recommendations of the Missouri Opportunity 2000 Commission, January, 1988.

MO Says NO . . . to Alcohol and Drug Abuse, March, 1987.

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