Originally from Austria, Dr. Doris Gomez earned her MBA at the University of Economics & Business Administration in Vienna. After several years in the global business world and years of experience in global trade, retail, manufacturing and consulting, she completed her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership at Regent University's School of Business & Leadership.

Upon completion of her Ph.D., she moved into the role of director for the M.A. in Organizational Leadership program. In October 2014, the Board of Trustees unanimously appointed her as dean of the School of Business & Leadership. She teaches in the school's master's and doctoral programs, serves on several dissertation committees and is also co-editor for Inner Resources for Leaders.  

Her research interests include leadership development in the online environment, online education and student retention, cross-cultural leadership issues, leadership formation, character formation in leaders and the inner life of leaders. Her studies and work at Regent University brought her all the way from Austria to the United States. She now resides with her family in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. 


Distinguished Research Award, The Academy of Educational Leadership Journal


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