Joseph Umidi, D.Min.

Executive Vice President for Student Life

Professor of Practical Theology


Dr. Joseph Umidi joined Regent University in 1985 after serving in Canada in leading ministries and churches for 13 years. Umidi was part of the original core faculty team, and he helped design most of the practical ministry courses and curriculum that others now teach. In addition, he authored an award-winning coaching curriculum that was a first for seminaries and is now being taught by Regent students in 24 countries and 14 languages over the past 17 years.

Umidi is an ordained minister with New Life Ministries, a church-planting movement he helped launch, and is an overseer for several churches along the East Coast of the U.S. He continues to train leaders internationally and is recognized as a spiritual father for emerging leaders in several countries. Umidi is a recipient of the Chancellor's Award at Regent University and numerous other awards for outstanding teaching and mentoring. He presently serves as the Executive Vice President for Student Life at Regent University. He is married and has one son and three grandchildren.


Published Chapters and Journal Articles:

"Perspectives on the Coaching Movement," Ministries Today, July/August 2006.

"Apostolic Imagination" chapter in book series of Aligning with the Apostolic by Kingdom House Publications

Published Books:

Transformational Intelligence: Creating Cultures of Honor at Home & Work, Lifeforming Institute, 2014.

Transformational Coaching: Bridge Building that Impacts, Advances, and Connects the Ministry and the Marketplace. Xulon Press, 2005.

Confirming the Pastoral Call, Kregal, 2000


Discipleship Training Manual

Dreamfire Legacy Manual for Boomer Ministry

Professional Coach Training Manuals

Pastors-In-Residence Manual

Strategic Intercession for the 90's. Umidi Publishing

Avoiding Pastoral Pitfalls, a pastoral ethics leadership manual

New Testament Cell Life: Models for Impacting Our Times, a small group ministry resource manual

Equipping for the End-Time Harvest. Used for Leadership Training International (LTI)

Materials for Pastoral Seminars:

"The Ministry of Mentoring"

"Effective Leadership"

"Leader's Life"

"Biblical-Based Coaching"

"Family Life and Pastoral Care Ministry Principles"

"Avoiding Pastoral Pitfalls"

"Finishing Well"


Professional Memberships: Ordination with New Life Ministries, Intl. Society Pentecostal Studies International Coach Federation Christian Business Chambers Founder and President: Lifeforming Institute Lifeforming Leadership Coaching

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Dana J. Cavallaro, D.Min.

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Instructor, Biblical Studies & Theology

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Associate Professor of Old Testament

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