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Regent Undergraduates Present at Tech Conference

By Amanda Morad | November 6, 2013

Arthur Hernandez presents research at the 2013 MTMI Conference.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Young Choi

The opportunities for Regent University students to specialize early and engage in high level research at the undergraduate level has paid off for two College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) students who presented at the Modern Technology and Management Institute (MTMI) international conference this fall.

Under the guidance of Dr. Young B. Choi, associate professor in CAS, senior Arthur Hernandez and sophomore Brandon Clark conducted research on topics related to modern information system technology and presented papers on their findings at the conference.

"Keeping current with Information Technology is only possible through ongoing research efforts into emerging issues," Hernandez said. "This skill is critical for success in the Information Technology field where complacency is equal to antiquation."

Choi echoed this sentiment: "The Information Systems Technology development trends move very fast, so trying to figure out future development trends via active research is truly essential in learning emerging technologies quickly and efficiently."

The fast-paced nature of information technology is what motivated Choi to push undergraduate students to conduct research.

"I encouraged my students to apply the knowledge learned in class by doing individual or group research activities on the emerging advanced topics, motivated them to write a technical paper, and offered them the opportunities to present their research results in classes," Choi said. "To motivate them further, I strongly encouraged them to submit their papers to conferences and to be evaluated by external reviewers."

Usually, such research opportunities are reserved for graduate students, but Choi sees real value in starting at an earlier stage of education.

"Offering an opportunity to undergraduate students to present their research in front of other faculty members and experts in technologies and businesses will motivate them significantly and help them to pursue their career goals early and clearly," Choi explained. "Students can find meaning in their major studies early by attending this kind of conference, presenting their papers, and meeting many people from around the world."

Choi's initiative paid off, as eight papers from his 12 students were accepted into the conference, which attracted information technology representatives from the academic, business and government sectors around the world.

Clark's paper addressed virtualization, while Hernandez focused on security and privacy control for personalized services. Other topics for papers that were accepted but not presented include malware threats, computer ethics and social networking.

Choi was invited by the MTMI conference organizing committee to ask students to submit. As a result, Regent was the No. 1 contributor of student papers for the conference.

"In order to fulfill the mission of Regent and truly transform the Information Technology world, it will take Christian leaders bold and committed enough to lead from the frontlines of cutting edge trends," Hernandez said. "To that end, Dr. Choi has been a blessing in encouraging us, his students, to do this very thing."

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