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RSG Newsletter – January 2018

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Robertson School of Government Dean’s Corner

Dean Eric Patterson, Ph.D.Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! 2017 saw the Robertson School of Government grow by over 20% and we are on track for significant growth again this year. Additionally, we are seeing our alumni take positions from city hall to Washington, DC, bringing a Christian worldview, critical thinking, and highly-developed skills to the challenges facing our cities and states.

This edition of our newsletter focuses largely on the work of our MPA faculty and alumni who bring outside groups, such as the Non-Profit Startup Center, to our campus as well as impact the discipline of public administration at the national level through service at ICMA and NASPAA. With thousands of municipalities and state government departments in the U.S. alone, we need Christian leaders working for the common good in the day to day work of public administration across the country.

You will also learn about Dr. Manjikian’s important new book, Cybersecurity Ethics. Finally, with the growth of our working adult student population, you will meet our Career Counselor, Lisa Olson, who advises on career preparation and transition and has an amazing life story that began in India three decades ago.

Warm regards,

Eric Patterson, Ph.D.

Dean and Professor

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Alumni Story: Sheldon Hudson (MA ’07)


Sheldon P. Hudson Sheldon Hudson began his journey at Regent University by pursuing a joint law and government degree. Once in the program, he decided government would be a better fit for him and focused solely on a Master’s in Government. Following graduation, he became the chief administrative officer for a municipality and was able to draw from his experience in a number of different disciplines. Hudson states, “There are times I have to put on my lawyer hat, and there are times I have to put on my CEO hat, and act on behalf of Council. I like the fact that I am blessed with a career where no two days are alike and things are almost always interesting.”

Over the years, Hudson has held multiple positions in the public sector where he has enjoyed working in the budget and policy analysis fields. He has been able to use his skills in the private sector as well, working as a director of risk management and HR generalist. In addition, Hudson worked for his family’s business on a couple of occasions. In 2016, he began working as Assistant Town Manager in Millsboro before taking on his current position of Town manager in August 2016. This was the position he felt he had been looking for all along and he enjoys the diverse atmosphere.

This year, Hudson was accepted into the Leadership program for International City/County Managers Association (ICMA) Class of 2019. This program is designed to cultivate key competencies needed for successful leadership at all levels of local government management. ICMA strives to create and support thriving communities throughout the world. Mr. Hudson is very excited to begin the program starting this month. He believes the program will better equip him to lead his community toward greatness.

Recent Events

Dr. Manjikian Launches New Cybersecurity Ethics Textbook

Dr. Manjikian Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Dr. Mary Manjikian’s latest book, Cybersecurity Ethics, is now available. This new textbook is one of a kind, offering an accessible introduction to the topic of cybersecurity ethics.

The book is divided into three parts. Part I provides an introduction to the field of ethics, philosophy and philosophy of science, three ethical frameworks – virtue ethics, utilitarian ethics and communitarian ethics – and the notion of ethical hacking. Part II applies these frameworks to particular issues within the field of cybersecurity, including privacy rights, intellectual property and piracy, surveillance, and cyberethics in relation to military affairs. The third part concludes by exploring current codes of ethics used in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Ethics The overall aims of the book are to: provide ethical frameworks to aid decision making; present the key ethical issues in relation to computer security; highlight the connection between values and beliefs and the professional code of ethics.

The textbook also includes three different features to aid students: ‘Going Deeper’ provides background information on key individuals and concepts; ‘Critical Issues’ features contemporary case studies; and ‘Applications’ examine specific technologies or practices which raise ethical issues. The book will be of much interest to students of cybersecurity, cyberethics, hacking, surveillance studies, ethics and information science.

Dr. Manjikian notes, “I am excited about using this book with Regent University students in the upcoming semesters. The book aims to introduce students to philosophical concepts like justice and equity, without assuming that they are already philosophers. Those wishing to check out the book in advance can order a copy through Amazon.”




Dr. Gary Roberts hosts Nonprofit Symposium and Expo

Dr. Gary Roberts

The Nonprofit Startup Center and the Robertson School of Government co-sponsored the first annual Nonprofit Symposium and Expo at the end of the winter semester. The event featured as keynote speaker Mr. Glen O’Gilvie, CEO, Center for Nonprofit Advancement, a nationally known expert on nonprofit management capacity building followed by four outstanding workshops on “Starting a Nonprofit, Board Governance, and Legal Issues” by Steve D. Lentz, Esq.; “Marketing, Branding, and Public Relations” by Regent graduate and communications consultant Jasmine Smith; “IRS Guidelines and Financial Practices” with Danielle Jones, MNM and Xzavia Burton, CPA; and “Fundraising and Grant Development” presented by Washington DC grant writing expert Tiffany Allen. The event provided detailed guidance and advice along with vigorous discussion and questions from audience members. The symposium provided outstanding networking opportunities for the attendees and reinforced the RSG MPA program’s mission to promote servant leadership.

