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Regent University Students On Campus talking

Success Stories

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“When it comes to higher education, it’s about giving students every opportunity to succeed and making sure they have the tools to walk out God’s calling. I've been given so much opportunity and a fantastic education at Regent; if that doesn't set me up to help someone else, what will? ”

Stephanie Iaquinto, Ph. D., 1996 Communications

“My Regent degree enables me to offer different perspectives and approaches to problem-solving, team management and innovation — all through a biblical worldview. Utilizing courses and making them relevant in day-to-day functions has been extremely rewarding.”

Kelli Ragland, MBA, 2015 Director of Marketing, Langley Federal Credit Union

“After nearly 25 years in the military and in business, Regent's Career Switcher program inspired me and prepared me to become a classroom teacher and an educational leader. I lean on what I learned there often.”

Pat McCarty, M.Ed., 2009 Career Switcher

“The program offered a great financing opportunity for teachers, and it also had that caliber of education I was looking for but at a reasonable price. Plus, it’s local, yet also accessible from a distance.”

Kristin Garmin, M.Ed. , 2016 Reading Specialist (with endorsement)

“My college career has been anything but ordinary. But after five years, two schools, two majors, a minor, and a global pandemic, I can finally say that I am a Regent graduate!”

Stephanie Clark, B.S. in Paralegal Studies, 2020