Jenny Sue Flannagan, Ed.D.

Associate Professor

Director, Math & Science Center

Elementary Education Program Chair


Dr. Jenny Sue Flannagan is an associate professor and the director of the Martinson Center for Mathematics and Science at Regent University.  Prior to coming on full-time at Regent, Jenny Sue was an adjunct in the Interdisciplinary Study Program for Regent’s School of Undergraduate Studies, and was the Elementary Science Coordinator for Virginia Beach City Public Schools where she developed curriculum and professional development programs for K-5 teachers. She also  served as the middle school science coordinator for the division and taught science in grades 6-12  in Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

In addition to her work in public education, Flannagan has presented at a number of local, state, and  national conferences on topics including differentiating instruction in science, inquiry-based science, using the four question strategy to help students design experiments, and Lesson Study. She has earned several awards such as the Salle Mae 100 Best First Year Teacher award in 1992, and in 1999 was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Additionally, Flannagan has provided curriculum review for various school divisions in Virginia.  She also serves as a reviewer for National Science Teacher’s Association publication Science and Children and has reviewed books for Corwin Press.

Flannagan earned an Ed.D. in Education, Adult Learning and Staff Development from Regent University. She holds an Education Specialists degree in Administration and Supervision and a Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Virginia. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with an endorsement in General Science II and Earth/Space Science from Longwood University. She also holds a gifted endorsement. Flannagan has published several articles and book chapters about various topics in science and lesson study. Her research interests include effective instruction in science education.


2010 Programs that Work Award—Outstanding Workshop for Preschool/Kindergarten, Virginia Mathematics and Science Coalition

2009 Phi Delta Kappa International Emerging Leaders Award

2009 Professional Who Made a Difference Award: College of Education and Human Services, Longwood University

2006 Best Research Paper, National University Teaching Network (NUTN) Award with Dr(s). A. P. Rovai, M. K. Ponton, N. E. Rhea, M. G. Derrick, & J. S. Flannagan

1999 National Presidential Award for Excellence in Secondary Mathematics and Science Teaching

1997 Alternate: Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowship Program for the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation

1992 National Sallie Mae Winner: One of the Hundred Best First Year Teachers in the Nation


Book Chapters:

Flannagan, J., Cowart, S., & Culver, M. (2006). "Differentiation in science." In F. Sharer (Ed.), Tapestry of knowledge, Vol. IV (pp. 35-46). Norfolk, VA: Liskey and Sons.

Flannagan, J., & Puckett, S. (1999). "Real life connection assessment." In G. Derrick, & L. Robertson (Eds.), Tapestry of knowledge, Vol. II (pp. 69-75). Chesapeake, VA: Professional Printing System.

Flannagan, J., & Puckett, S. (1997). "Integration mania: A student’s chance to shine." In L. Self (Ed.), Tapestry of knowledge, Vol. I (pp. 81-88). Norfolk, VA: Letton Gooch Printers.

National Refereed Journal Articles:

Spaulding, L. S., & Flannagan, J. S. (2012). "DIS2ECT: A framework for effective inclusive science instruction." Teaching Exceptional Children, 44(6), 6-14.

Hedrick, K., & Flannagan, J. S. (2008). "Ascending intellectual demand in the parallel curriculum model: The journey toward expertise." In C. Tomlinson, S. Kaplan, J. Renzulli, J. Purcell, J. Leppien, D. Burns, et al., The parallel curriculum: A design to develop learner potential and challenge advanced learners. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Flannagan, J. S., & Rockenbaugh, L. (2010, December). "Curiosity + Kindergarten = Future Scientists: Teaching inquisitive young children how to ask good questions." Science and Children, 48(4), 28-31.

Flannagan, J. S., & McMillan, R. (2008) "Caution! Scientists in the making." Science Scope, 32(1), 61-63.

Flannagan, J. S., & McMillan, R. (2008, February). "From cookbook to experimental design." Science and Children, 46 (6), 46-50.

Flannagan, J. S. (2008). "A study of student achievement based on autonomous learning and self-efficacy" (Doctoral dissertation, Regent University). Retrieved from Dissertation Abstracts International (3298893).

Flannagan, J. S., & Derrick, M. (Summer 2003). "Improving student learning one-lesson-at-a time." ENC Focus (Eisenhower National Clearinghouse). Retrieved from http://www.enc.org/features/focus/archive/lessonstudy/document.shtm?input=FOC- 003196-index#IDAQSOLB)

State and Regional Refereed Journal Articles:

Newton, H. & Flannagan, J. S. (2014). "Partnerships support success in Early childhood science." Virginia Journal of Science Education.

Flannagan, J. S., & Newton, H. K.* (2010). "Doing science in preschool." Virginia Journal of Science Education, 4. Available from www.vast.org

Flannagan, J. S., & Derrick, G. (2008). "Planning professional development using big ideas in science." Journal of Virginia Science Education, 3(1), 13-17.

Flannagan, J. S. (2002). "Lesson study." Virginia English Teacher’s Bulletin, 10(2), 8-10.

Non-Refereed Publications:

Flannagan, J. S. (April, 2013). "Critical thinking outside the classroom". Educational Horizons Magazine, 91(3).

Flannagan, J. S., & Kelly, M. (2009). "Supporting teachers through differentiated professional development." Principal Leadership.

Flannagan, J. S. (2002). "Lesson study: A Japanese approach to action research." The LINK.AEL.

Flannagan, J. S. (1998). "Student learning and the environment. Our Only Earth Green Almanac." National Parent Teacher Association Magazine.


Professional Affiliations Past/Present:

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Phi Delta Kappa (PDK)

National Association of Science Teachers (NSTA)

National Staff Development Council (NSDC)

Delta Kappa Gamma (DKG)

Virginia Association of Science Teachers (VAST)

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