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Student Films Reach 300 Awards Benchmark

By Amanda Morad | October 22, 2012

Regent University's School of Communication & the Arts (SCA) and College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) are celebrating another milestone for their film programs. The total awards for Regent student films recently surpassed 300. The Colony Film Festival in Marietta, Ohio, Oct. 12-13, pushed the total to 302 as three of Regent's student films took home awards for Best Short Film, Best Student Film and Best of the Fest.

"Winning this award was a surprise, a thrill and an honor," said Zach Yokum '12 (CAS), director of Spring Forward, which took home Best of the Fest. "I am happy that all of the cast, crew and contributors responsible for this film now have something tangible to acknowledge their efforts."

"Winning the Best Short Film award at the Colony Film Fest was a real encouragement to me," said Aaron Steiner, MFA in Directing student and director-writer of A Girl Named Penny. "There were a lot of congratulations and 'at-a-boys' from my friends, and it honestly does help you to reflect and say, you know, we can do this. Let's keep going."

Also winning at the Colony Film Festival was the spring 2011 endowed film, Bama and Fred. The festival's Best Student Film award makes four for Bama and Fred, which gave film students the opportunity to work with such seasoned actors as Ted Lange (The Love Boat), Novella Nelson (Law & Order: SVU, The Antwon Fisher Story) and local Hampton Roads news media personality Barbara Ciara (WTKR-CBS).

"Film awards from a variety of organizations and festivals across the United States and beyond serve to validate our films artistically and professionally," said SCA dean, Dr. Mitch Land. "We're so proud of our faculty and students for this milestone achievement."

This year also marked an important milestone for Regent's international film festival presence. Two student films were shown in the Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France, this spring.

"What an achievement: Regent films made by graduates and undergraduates are winning secular festivals all over the world," said Cinema-Television department chair, Professor Andrew Quicke. "Filmmakers who come to Regent are very happy with the opportunities they find here."

Already, student films have brought home seven awards for the 2012-2013 academic year. That number is expected to grow as students submit films to several national and international festivals through the winter and early spring.

"Reaching 300 film awards is quite an achievement for any film school—when that film school focuses on a Christ-centered education, it becomes phenomenal," noted Adam Bova, MFA in Directing student and SCA's film award coordinator. "Having 300 awards points to the excellent education and focus on artistic mastery here at Regent. We strive to make films that not only resonate spiritually, but also resonate with our peers artistically. These awards point to the success of that mission."

For all their hard work each year, the Council of Graduate Students organizes an annual awards show, giving students a taste of red carpet glam. The OTIS Film Festival is held every December to showcase the best of Regent's student films. This year's festival will be held Saturday, Dec. 8, at 7:00 p.m. in the Main Theatre.

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