Dr. Uwe Carsten Scharf was born in Cologne, Germany and lived in Germany until age 20. At age 20, he went to Switzerland to the "International Baptist Theological Seminary" in Ruschlikon/Zurich, Switzerland to study theology (1982-1987). At the time of his enrollment, Scharf was the youngest student to be admitted to IBTS in Switzerland. In 1987, he came to the United States for further graduate and post-graduate studies in Theology (S.T.M. and Ph.D.)

Scharf holds a B.D. (Bachelor of Divinity) from the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Ruschlikon, Switzerland (1987), an S.T.M. (Master of Sacred Theology) from Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana (1988), and a Ph.D. in Philosophical Theology from the University of Virginia (1995). He is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) since 1997.  His Ph.D. dissertation in Philosophical Theology examined the works of Paul Tillich and Tillich's interpretation of revelation as "paradox" and "breakthrough." His (revised and expanded) doctoral dissertation was published in 1999 by de Gruyter as The Paradoxical Breakthrough of Revelation: Interpreting the Divine-Human Interplay in Paul Tillich's Work 1913-1964. Scharf also is the author of a number of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on the theology of Paul Tillich.

Scharf's interest and research in historical and systematic, as well as practical theology, come from years of leadership in clinical pastoral education (CPE) settings where his ministry has always been cross-denominational and inter-religious in nature. Understanding theology and culture allowed him to minister with effectiveness in a multi-religious setting where he was able to attend to those who were suffering and who often were longing for an encounter with God in the midst of their suffering.

Until November 2016, Scharf was the sole CPE supervisor at the Sentara School for Clinical Pastoral Education in Norfolk, VA (2012-2016). He is also the former director of chaplaincy & clinical pastoral education at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD (2006-2011), as well as the previous associate director of pastoral services at Duke Hospital in Durham, NC (2000-2005). Scharf brings 20 years of experience in pastoral/spiritual care, crisis ministry, theological studies, and clinical pastoral education with him. He joined Regent University's School of Divinity in January 2017 as a part-time faculty member and is looking forward to many years of joint ministry and teaching within the Regent community.

Scharf is happily married to his wife Andrea Scharf. They married in March 2016. Andrea's two sons, Jeremy and Blake, both were blessed with the birth of their first sons in the Spring/Summer 2017. Scharf and his wife are devoted grandparents of Noah and Ezekiel who live with their parents in the Hampton Roads area. Scharf is also the proud father of his daughter Uma, who is in her third year of undergraduate studies at Colorado College in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her main study focus is Neuro-Science.

Teaching and Research Interests:
Philosophical Theology; Systematic Theology; Historical Theology; Pastoral Theology; Confessional Theology; Apologetic Theology; Paul Tillich's Theology; 20th Century Continental, Protestant Theologians; Clinical Pastoral Education; Spiritual Care; Pastoral Care & Counseling; Spiritual Care in Interfaith Settings; Pastoral Identity and Pastoral Authority; Leadership and Service Excellence; Philosophical & Biblical Hermeneutics; Inter-Religious and Inter-Cultural Dialog; Christian Ethics; Biomedical Ethics; Theological German.


The Paradoxical Breakthrough of Revelation: Interpreting the Divine-Human Interplay in Tillich's Work 1913-1964. Includes a translation and study of Tillich's previously unpublished 1913 Systematische Theologie. Theologische Bibliothek Töpelmann 83. Berlin & NY: De Gruyter, 1999. ISBN: 3-11-015577-X. 478 pages.

Selected Essays and Proceedings:
Five contributions under the title, Texts of Hope and Courage, in volume 4 of The Pastor's Bible Study series, a new, companion series to the New Interpreter's Study Bible. Ed. David A. Farmer. Abingdon, 2007.

"Dogmatics Between the Poles of the Sacred and the Profane: An Essay in Theological Methodology." In Etudes Sur La Dogmatique (1925) de Paul Tillich. Eds. J. Richard, A. Gounelle, R.P. Scharlemann. Québec: Les presses de l'Université Laval, 1999, pp. 273-291.

"The Breakthrough of Justification and Grace in History: Only in Jesus the Christ?" In Truth and History –A Dialogue with Paul Tillich. Ed. Gert Hummel. Berlin & NY: De Gruyter, 1998, pp. 140-160.

"The Concept of the Breakthrough of Revelation in Tillich's Dogmatik of 1925." In Paul Tillich's Theological Legacy: Spirit and Community: International Paul Tillich Conference, New Harmony, 17-20 June 1993. Ed. F.J. Parrella. Berlin & NY: De Gruyter, 1995, pp. 65-81.

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