Practitioner-in-Residence visits with Regent University ICMA Student Chapter

Sam Gaston Practitioner-in-Residence, Sam Gaston, former ICMA president, joined the ICMA Regent Student Chapter members for a discussion on “The Challenges, Responsibilities, and Benefits of Careers in Public Administration.” Professor Gaston is an accomplished public administrator who currently serves as city manager of the City of Mountain Brook, Alabama and a practitioner in residence in the Master of Public Administration program at the Robertson School of Government.

The ICMA student chapter is looking to build a network with RSG alum and is open to participation from RSG alumni. Please feel free to connect with us at

ICMA - Leaders at the Core of Better Communities

Dr. Edwin Daley participates in the Virginia Governor’s Housing Conference

Dr Edwin Daley

Professional-in-Residence, Dr. Edwin Daley, participated in the 2017 Virginia Governor’s Housing Conference (VAGHC) which was held in Norfolk last month. The opening session set the conference stage by identifying key forces of change. The on-demand culture, a growing economy, future growth of the Federal deficit, digital advances and an aging population are combining to impact the future of housing.

The continued devolution of funding for housing and community development will cause new constraints in citizen services. Greater coordination of effort will be required as we seek new ways to provide services. Local agencies will need to develop new funding sources and create new partnerships while focusing on data-driven decisions.

Some community development professionals will find these challenges new while others will recognize them as part of a continuing effort. Community development administrators have been successfully addressing these changes since the 1980s and that effort will continue. Daley states, “We do not know what forms new programs will take but we can confidently predict that the long term impact of these changes will be positive.”

While in Hampton Roads, Dr. Daley had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Eric Patterson, Dean of the Robertson School of Government (RSG), and Elise Marrs, Director of Corporate Partnerships, to discuss ways RSG can partner with local governments in the Hampton Roads area.


Lisa Olson celebrates 15 year anniversary at Regent University

Lisa Olson Lisa Olson, RSG’s Career Services and Academic Support Manager, celebrated 15 years of service at Regent University. Ms. Olson has served RSG since August 2003. She began her tenure as the Admissions Manager, and served in this capacity for seven years.

A graduate of Lee University, Olson earned her Master’s degree in Journalism from Regent University in May 1999. Currently, she oversees the Career Management course that utilizes self-paced Canvas modules enabling students to become proactive in their career aspirations. Students receive guidance on resume building, cover letter development, formulating an elevator speech, and developing a personal mission statement. In addition, Olson generates the weekly “Career Times” newsletter which is a detailed summary of career, internship, and fellowship opportunities. Lisa also conducts individual career advising appointments including mock interviews, and edits resumes and cover letters.

In addition to her work at Regent, Ms. Olson established a Christian-based motivational speaking nonprofit ministry, Manyata Ministries, and is in the process of writing her autobiography. Her life story is remarkable: imagine being born into a world of poverty with a serious physical disability. This was the beginning for Lisa, born without limbs in 1974. She was abandoned by her parents at a hospital in Manipal, India, where most of the doctors felt there was no point in keeping her alive. From there to adoption in the U.S. and a productive adult life, Lisa Olson is a valuable part of the Regent team and she shares that testimony through Manyata Ministries. Lisa shares her story of living life with a severe disability, the challenges faced, life lessons learned, and opportunities experienced.

Lisa has pursued public speaking for over 30 years with recent engagements in Virginia, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Delaware, and Bogota, Colombia. Since 2012, she has been interviewed by the 700 Club, Hampton Roads Show, Virginia Currents, Cornerstone Network, and the Virginian-Pilot newspaper. Olson loves the RSG student body and considers her service as a ministerial opportunity to serve the Lord.


Study Abroad Trip to Europe


Study Abroad Trip to Europe RSG students are headed back to Europe this summer. Dr. Agyapong and Dr. Manjikian have organized several Informational Meetings for RSG’s study abroad tour to Europe. Students were introduced to the study abroad program, which is part of a one-credit special topics course on “Government and Politics in Europe” to be offered in summer 2018. The course can be applied toward the MA, MPA, and JD degrees, and includes a two-week study abroad tour in late May 2018 to Europe (London, The Hague, Brussels, and Paris). The tour component is open to all students, faculty, and staff of Regent University. For more information about the program, visit the tour organizer’s website (click here). All other inquiries about the program may be directed to Dr. Agyapong at or Dr. Manjikian at