Jiuhan Huang, Ed.D.

Associate Professor


Dr. Jiuhan Huang is an associate professor of the TESOL program in the School of Education. She taught the graduate TESOL program at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, prior to joining the Regent faculty. She had been an ESL/EFL teacher both in China and the U.S. for over 20 years before training teachers in universities. Her research interests include self-efficacy in language learning and language learning strategies.


Awards and Recognitions:

Quality Matters Recognition for ETSL 560: First and Second Language Acquisition (2013). QM Program.

Faculty Scholar Award (2007), Oral Roberts University School of Education


Publications in Refereed Journals:

Huang, J., Gu, X., Yao, Y., & Zheng, Y. (in press). Relationship between self-efficacy, perceived use of listening strategies, and listening proficiency: A study of EFL learners in China. Asian EFL Journal. 

Larrotta, C., Moon, J. Y., & Huang, J. (2016). Learning a new language is like Swiss cheese: learning to learn English, Adult Learning. DOI: 10.1177/1045159516643946

Nisbet, D., & Huang, J. (2015). Reading strategy use and reading proficiency of EFL students in China. Asian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 2(3), 202-212.

Huang, J., & Nisbet, D. (2014). "The relationship between reading proficiency and reading strategy use: A study of adult ESL learners." Journal of Adult Education, 43(2), 1-11.

Huang, J. (2013). "Bringing authentic experiences and reading skills together for adult ELLs with limited literacy." Journal of Adult Education 42(1), 8-15.

Huang, J., & Nisbet, D. (2012). "Training adult ESL learners in metacognitive reading strategies." Journal of Adult Education 41(1), 1-7.

Huang, J., & Newbern, C. (2012). "The effects of metacognitive reading strategy instruction on reading performance of adult ESL learners with limited English and literacy skills." Journal of Research and Practice for Adult Literacy, Secondary, and Basic Education 1(2), 66-77.

Huang, J., Tindall, E., & Nisbet, D. (2011). "Authentic activities and materials for adult ESL learners." Journal of Adult Education 40(1), 1-10.

Huang, J. (2010). "Grammar instruction for adult English language learners: A task-based learning framework." Journal of Adult Education, 39 (1), 29-37.

Huang, J. & Conti, G. (2009). "The theory of planned behavior and Chinese English teachers’ intention to implement communicative activities in the classroom." Hong Kong Journal of Applied Linguistics, 11 (2), 35-50.

Huang, J. (2006). "Understanding factors that influence Chinese English teachers’ decision to implement communicative activities in teaching." The Journal of Asia TEFL, 3(4), 191-217.

Other Publications:

Huang, J. (July, 2013). "Integrating metacognitive strategy instruction in regular ESL curriculum." AEIS Newsletter, TESOL.

Derrick, M. & Huang, J. (2009, November). "Developing intercultural competence: What business leaders need to know?" MBA Review, 60, 16-19.



University Committees:

• Regent University Faculty Senate (2016 – present)

• Regent University Substance Abuse Committee (2010 – present)

• Regent University Faculty Awards Committee (2011 – 2014)

School of Education Committees:

• Regent University SOE TESOL subcommittee (2008 – present)

• Regent University SOE CS subcommittee (2014 - 2015)

• Regent University SOE C & I subcommittee (2012)

• Regent University SOE TEAC subcommittee (2008 – present)



• Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL)

• Virginia Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (VATESOL)

• Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE)

• Virginia Association for Adult and Continuing Education (VAACE)

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