B.S. in Professional Studies – Leadership Studies

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Lead with Confidence

The world needs confident, ethical, innovative leaders. Will you answer the call? Our online and on-campus Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies – Leadership Studies equips you to become a principled leader in business, management, ministry and more. You'll study historical leaders and develop your leadership style as you gain an interdisciplinary foundation in leadership, communication and management.

Add to Your Skill Set

Choose coursework from decision-making and strategic planning to ethics, organizational dynamics and leading teams, according to your area of interest.

Fast Track Your Degree

Apply existing college and military credit toward your degree. Check your transfer credits.

Learn from the Best

Be mentored by faculty in Virginia Beach who hold the highest degrees in their field.

Presented from a Christian perspective, this degree is supported by our respected faculty in Virginia Beach.

Available Fully Online

8-Week Course Sessions

Transfer-Friendly Degree Program

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Take Your Career to the Next Level

On completing the B.S. in Professional Studies – Leadership Studies degree, you will be able to:

  • Effectively communicate your ideas and strategies to team members.
  • Analyze organizational challenges and develop innovative solutions.
  • Incorporate servant leadership ideologies for long-term success among stakeholders.

Career Opportunities

  • Corporate or Nonprofit Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ministry Development
  • Public Service
  • Graduate work in your chosen discipline

45.6% Higher Income for a Bachelor's Degree Over a High School Diploma. - U.S. Census Bureau

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College of Arts & Sciences 2018-19 Tuition Rates

Program Type


On-Campus Student

  • 12-18 credit hours per semester
  • Under 12 credit hours
  • Over 18 credit hours


  • $8,490 (block rate)
  • $595/credit hour
  • $566/credit hour

Online Student (enrolled in 8-week classes)

  • Full-time (12* credit hours)
  • Part-time (6* credit hours)

*Average number of credits per semester.


  • $395/credit hour
  • $425/credit hour

RN to B.S. in Nursing Tuition

  • $295/credit hour


Student Fees




Application Fee (On-Campus & Evening/Online Students)



One-time fee, nonrefundable

Enrollment Deposit (On-Campus Students)

Enrollment Deposit (Evening/Online Students)



Fee is deducted from tuition costs

Graduation Fee (On-Campus & Evening/Online Students)


One-time fee upon submission of graduation application

University Services Fee (On-Campus Students)

University Services Fee (Online Students)



Contributes to university academic and administrative operations


Optional Fees


Late Payment


Incurred per session in the event of late tuition payment

Course Fees

$70-200 per course

Some courses in theater, animation, cinema television or science labs carry an additional fee

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B.S. in Professional Studies – Leadership Studies