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Rosemont Elementary School Students Experience Future College Student Day

| April 24, 2013

Regent President Dr. Carlos Campo uses volunteers to demonstrate ways to increase a student's odds of completing high school and going to college.
Photo courtesy of Tori Ackerman.

Madison is determined to be a lawyer when she grows up because she wants to "help bring about justice and equal rights for all." The eloquent fifth-grader from Rosemont Elementary School in Virginia Beach joined more than 60 of her fellow students for "Future College Student Day" at Regent University on Thursday, April 18. The very polite young lady—using "Yes, ma'am," "Yes, sir" and "It was a pleasure," replete with a firm handshake—added that she enjoyed her visit to Regent because "the campus is so nice and the people are so gracious."

Rosemont Elementary is the fourth area school to send their fifth-graders to participate in Future College Student Day.

"Elementary school students should visit college campuses so that they can have a first-hand look at what their future could look like," said Rosemont teacher Deborah Edwards. "It gives them concrete images to keep in mind when thinking about higher education."

Edwards, a Regent graduate, added that many of the students don't have a close relationship with college students or graduates, so a visit like this may be their only opportunity to experience what a university campus really looks like.

After arriving on campus, the students were greeted by Regent President Dr. Carlos Campo, who set the tone of encouragement for the day. "If you take away one thing today," Campo said, "please take away this: My education is my destination." After having the students repeat the phrase, they were dismissed to attend a mock class taught by Dr. Joseph Bucci, assistant professor in Regent's College of Arts & Sciences (CAS). Bucci walked the students through an exercise that required them to give a non-descript item a product name and develop a marketing plan and TV commercial for the product.

After a full tour of campus, the Rosemont youngsters ate lunch with Regent students, getting an up-close and personal look at undergraduate life before they headed back to school.

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