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Winter/Spring 2011

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Winter/Spring 2011
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President Carlos Campo: Building on History

The script that the new president has in mind for Regent is not a radical change, but a path that seems logical: capitalizing on areas where the university already excels and challenging faculty and staff in areas where growth is needed. Read more

A Charge Kept

Regent stands as a testimony to God's amazing grace and abundant provision when one individual is willing to say yes when He calls. Read more

Project Bridges

Regent's partnership with Project Bridges provides educational opportunities for pastors and laity alike. The alliance is already bearing much fruit with participants emerging as leaders who are better equipped to make a difference in their communities. Read more

Alumni Faces of Leadership

Meet six graduates who are changing the world through Christian leadership: David Stine, Tanya Bullock, Nigel Anderson, Marina Kuzmina, Lucas Moon and Michelle Lewis. Read more 

Online Exclusive:

The Manners Lady

Government alumna Judi Johnston Vankevich founded the Manners Club fifteen years ago to teach children the importance of good manners and respect for others. Her message is resonating with audiences worldwide as she works to bring respect and integrity back into schools, homes and the workplace. Read more

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