Eighty-two Regent University faculty members have published 33 books and 49 articles or performances within the past two years. Tuesday, November 15, the Regent University Library showcased the books at a formal induction ceremony. All of the faculty authors were invited to sign their books before they go on display at the library entrance. "It's an honor to our faculty for the tremendous work that they do," said Dr. Esther Gillie, Regent University Library dean. "We want to publicly take a look at the subject areas and the issues they are addressing in their scholarship." Stephanie Lowell, assistant to the dean, arranged the book presentation. Dr. Joseph Bucci, assistant professor in the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), and Dr. Diane Chandler, professor in the School of Divinity (DIV) summarized their research and books. Bucci examined redemptive leadership in the workplace, and Chandler explored an integrated approach to personal and relational wholeness. "If redemption is not the core of what Christ has done in our lives, what is really at the core?" asked Bucci. "That's really what Christ has done, to take our place, not just to take it, but to redeem us and remake us to make us more useful in terms of the things that we do." Bucci took this view of redemption and surveyed managers with and without faith backgrounds. He found that none of them would rehire people who previously presented problems in the workplace. He says a human resources department sees its role to correct an employee's behavior, but Bucci believes the Bible provides a more effective approach that involves restoring those who let a company down. His book came out of his doctoral dissertation, and he hopes it serves as a guide for managers to learn how to redeem employees in the workplace. Chandler frequently teaches on the topic of spiritual formation, but found her students were not finding practicality to what they were reading. She set out to create a genre separate from traditional spiritual formation authors, and heavily examined what God meant when He said He created man in His image. Reviewing the writings throughout church history, she identified several new areas of personhood that faith can influence. Her book examines new elements of formation including suffering, culture and family, vocation, physical health and wellness, resource stewardship, and caring for the Earth. She shows Christians how to be conformed to Christ in these areas. "We're not just formed in Christ just for ourselves, or just for the Church," said Chandler. "It's designed for the sake of others, and that's to impact a lost and dying world for Christ." Each book inducted into the new collection of faculty works contains a plate inside of its front cover. Faculty members received bookmarks with the call numbers of their books so they could find them in Regent's library. The works will be on display for six months before going into circulation. Gillie plans to continue to host faculty book launches each spring and fall semesters. Learn more about the Library.

Showcasing Faculty Books, Articles and Performances