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PCE Celebrates First Certificate Graduates

By Amanda Morad | November 15, 2012

Homeland Security Certificate graduates Andrew Grice, Theresa Mudd, Thea Grice and Christopher Williams.

Five Regent University students have made history as the first graduates of a Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) full certificate program. PCE celebrated this major milestone on Friday, Nov. 9, with a graduation ceremony featuring Assistant Vice President for Professional & Continuing Education, Julianne Cenac, and Dr. Paul Bonicelli, executive vice president.

"I often brag about PCE because they're doing things that are exceedingly relevant," said Bonicelli. "In today's world, everyone has to be concerned with security and these students will be at the forefront of the issue."

The Homeland Security Certificate program began in October 2011. The program included coursework on leadership in complex situations, extremism, disaster response, cyber terrorism and counter-terrorism. Students gained a better understanding of how the Department of Homeland Security works and what it takes to contribute to such an effort.

"Those who completed this certificate learned that Homeland Security requires a balance of complex tasks, such as securing American's borders while retaining highly skilled immigrants to build a post-crash economy, or safeguarding cyberspace from attack while keeping it an open highway of commerce," noted program faculty member Dr. Jay Gary, assistant professor in the School of Business & Leadership (SBL) and program director of the M.A. in Strategic Foresight. "In offering this vital certificate, PCE distinguishes itself as a partner to build a safe, secure and resilient America for the 21st century."

Leading the faculty for the program is Dr. Bramwell Osula, associate professor in SBL. "We live in a fast-paced, globalized world that is every day redefining the meaning of 'Homeland Security,'" Osula told the graduates. "I hope you use the knowledge and insights gained as a result of taking this course to stay abreast of the changes and to make a positive difference wherever you can."

Students in the program came from all walks of life, some already working in the field, some not. "Homeland Security is my passion and going into this field will be a total departure from what I have been doing over the years, yet it will be exactly what I desire to do," said graduate Thea Grice. "I now have a keen sense of understanding about what needs to be done in a variety of situations, and I look forward to applying my newfound knowledge in Homeland Security and earning a position within this department so that I can make a difference."

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