Combination – B.A. in Political Communication & M.A. in Government – Political Communication

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Ready to jumpstart your career as a media professional? Through Regent's combined degree program, you'll earn your Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Political Communication with four graduate-level courses counting toward your Master of Arts (M.A.) in Government—Political Communication. Enter the master’s program with master’s credit and/or advance standing, and save money by earning two degrees more quickly!


Enter the job market sooner with the credentials to advance faster in your career.


Anchor your knowledge and skill on Christian principles and values.


Be mentored by faculty in Virginia Beach who hold the highest degrees in their field.

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8-Week Course Sessions

120+ Credit Hours for BA

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Take Your Career to the Next Level

On completing the Combination—B.A. in Political Communication & M.A. in Government – Political Communication degree program you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the American government system, political participation, public opinion and voting behavior.
  • Craft compelling storylines and scripts and communicate persuasively.
  • Apply graduate level course credit toward your Master of Arts (M.A.) in Government.

Career Opportunities:

  • Journalism/media relations
  • Political campaign management
  • Communications and political PR
  • Marketing
  • Government positions

6% Projected growth in media and communication employment from 2016 to 2026. -Bureau of Labor Statistics

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College of Arts & Sciences 2018-19 Tuition Rates

Program Type


On-Campus Student

  • 12-18 credit hours per semester
  • Under 12 credit hours
  • Over 18 credit hours


  • $8,490 (block rate)
  • $595/credit hour
  • $566/credit hour

Online Student (enrolled in 8-week classes)

  • Full-time (12* credit hours)
  • Part-time (6* credit hours)

*Average number of credits per semester.


  • $395/credit hour
  • $425/credit hour

RN to B.S. in Nursing Tuition

  • $295/credit hour


Student Fees




Application Fee (On-Campus & Evening/Online Students)



One-time fee, nonrefundable

Enrollment Deposit (On-Campus Students)

Enrollment Deposit (Evening/Online Students)



Fee is deducted from tuition costs

Graduation Fee (On-Campus & Evening/Online Students)


One-time fee upon submission of graduation application

University Services Fee (On-Campus Students)

University Services Fee (Online Students)



Contributes to university academic and administrative operations


Optional Fees


Late Payment


Incurred per session in the event of late tuition payment

Course Fees

$70-200 per course

Some courses in theater, animation, cinema television or science labs carry an additional fee

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  • To participate in a combination of degree programs, an undergraduate student must normally submit an application to the appropriate Regent graduate school during his or her junior year.
  • Government majors wishing to use these courses towards advanced standing in the Robertson School of Government must achieve a B- or better.
  • You must complete your bachelor’s degree at Regent University.
  • Upon completion of 75 credits, students in good standing, and based on approval, will be eligible to take COM 504 Introduction to Communications, which will be accepted in place of COMM 245 Communication Theory.
  • In addition, also beginning in their junior year, students will be eligible to take either of the following two government courses in the Robertson School of Government: GOV 614 American Politics or GOV 625 International Relations Theory, which would satisfy GOVT 240 American Government and Politics I and GOVT 304 International Relations respectively.
  • Following completion of the B.A. in Political Communication, students will then be admitted into the M.A. Government with a concentration in Political Communication program to fulfill all remaining M.A. in Government with a concentration in Political Communication requirements.

Combination – B.A. in Political Communication & M.A. in Government – Political Communication