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SPC Hosts Association for Counselor Supervision

By Brett Wilson | March 28, 2014

This month, master's and Ph.D. counseling students from Virginia traveled to Regent University to participate in the Virginia Association for Counselor Education and Supervision's (VACES) 2014 Graduate Counseling Student Conference, hosted by the School of Psychology & Counseling (SPC).

The conference called for counseling students around the state to present on a wide variety of counseling topics including school counseling, mental health, direct services, marriage counseling and military counseling.

Dr. Cyrus Williams, assistant professor for SPC and president of VACES, explained that the greatest thing about hosting this year's conference was his ability to witness the energy the students brought with them as they learned from each other's presentations.

"They are going to be our next generation of mental health counselors and school counselors, and here they have the ability to grow and develop," said Williams. "We gave them an opportunity to put their thoughts together on a wide variety of subjects—I love it!"

Williams began his position as VACES president during the summer of 2013, and will serve a two-year term. In the meantime, he will also continue encouraging prospective students to enter the SPC program at Regent.

A large motivator for hosting the VACES conference for the first time, a goal of Williams' from the start of his role within the organization, was the ability to showcase Regent's learning environment as well as its students.

"When you put out a good crop of students, we are respected in our community," said Williams. "I want people to come to Regent and enjoy the fact that we are a mainstream program set in a Christian environment—and we meld those two together really well."

Throughout his career, Williams has taught at several universities across the country—but explained he has found his home at Regent. In his role as a professor, he is able to talk about Christianity and guide his students to have a good grasp on their faith, as well as their counseling skills.

"I love being able to talk about God's calling, and I can say that stuff out loud and don't have to hide behind the word 'spiritual,'" said Williams.

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