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Dr. Jeremy Perigo, along with his wife and their three daughters, are catalyzing a movement of prayer and worship and seeing incredible breakthrough among the unreached. In addition to this pioneering global ministry, Perigo is a visiting lecturer at London School of Theology where he served as head of theology, music and worship programs for six years. He currently serves as director of worship arts and campus ministries at Dordt University.

Perigo holds a Doctor of Worship Studies focused on the contextualization of Christian worship in Middle Eastern contexts. His current scholarly research centers on the intersection of worship and culture. He ministers internationally as a worship leader, preacher and theological educator and is an ordained gospel minister with One Focus Network. He is also an accomplished saxophonist. Perigo’s most recent project, London Christmas Session, features jazz and gospel arrangements of Advent hymns & Christmas carols recorded in London.


Evangelical & Pentecostal Liturgical Theology
The Holy Spirit & Worship
Worship & Culture
Global Ecclesial Practices
Issues Affecting Contemporary Worship


Published Articles and Essays

“Music in the Middle East” in Kurian, George and Lamport, Mark, eds. Encyclopedia of Christianity in the Global South. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2018.

Academic Presentations

“Contextual Yet Distinct Songs: Resonance and Uniqueness in the Hymns of the Early Church” presented at Evangelical Theological Society, 2019. 

“Unknown, Unnoticed, Unheard İlahiler: Turkish-Christian Hymnody as Public Theology” presented at Christian Congregational Music Conference at Ripon College, Oxford, UK.

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