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Psychology Students Help Prevent Teen Depression

By Amanda Morad | June 5, 2012

The Outreach Team from Regent's Psychological Services Center
Photo courtesy of Dr. LaTrelle Jackson

On a chilly Sunday morning in May, 10 students from Regent University's School of Psychology & Counseling (SPC) gathered at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to consult with participants of the I Need a Lighthouse 2012 Beacon of Hope 5k Run/Walk. Funds raised through the annual event contribute to the organization's mission to reduce loss and suffering due to teen depression and suicide.

The students work with Regent's Psychological Services Center as part of the Outreach Team, which is on call to participate in community events that may require consultation or referral services. The Beacon of Hope race was just such an event.

"We were really there to assess and gauge the emotional climate for the people there and identify resources for people to follow up as they felt led," said Dr. LaTrelle Jackson, director of the Psychological Services Center and associate professor in SPC.

The students handed out brochures to runners and supporters, many of whom have been directly affected by depression and the aftermath of a loved one's suicide.

"Since part of I Need a Lighthouse's emphasis is on prevention, we wanted to provide resources to people struggling with those areas," Jackson explained.

In total, the 10 students made contact with 127 attendees. This gave these budding psychologists a perfect opportunity to practice in a supervised environment.

"Outreach is a very important service because it does not require people to take the initiative," Jackson said. "I think it fits within our servant leadership model to not just be a receptive agency but for us to go out to the community and provide that service of listening, referring and advocating for health and wellness."

The center also offers individual, couples, family and group therapy, in addition to premarital counseling and psychological evaluations.

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