“I want to move students as far as they can possibly go”: School of Business and Leadership Prof. on Excelling in the Online Classroom

Regent University’s School of Business and Leadership (SBL) professor Andrew Root is dedicated to ensuring students — especially those online — are engaged, supported, and successful.

“Today, with the technology having advanced to where it has advanced to, and where it’s going to go to, and with the types of lives students are leading, the online experience is just as fruitful as the in-class experience from the perspective of learning,” said Root. “We are committed to making sure the online students get the same attention, detailed instruction, [and] focused feedback as the in-class student.”

“The most rewarding aspect is when you see a student go from whatever level of knowledge, understanding, and skill they have in that particular topic area, to a much higher level of knowledge and skill and understanding by the end of the eight-week period,” he said. “Their expectation to me as their instructor should be that I’m available to them, that I care that they learn, and that I want to move them as far as they can possibly get based on the effort that they put in.”