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Campus Ministries Hits NYC Streets

By Amanda Morad | March 19, 2013

There was little sun and certainly no sand for the nearly 50 Regent University students who spent
their spring break ministering to the poor and homeless in New
York City. But memories of the hundreds of lives they touched in the city made the long drive and cold weather worth it.

"Through a partnership with the New York School of Urban Ministry (NYSUM), we were able to bless and pray with the homeless, encourage the terminally ill, be the family of Christ to children that lack a traditional one, pray for the nations at the U.N., perform random acts of kindness downtown, provide support to those still hurting from Hurricane Sandy, and grow together," wrote School of Business & Leadership student Jared Beasley in an article on about the trip.

"I can't tell you how proud I was to watch the largest ever Regent University mission team minister in the streets of New York City," said Dr. Richard Kidd, director of Campus Ministries. "From neglected children in Queens, to homeless in Manhattan, to spiritually needy in Brooklyn, our team touched most of the boroughs of this world-class city."

"Our team had an impact on those that we were able to interact with, and we were able to show God's love through our actions," said Chelsea Adams, College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) student and president of Regent Undergraduate Council. "When we would do homeless ministry, people would walk by and have these confused looks on their faces because we were actually speaking to the homeless. I believe that God used us to plant seeds in many people's lives and also to show us that we can have an impact for Christ no matter where we go."

As soon as the van wheels stopped rolling, Regent students got out on the streets, ministering among many of the city's 55,000+ homeless men, women and children. They gave food, water, blankets and basic toiletries to those they met and got their incredible stories before praying for them.

"Sam introduced himself to Joey and me by steering us away from another homeless man with whom we'd been chatting. ... He started lecturing us about the danger of going around New York City and talking to people," said CAS student and team blogger Summer Anderson. "Gradually, as we told him we wanted to show people God's love, Sam began sharing his story. His wife died four years ago, and he cannot understand why God took the best thing that ever happened to him. The grief in Sam's eyes spoke of unanswered questions and pain too profound to fully understand."

In the days following this encounter, many opportunities unfolded to share the gospel, meet new people and their needs, and touch the city in a variety of ways. Students returning to their books and papers after the eight day trip did so changed and inspired.

"When you witness the power and love of God break through so many chains in people's lives, you simply cannot walk away unaffected," said CAS student Joseph Ledyard. "This trip has changed my perspective of what it means to profess God's love."

"Our students have returned to Regent with a hunger to make a difference in their own community, to the glory of God," Kidd added. "Thank you to all who supported in prayer and generous support!"

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