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Christian Perspectives in Leadership and Business Book Series

In partnership with Palgrave Macmillan, the School of Business & Leadership has begun publishing books in its Christian Perspectives in Leadership and Business book series. This series, authored by SBL alumni and faculty, provides robust content, relevant material and a unique voice as it integrates the scholarship perspective – with full devotion to the fields of business and leadership – and faith as the foundational aspect.

This series includes the following:

Principles of Hiring and Developing Employees
Dr. Bruce E. Winston | 2018

Evaluating Performance through Christian Virtues
Dr. Mihai C. Bocarnea, Dr. Joshua D. Henson, Dr. Russell L. Huizing, Dr. Michael Mahan & Dr. Bruce E. Winston | 2018

Biblical Theology for Ethical Leadership: Leaders from Beginning to End
Dr. Aaron Perry | 2018

Bold Followership: A Biblical Cure for Organizational Toxicity
Dr. Maurice A. Buford | 2018

Biblical Principles of Leading and Managing Employees
Dr. Bruce E. Winston | 2018

Biblical Leadership Development: Principles for Developing Organizational Leaders at Every Level
Dr. Stuart W. Boyer | 2019

Biblical Servant Leadership: An Exploration of Leadership for the Contemporary Context
Dr. Steven Crowther | 2019

Biblical Principles of Being an Employee in Contemporary Organizations
Dr. Bruce E. Winston | 2019

Leadership Growth Through Crisis: An Investigation of Leader Development During Tumultuous Circumstances
Dr. Bruce E. Winston | 2020

Modern Metaphors of Christian Leadership: Exploring Christian Leadership in a Contemporary Organizational Context
Dr. Joshua D. Henson | 2020

Biblical Principles for Resilience in Leadership: Theory and Cases
Dr. Carlo A. Serrano | 2020

Organizational Metaphors: Faith as Key to Functional Organization
Dr. Debra J. Dean & Dr. Robert B. Huizinga | 2020

True Leadership: Leadership Styles and the Kenotic Relationship
Dr. David P. Peltz & Dr. John H. Wilson | 2020

Leadership Philosophy in the Fiction of C.S. Lewis
Dr. Aaron Perry | 2020

Biblical Principles of Crisis Leadership: The Role of Spirituality in Organizational Response
Dr. Steve Firestone | 2020

Transparent and Authentic Leadership: From Biblical Principles to Contemporary Practices
Dr. Bruce E. Winston | 2021

Biblical Organizational Leadership: Principles from the Life of Jesus in the Gospel of John
Dr. Joshua D. Henson | 2021

Biblical Organizational Spirituality: New Testament Foundations for Leaders and Organizations
Dr. Joshua D. Henson | 2022

Followership and Faith at Work: Biblical Perspectives
Dr. Debra J. Dean & Dr. Robert B. Huizinga | 2022

The Mind of a Leader: A Christian Perspective of the Thoughts, Mental Models, and Perceptions That Shape Leadership Behavior
Dr. Bruce E. Winston | 2022

Grace Leadership: A Biblical Perspective of Compassion in Management
(read about this book)
Dr. Russell L. Huizing | 2022