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Homeschool Day Gives Students a Taste of Regent

By Amanda Morad | March 1, 2013

Professional-in-Residence Markus Pfeiffer advises students about a website for their new business at Homeschool Day.

In the public and private school setting, high school students are guided toward college and their future careers with the help of counselors, career fairs, summer training programs and other school-sponsored outlets. But for homeschool students, those opportunities don't come pre-packaged.

That's why more than 50 homeschool students attended Regent University's College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) annual Homeschool Day on Friday, Feb. 22. The event is designed to give 14-18 year old students the opportunity to explore an area of interest they might not have been exposed to in their homeschool curriculum.

"We at Regent are committed to Christ-first education, to helping students discover what Christian leadership means for their calling and their future careers," said Dr. Josh McMullen, assistant professor in CAS, as he explained the school's mission to cherish character, challenge culture, and serve the world.

"Today is a day for you to get in touch with your dreams and your passion," said CAS special programs manager, Tim Morse. Indeed, the activities of the day helped students get a taste of what it might look like to pursue their dreams.

In the Business and CSI track, students developed a business plan for a candy shop and then tested evidence at the scene of a mock crime. In the Government track, students learned the ins and outs of policy-making. The Animation and Cinema-Television track collaborated on a story for a short animated film and explored the film stage while the Theatre and New Media track learned stage combat and trans-media storytelling.

But the parents weren't left out of the fun and exploration. Michele Wilcher, associate director of admissions in CAS, led a parents' session, helping home educators properly prepare their high school-age children for college in their curriculum and activities. Topics included college admissions and financial aid, the homeschool high school transcript, choosing college courses for high school credit and alternative ways of gaining college credit.

"The first impression of Regent was very good," said Danielle Haudricourt, a Virginia Beach homeschool mom of four, who brought her eldest son to Regent for the first time on Homeschool Day. "I felt secure if I was going to consider sending my son here that it would definitely be a Christian worldview in his education."

Haudricourt organized her homeschool group to participate in the day's activities. "We all thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and information in the parent sessions," she reported. "Michele Wilcher has a wealth of wisdom for anyone navigating the high school years. It was extremely helpful and informative. Things I would never have thought to do, she suggested starting now."

"I learned a lot more than I thought I would here," said student Gregory Goldstein, who participated in the Business/CSI track. "Regent has a lot of Christian characteristics, and it's a really great school with a great campus."

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