Gary Oster, DSL

Director, M.A. in Business & Design Management



Dr. Gary Oster joined the faculty of the School of Business & Leadership (SBL) in the summer of 2007 after more than two years as associate dean for academics in the Regent University School of Undergraduate Studies and a decade in senior administrative roles at William Tyndale College. He has served as a classroom and online instructor since 1994 and currently serves as a professor, director of the M.A. in Business & Design Management, and editor of the Journal of Transformative Innovation.

Prior to his academic endeavors, Oster was an executive in high-technology corporations, both domestically and overseas, focusing primarily upon the computer, electronics and automotive industries.


Grants, Honors & Awards:

Award-winning Conference Paper designation: Oster, G. (2008). Edison's laboratory: Prototype for the online classroom. 19th International Conference on College Teaching & Learning.

William Tyndale College: United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Grant 2003, "Planning, Design, and Engineering for Tyndale Science and Computer Learning Center"; Awarded $997,800.

William Tyndale College: United States Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) Grant 2002, "Interactive Learning Center for the 21st Century“; Awarded $850,000.

Instituto Linguistico de Verano (under contract of Ministry of Education, Government of Peru, Lima, Peru, South America) More than $1 million combined grants for health, education and community development projects 1980-1982.

William Tyndale College Citizen of the Year Pi Sigma Iota National Honorary Political Science Fraternity Lambda Iota Tau National Honorary Literature Society Beta Phi Mu International Honorary Librarianship Fraternity.

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