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Regent University Students On Campus talking

Success Stories

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“All of my professors have such a passion for what they are teaching and it is contagious. RSG professors have first-hand knowledge about the subjects they teach. They emphasize that we can make moral arguments in the public sphere.”

Keelyn Geoghean, M.A., 2014

“Without funding for a law degree, I was ready to give up on my dream. Then, Regent contacted me about their honors program and a full-ride scholarship. I said, 'All right, God; I guess this is your answer. I’m going.'”

Joe Addink, Juris Doctor (J.D.), 2019 Associate District Attorney, Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office

“"At Regent, I was surrounded by people who exemplified servant leadership. These examples often come back to me, and I believe it’s what my industry needs now more than ever."”

Breanna Molloy, B.A., 2012

“I needed someone to tell me who I was and whose I was. Regent did that; the staff was amazing!”

Rae Pearson Benn, M.A. in Organizational Leadership, 2016 WTVZ Host of Our Issues Hampton Roads; Media & Communications Coordinator III, City of Virginia Beach

“There were plenty of other law schools. But I told my family, ‘If I don’t go to Regent, I’m not going to law school at all.’”

Jim Mischel Jr., J.D., 1996 CEO, Electric Mirror; CEO Safeology