W. George Selig, Ed.D.

Distinguished Chair of Educational Leadership


Dr. W. George Selig is the Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership holding the W. George Selig Chair of Educational Leadership.

Selig came to Regent in 1980 as a founding professor of special education. In 1983, he became dean of the College of Education and Counseling, and in 1989, he became provost of Regent University. He served in that post for 11 years, during which the university grew from a student body of about 700 to one of more than 3,000. His experiences in the formative years of the university were exciting and challenging as he helped provide leadership in the founding and development of several schools, the launching of distance learning programs, and the expansion of the number and types of degrees offered.

In 2000, Selig stepped down from the post of provost and returned to his first love, teaching. Selig has extensive and diverse experience in public school as a teacher and administrator, beginning with his first teaching position in Alaska and his later role as a teacher in native American villages. Selig was a Director of Special Education in several communities in Massachusetts. He became a leader in the development of the regulations for special education both at the state and federal level, serving on state committees in Massachusetts, as well as being a Washington fellow in the writing of policy papers for federal law 94-142 in the late 1970's.

The 1998 establishment of the W. George Selig Fellowship program by the Board of Trustees at Regent University was to honor Selig for his exemplary leadership and service to the university. The fellowship award is given to students who exemplify outstanding qualities of leadership and excellence in the field of education. Students chosen are awarded tuition and living expenses for the duration of their fellowship.

Selig has written extensively in his primary areas of research, which are parenting, relationships and individual differences. He holds an Ed.D. from the University of Massachusetts and an M.A. and B.S. from Central Washington State College.

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