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Regent Partners with Virginia Beach Businesses

By Brett Wilson | May 8, 2014

Arun Daniel '15 (SBL) and Jazzarae Mitchell.

During the spring 2014 semester, Regent University's School of Business & Leadership (SBL) partnered with the City of Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development's Small Business Mentoring Program, where SBL students volunteered to guide local business owners in better-business practices.

Steve Boney '14 (SBL) and Arun Daniel '15 (SBL) were among the student volunteers. Throughout the semester, Boney and Daniel met with Jazzarae Mitchell, general manager of Music Theory Studios, a multi-faceted recording studio in Virginia Beach.

Mitchell founded and runs the day-to-day functions of the facility. She said the opportunity to work with Boney and Daniel allowed her to navigate new tools for her business.

"I learned a lot about myself and my daily practices, and they taught me a lot about where I want my company to go," said Mitchell. "It taught me to be firm in who I am but also to be open to another person's ideas."

Mitchell explained that Boney and Daniel refurbished her "mom and pop" accounting system, and aided her in acquiring a digital system for her company.

"We started with nothing; we didn't even get a loan from the bank," said Mitchell. "They're giving kudos on what you're doing and how you're making an impact on the community. It was really inspiring—we were so grateful."

As Virginia Beach's Department of Economic Development finds businesses for these partnerships, Regent students will continue to experience the benefits of guiding real-world business owners through making their goods and services more marketable.

This is an opportunity that Dr. Greg Stone, SBL professor and volunteer faculty member for the mentorship program, believes will be remarkably beneficial for his students.

"I believe in linking our students with real business situations," said Stone. "There is a place where the textbook knowledge ends and then you have to figure out how to apply it to the real world. It's where the student can see how what they're learning in class translates into actual experience."

Stone explained that business skills such as diplomacy, or knowing how to wisely handle delicate subjects or difficult human resource matters are better learned in a practical setting. There, the philosophy of his teaching comes into play, helping students "where the rubber meets the road."

"And I'm definitely excited about the prospect of expanding this to more students online," said Stone.

As a recent graduate of SBL's online MBA program, Boney was able to work alongside Daniel, despite living a time-zone away in Wisconsin. Boney said his greatest takeaway from working with Mitchell's company was learning that the tools he gained from his scholastic training at Regent really did make a difference.

"It demonstrated the value of what we learned through the whole program," said Boney. "We can have an impact and God is there in the midst of all of these situations."

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