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Three performers on stage at Regent University with a crowd engaged in the theater.

Great Performance Series

The Institute of Music & Worship’s Great Performance Series attracts and creates world-class performances at Regent University and around the world. These live performances inspire and educate students by providing impactful experiences for the cast and audience alike. The Series includes artist Q & A sessions, master classes, and live monitoring of rehearsals and sound checks. Students also have opportunities to write, produce, and perform in these events, allowing them to gain valuable real-world performing arts experience. Join us as we make music to change the world and check out our upcoming performances for the 2024-25 year.

No performances scheduled at this time.

Hear From Our Grads

“It’s been a long road of late nights and long mornings, but I made it.”

Paola Albarran, Ph.D. in Communication, 2020 News Anchor, Telemundo Amarillo; College Teacher, West Texas A&M University

“When I came to Regent, life had kind of clipped my wings. In hindsight, I see that Regent wasn’t so much a restoration project, but rather a new-construction project. ”

Bruce Long, M.A. in Cinema/ TV Acting & Directing, 2001 Executive Director, CITA Producer, The Repertoire Fund

“We were taught practical skills for the workplace in Regent's classroom. Now I can see how they work in a professional environment.”

Ryan Clemens, MFA, 2010 Acting

“My Regent learning experience helped inform my perspective on clients, products, the work environment and competitors, which heavily influences the work that I do.”

Shé Langley, M.A., 2011 Digital Media