Hope Jordan, Ph.D.


Special Education Program Chair

Reading Specialist Program Chair


Dr. Hope Jordan has over 30 years experience in the field of education. Her background in the K-12 setting as a special and general educator both in the U.S. and abroad provides practical expertise to her role both as professor and consultant. She utilizes this experience and provides expertise to prepare K-12 teachers and leaders for their work in today’s school settings. Her work in teacher/leader preparation has resulted in hundreds of teachers and leaders in the field who are better prepared to teach and lead 21st century students. 

She has presented at numerous conferences and has authored and co-authored articles and books. Her areas of expertise include teacher and leader preparation, general and special education, leadership, women in leadership, global education and leadership, and school improvement. She has developed, implemented and evaluated a number of programs and grants. An academic background in Psychology, General Education, Special Education, Administration and Supervision, and Organizational Leadership provides her with a broad perspective of education from various levels.

Her areas of interest include: teacher and leader preparation, students with special needs, educational leadership and women in leadership, online learning, ethnographic research resulting in documentary and instructional film, and international education issues. She is currently a full professor who directs the K-12 Special Education Program, the Autism Certificate Program, and co-directs the Ed.S. in Leadership with an Emphasis in Special Education while holding the Department Chair at Regent University.

Dr. Jordan is the Exceptional Educational Executive Leadership concentration chair for the following degree programs:
Ed.D. – Exceptional Educational Executive Leadership
Ed.S. – Exceptional Educational Executive Leadership
Ph.D. in Education – Exceptional Educational Executive Leadership


2010 – Presidential Award, VA Council for Exceptional Children 2009 – Presidential Award VA Council for Exceptional Children

2001- Professor of the Year – School of Education 2005 - Professor of the Year – School of Education 1983 - Most Distinguished Student – Masters Degree



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Jordan, H. (2011). Princesses Don’t Get Cancer: A Heart-wrenching Tale of Horror, Humor & Hope (Spiritual & Practical). (Crossbooks)

Arroyo, A. & Jordan, H. (2011). The Secret Kingdom for Educators (Pearson Publishing)

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Jordan, H., Derrick, M. & Hunter, E. Ladies who lead: Voices of authentic character. Women in the Role of School Superintendent (Xlibris, 2008)

Book Chapters:

Chapter in Closing the African American Achievement Gap in Higher Education (Teachers College Press, 2007)

Chapter in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Children’s Issues Worldwide (Greenwood Press, 2008)

Chapter in Handbook of Individualized Strategies for Building Resiliency in At-Risk Students (Western Psychological Services, 2007)

Journal Articles:

Jordan, H., Hunter, E., Douglas, M. & Wighting, M. (Fall 2014) "Tablet Technology in Teacher Preparation: A Case Study – The Nook Initiative," ATE VA E-journal

Hunter, E. & Jordan, H. (Summer 2012) "The Inclusion Exclusion Factor – Research to Practice K12 Scholarship" – Virginia Council for Exceptional Children On-line Journal

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Jordan, H. & Cadieux, C. (Fall – 2005). "Ladies who lead: Voices of authentic character. Women in the Role of School Superintendent"

Rovai, A. P., & Jordan, H. M. (2004). "Blended learning and sense of community: A comparative analysis with traditional and fully online graduate courses." International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 5(2). Available online at: http://www.irrodl.org/content/v5.2/rovai-jordan.html

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Cadieux, C. & Jordan, H. (2004). "Increasing rigor and academic success for special needs learners: Character education as a transitional component to facilitate development of social, moral, emotional, and cognitive competence." Article accepted for presentation and submitted for publication (under review) to Current Issues in Education.

"The Best of Both Worlds – The Hybrid Program" -- Essays in Education - Spring, 2002 http://www.columbiacollegesc.edu/essays/home.html

"Teacher Efficacy & Training: Standards of Learning and the At-Risk Student" -- Texas Education Review - Winter 2002 (Hard copy included in Publications section of Professional Portfolio).

“Servant Professorship - The Theology of the Chalkboard” – Journal of College Student Values – Spring, 2003

“Success Stories – Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop Around the World” – Reading in Virginia Volume XXVI

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