Dr. Helen R. Stiff-Williams, a professor in the School of Education at Regent University, teaches in and provides coordination for the Character Education concentration area in the Ed.D. program. Her areas of expertise include: Character Education, standards-based education, school improvement for low-achieving students and low-performing schools, and K-12 educational policy.

Stiff-Williams is engaged in research and writing projects on effective urban schools, closing achievement gaps, and her biggest project involving the examination of the impact of character education on student performance.

Stiff-Williams served as chairman of the Department of Education at Hampton University; a division chief in the Virginia Department of Education; an assistant superintendent for instruction; and school leader at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. She earned her doctoral degree from the University of Virginia.

Stiff-Williams' professional activities involve presenting annually at the ASCD Conference, the National Youth At-Risk Conference, the Character Education Partnership Forum, the Alternatives for Expulsion and Dropping Out Conference, and the National Staff Development Council Conference. She also presents at the ATE, AACTE, and the AERA Conferences to support developments in higher education. As a national consultant, she delivers professional development training on "Putting Character Education into Schools to Improve Student Performance."


Regent University, Academic Distinctive Service Award
Regent University, School of Education, Professor, Fifteen Years of Service
Regent University, Certificate of Achievement
Recognition of Valuable Contributions to Regent University School of Education
Russell C. Hill Award, provided by the National Learning for Life Program, the highest recognition for individual and organizations making an outstanding contribution to Character Education, awarded on March 3, 2006
National Learning for Life Program, Service Award for contributions to the Implementation of Character Education
Regent University, awarded tenure as a professor in the School of Education
Regent University Nominee for Virginia State Outstanding Faculty Award
Virginia State Council of Higher Education
Winter 2001-02 Outstanding Faculty Member for Regent University
2001 Recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Award, School of Education, Regent University
2001 Recipient of the Award for Excellence in Teaching in Distance Education, Regent University


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