B.A. Peggy Southerland


Peggy Southerland, B.A.

Department Chair; Professional-in-Residence, Performing Arts & Music


Peggy Southerland earned her undergraduate degree in theatre from the University of Maryland where she concentrated on the technical areas of set and lighting design. After graduation, she worked at WJZ-TV in Baltimore for three years as resident set designer and member of the art department. Then, she landed a job at ABC-TV in New York as a member of their technical engineering staff where she worked in a variety of positions: sound assistant, camera operator, cable kicker, floor manager, Chyron operator, teleprompter operator, technical director and graphics operator/coordinator. 

While there, her favorite role was graphics operator/coordinator wherein she was able to create graphics (and new Emmy winning graphics systems) for ABC’s 20/20, Good Morning America, ABC Nightly News, NCAA College Football, Monday Night Football, Monday Night Baseball, several telecasts of World Series, College Bowl games, Super Bowls, five different Olympics, election and convention coverage, Kentucky Derby and Indianapolis 500 races, Wide World of Sports, etc. 

While working at ABC, Southerland traveled to 46 states and seven foreign countries and learned the art of animating. She moved on to work for a post-production company in Dallas, Texas, so she could become more proficient in computer animation. While there, she produced graphics for music videos for legends like Leon Russell, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.  

In 1992, Southerland moved back to Baltimore to teach at the University of Maryland, helping set up the Imaging Research Center and their in-house internship program while working on animation projects for the Discovery Network’s five-part series on the brain. From there, she became the animation director for the Family Channel in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

For several years, Southerland had her own animation company; later folding its assets into Regent University to create the Animation Department here on campus, where she teaches classes in the areas of animation business, television graphics, editing, special effects, Maya, and basic tools of the trade.

Southerland was born and raised in the Baltimore, Maryland area. She has one daughter and recently welcomed her first grand baby to this world. She enjoys movies, animation, cooking, and reading mystery novels.


Dove Award, Doodles Crew, 2000
National Register’s Who’s Who in Executives & Professionals, 2000
National Emmy for Technical Team Coverage, CBS Sports Post-Season Baseball, 1991
Most Celebrated Alumnus Award, UMBC, 1991
National Emmy for Technical Team Coverage, ABC Sports Winter Olympics, Calgary, 1988
New York Film Festival Silver Medal, Children’s Program Kaleidoscope, 1996
National Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement, ABC Sports Coverage of NCAA College Football, 1982
Outstanding Edited Special, Indianapolis 500, ABC, 1982
Special Award for Engineering Development, Dubner Computer Systems & ABC for the Dubner CBG Graphics System, 1982
Outstanding Live Sports Special, 1981
Kentucky Derby, ABC, 1981
Outstanding Edited Sports Special, ABC’s Wide World of Sports 20th Anniversary Show, 1981
News & Documentary Program, Post–Election Special Edition, ABC News Nightline, 1980
Outstanding Live Special, Winter Olympics Games, ABC, 1980
Outstanding Live Series, NCAA College Football, ABC, 1979



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