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Convocation Celebrates New Academic Year

By Amanda Morad | August 30, 2013

Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley.
Photo by Tim Kay.

To commission new employees, faculty and student leaders, and to dedicate the coming year to God, Regent University holds Convocation at the beginning of each fall semester. This year's service on Wednesday, Aug. 28, commissioned 47 new faculty and staff members who have joined the Regent community since Sept. 1, 2012, as well as an all-time high of 116 student leaders.

These students hold on-campus positions with the Council of Graduate Students, as Student Alumni Ambassadors, as Community Assistants, Resident Assistants and Directors, as Life Group Captains and Leaders and as Campus Ministries worship team members.

Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley, Vice President of Economic Initiatives for the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics in Washington, D.C., gave the featured remarks, calling students to flourish in their studies and in their purpose.

"What makes our sense of purpose different from the world's is that it is grounded in our love for Jesus," said Bradley. She referenced a poll taken 50 years ago and the same poll conducted recently that asked young people what their biggest fear was. Fifty years ago, it was public speaking. Today, their biggest fear is not making a difference.

"You have something special to offer the world," she encouraged, citing Jeremiah 29:11. "God created us to work. His creation was perfect, but not finished. We are called to finish His perfect work."

Flourishing, she said, can be defined as "working toward Shalom—the idea of wholeness, delight, the way things ought to be." People flourish when they realize their lives have meaning and purpose.

"We often forget the significance of our journey here and our role in bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth," she said. "Our presence is about God's redemption in the world. If God has called you to do it, your work matters in the world and in eternity and only you can do it."

After this charge, Regent president, Dr. Carlos Campo addressed the faculty and staff, pointing to Regent's value of being Christ-first in all things as paramount. "For Christ is the wisdom of God," he quoted from 1 Corinthians 1:24.

He then called Regent's Founder and Chancellor, Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson, to join him and other school leaders in anointing and praying over each new faculty, staff and student leader. The service closed with a prayer of commission by Chancellor Robertson.

View the online listing of new faculty and staff members.

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