Regent University Christian Leader

Spring/Summer 2009

Christian Leader Fall/Winter 2008

Spring/Summer 2009
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Honored to Serve

From the halls of the Pentagon to the battlefield of the mind, Regent students and alumni in the armed forces are impacting the lives of their fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. Read more (PDF, 2.54 MB)

Alumni Faces of Leadership

Meet six graduates who are compelled by faith and life experiences to help others: Kimberly Holland, William Condon, Cedric Rucker, Rachel Sherburne, Antoinette Alvarado and Bob Zentmeyer. Read more (PDF, 1.3 MB)

The Future of the American Presidency

The fourth annual Ronald Reagan Symposium brought eight prominent scholars to campus to discuss and debate the evolving role of the presidency in the 21st century. Read more (PDF, 1.5 MB)

RU Global Launches

In February Regent’s RU Global initiative was launched with the goal of increasing global competence among students as part of our mission to equip Christian leaders to change the world. Read more (PDF, 728 KB)

Communication Overload

Find out from Regent students what’s driving the phenomenal growth of undergraduate enrollment in the School of Communication & the Arts. Read more (PDF, 336 KB)