Stephen D. Perry, Ph.D.

Professor, English & Communication Studies

Director of Graduate Programs in Communication


Dr. Perry hails most recently from the Midwest where he taught for 17 years at Illinois State University; held elected office for seven years as a member of the Bloomington Illinois School Board; was a candidate for state representative. He graduated from Trevecca Nazarene University (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Mass Communication, 1987) in Nashville, Tennessee, where he also played on the tennis team. He spent four years running a painting company in Massachusetts before attending graduate school at the University of Alabama (Master of Arts in Telecommunication & Film, 1993; Ph.D. in Mass Communication, 1995).

Perry has also coached college tennis and an elementary school chess team. He spent a year teaching at the University of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean where he researched the warning dissemination in the wake of the 2004 tsunami. He taught at Stillman College in Alabama in the mid-90s.

His research interests include broadcast history, media effects on public opinion, and religion and media. He believes that “learning is just as much caught as taught.” Adding, “It is my responsibility, therefore, to model good performance in various forms to the students who seek to learn from me. I cannot expect them to excel if I don’t provide myself as an example of someone who can perform at a high level.”

Perry grew up in a pastor’s home in South Florida and later in Massachusetts. He and his wife, Rev. Kay Lynn Perry, planted two churches, one as lay people and one where she served as pastor while he led the music. He currently plays keyboards and sings tenor on a worship team in Virginia Beach.


Faculty Award for Excellence in Scholarship, Regent University, 2018
Article of the Year, Journal of Radio & Audio Media, 2017
Treyes Award, AEJMC Mass Communication and Society Division, 2016, 2013
Fulbright Fellow, Lecturing/Research award to the University of Mauritius, 2004-05


Gouse, V., Valentine-Lopez, M., Perry, S. D., & Nyamwange, B. (in press). An investigation of the
conceptualization of peace and war in peace journalism studies of media coverage of national and
international conflicts. Media War, & Conflict.

Besant, H., & Perry, S. D. (2017). Fantasy-Themes in Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign
Announcement Speech and Audience Reaction. In R. Denton (Ed.) Studies of communication in the 2016
presidential campaign. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Perry, S. D. (2017). A sponsor’s fight for audience: How General Foods promoted listenership for the
Byrd Expedition broadcasts. Journal of Radio and Audio Media, 24, 339-356.DOI:
10.1080/19376529.2017.1362890. Awarded top article published in JRAM in 2017.

Bissell, K., & Perry, S. D. (Eds.) (2013). Olympics, Media, and Society. London: Routledge.
Perry, S. D. (2013).  The meaning of contemporary Christian music for Evangelicals. In Robert H. Woods
(Ed.) Evangelical Christians and popular culture: Pop goes the culture (vol. 2, pp. 119-132). Santa
Barbara, CA: Praeger Publishing.

Perry, S. D. (2013). The demise of live radio entertainment in the Heartland: A case study. Journal of
Radio and Audio Media, 20, 134-150. DOI: 10.1080/19376529.2013.778674.

Moore, M. & Perry, S. D. (2012). Oughts vs. ends: Seeking an ethical normative standard for journal
acceptance rate calculation methods. Journal of Academic Ethics, 10, 113-121.  DOI: 10.1007/s10805

Perry, S. D. & Lee, K. C. (2007). Mobile phone text messaging overuse among developing world
university students. Communicatio, 33(2), 63-79.

Perry, S. D. (2007). Tsunami warning dissemination in Mauritius. Journal of Applied Communication
Research, 35(4), 399-417.

Baldwin, J., Perry, S. D., & Moffitt, M. A. (Eds.) (2004). Communication Theories for Everyday Life Boston:
Allyn & Bacon/Longman.

Lee, K. C., & Perry, S. D. (2004). Student instant message use in a ubiquitous computing environment:
Effects of deficient self-regulation. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 48(3), 399-420.


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Broadcast Education Association   

Religious Communication Association

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